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angela hazel

  • Hazel - Lloyd
    "(lloyd:) yeah (Verse 1:) ooh yeah i can remember when i met you you had all of my homies talkin bout you and i thought itd be cool if i got at you so we can spend a lil time i can get to know you, tell"
  • Hazel - Bob Dylan
    "Hazel, dirty blonde hair I wouldn't be ashamed to be seen with you anywhere You got something I want plenty of Ooh, a little touch of your love. Hazel, stardust in your eye You're going somewhere and"
  • Hazel - Junior Boys
    "The days were awful lately They ran on and on Mistakes are never lightly And colours hardly run But now they're all mixed up And I don't know just what I see You're over everything All the lines are skipping"
  • Hazel - Cocteau Twins
    "Oh, on the phone No, not grapevine Ti- tinted(ta- tattletale) And on the phone Tinted Eight ball Oh, on the phone No, not grapevine Ti- tinted(ta- tattletale) And on the phone Julie outside Tinted"
  • Hazel Eyes - The Darkness
    "I hail from the flatlands of East Anglia A town that once could boast prosperity She had trekked for many moons from a land afar But the cruel nets had emptied the northen sea And she said "hoots, I cannae"
  • Sister Hazel - Even Stevens
    "I've seen her eyes blink from red to blue I'm quite the lumber man, I wanna flow with you So go on sister hazel take a slice off of his pie Cause you can do no wrong in your fathers eye (Chorus) Sun breaks"
  • Hooray For Hazel - Tommy Roe
    "Hooray for Hazel, she put me down Hooray for Hazel, she made me her clown Hooray for Hazel, she's up to her tricks Hooray for Hazel, she's gettin' her kicks Hazel's been in love with many a guy She tells"
  • Hi hi hazel - The Troggs
    "Hi, hi hi Hazel, nice to see you in the neighbourhood,looking good, hi hi Hazel, when I saw you go walking by,closed my eyes, I said, now that girl takes some beatin`,get a load of those fancy clothes"
  • Hazel, South Dakota - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
    "Ivy creepin' up the old gravestone Ivy creepin' up the old gravestone Willow tree swayin' like a ghost 'neath the yellow moon That big black train is moanin' in the stockyard That big black train is moanin'"
  • Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson
    "Seems like just yesterday You were a part of me I used to stand so tall I used to be so strong Your arms around me tight Everything, it felt so right Unbreakable, like nothin' could go wrong Now I can't"
  • Girl With The Hazel Eyes - The Darkness
    "From a town that once could boast prosperity She had trekked for many moons from the land afar Where the cruel nets had emptied the northern sea And she said 'Hoots I canna get back tae me hoose in"
  • Detroit (feat. Tymek, DJ Hazel) - Kartky
    "powiedz mi po co ten płacz i dlaczego dziś już mnie nie chcesz znać .. straconych szans odrzuć ten syf..."
  • Angela - Gianni Morandi
    "Angela te chiamar'n all'istante Angela te faciett stess Dio Angela ch'a pe tte morono in tanti Angela ch'a pe tte moro pur'io se ie iesse in paravise ch'i sante e nun truvasse a tte me n'iesciarria se"
  • Angela - La Crus
    "Angela, Angela, angelo mio Io non credevo che questa sera Sarebbe stato davvero un addio Angela credimi, io non volevo Angela, Angela, angelo mio Quando ti ho detto "io voglio andarmene" volevo solo vederti"
  • Angela - Terrorgruppe
  • Angela - Missy Higgins
    "Clear the way she's coming through With her eye-shadow of satin blue And her fingernails all painted blue She's a danger you're addicted to Angela, Angela yo're a danger he's addicted to So move aside"
  • Angela - Motley Crue
    "I've been an alleycat, I lived nine lives Just like a fine wine, I'm better with time Like a diamondback rattlesnake I have the rattle if it had the shake Until you, gimme something to believe in Until"
  • Angela - Glenn Hughes
    "Angela, she is a good friend On her faith I can rely She's an american woman Born on the 4th of july She don't want no philosophy She just need photography She was raised in poverty Now why did u change"
  • Angela - John Lennon
    "Angela, they put you in prison Angela, they shot down your man Angela, you`re one of the millions of political prisioners in the world. Sister, there?s wind that never dies Sister, we?re breathing together Sister,"
  • Angela - Yoko Ono
    "Angela, they put you in prison, Angela, they shot down your man. Angela, you're one of the millions Of political prisoners in the world. Sister, there's a wind that never dies, Sister, we're breathing"

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