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angela leiva

  • Angela - Gianni Morandi
    "Angela te chiamar'n all'istante Angela te faciett stess Dio Angela ch'a pe tte morono in tanti Angela ch'a pe tte moro pur'io se ie iesse in paravise ch'i sante e nun truvasse a tte me n'iesciarria se"
  • Angela - La Crus
    "Angela, Angela, angelo mio Io non credevo che questa sera Sarebbe stato davvero un addio Angela credimi, io non volevo Angela, Angela, angelo mio Quando ti ho detto "io voglio andarmene" volevo solo vederti"
  • Angela - Terrorgruppe
  • Angela - Missy Higgins
    "Clear the way she's coming through With her eye-shadow of satin blue And her fingernails all painted blue She's a danger you're addicted to Angela, Angela yo're a danger he's addicted to So move aside"
  • Angela - Motley Crue
    "I've been an alleycat, I lived nine lives Just like a fine wine, I'm better with time Like a diamondback rattlesnake I have the rattle if it had the shake Until you, gimme something to believe in Until"
  • Angela - Glenn Hughes
    "Angela, she is a good friend On her faith I can rely She's an american woman Born on the 4th of july She don't want no philosophy She just need photography She was raised in poverty Now why did u change"
  • Angela - John Lennon
    "Angela, they put you in prison Angela, they shot down your man Angela, you`re one of the millions of political prisioners in the world. Sister, there?s wind that never dies Sister, we?re breathing together Sister,"
  • Angela - Yoko Ono
    "Angela, they put you in prison, Angela, they shot down your man. Angela, you're one of the millions Of political prisoners in the world. Sister, there's a wind that never dies, Sister, we're breathing"
  • Angela - Umberto Tozzi
    "Angela nel cortile comandavi tu Ora sei lungo il viale un fuoco in pi Cosa mi dai tre spaghi e una bambola E cosa vuoi , sposarti e portarti via Angela inseguendo un'automobile Quello che gridava addio"
  • Angela - Mercurio
    "Si las rosas dan espinas, y los ros dan al mar. Como quieres que tu y yo aguantemos el tirn con un beso sin pasar a ms. Basta tu fotografa, para hacer resusitar. No te pares por favor la manzana del"
  • Angela - Bee Gees
    "Angela, I'm still alive Angela, I'm still alive The sun and the sea The darkness in the way All the pain don't get no better It gets stronger every day It happens to be true That I still pray to you my"
  • Angela - No Use For A Name
    "Didn't mean to drag her under. I was thinking about you, And how your gonna swallow me whole. I tried my hardest to forget it, But a broken heart is murder for the soul. How does it feel to be one of the"
  • Angela - John Lenon
    "Sister, there's a wind that never dies Sister, we're breathing together Sister, our love and hopes forever keep on moving oh so slowly in the world They gave you sunshine They gave you sea They gave you"
  • Angela - The Lumineers
    "When you left this town With your windows down And the wilderness inside Ley the exits past All the tar and glass Till the road and sky align Strangers in this town Raise you up just to cut you down Angela,"
  • Angela - Saian supa crew
    "ou pe pa sav', ki gen mwen aime le ou ka di mwen ou excite ke en mwen ka ped cadence le ou ka allonge cow aw en le mwen, jiska demain mwen vle senti po aw satin nou cetain nou ke lass' demain matin illico"
  • Angela - Toto
    "Can't eat, can't sleep Can't seem to find time anymore Somewhere she weeps Her hair gently brushes the floor I know my way I know that I'll find her somehow Angela carries me back to the time When I knew"
  • Angela - Alain Barri?re
    "Angela Angela AngelaAngela j'ai couru toutes les ruelles AngelaJusqu'au pied jusqu'au pied de la citadelle AngelaLe village est mort et sans voixAngela mais rpond moi rpond moiParle moi d'elle AngelaM'as"
  • Angela - Super Junior
    "nuhleul chuh eum bon geu soon ganeul senggakhae han soon gan gaseumi moonuh jyussutji jiwuhbuhligi en nun janin hagehdo nuhmoo areumda oon saram you are my angel, whisper softly dajunghan soksagimeun i"
  • Angela - Bob James
    "TONY: I got bucks that you work for me now! I would like to use a phone! MAN: Not on the lot, sir. TONY: How about a bathroom? I may have @$% in my pants! Drink of water? MAN: No. TONY:"
  • Angel - Angela Winbush
    "Angel, mmm, ooh Angel, mmm, hmm Angel, mmm, ooh, ooh, ooh Angel, yeah (oh, oh) Mmm, ba doo doo ba doo Doo, ba, doo, doo Doo, ooh (angel) I found a certain paradise Within my life with you Heaven opened"

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