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  • Bachata rosa - Nana Mouskouri
    "Te regalo una rosa La encontr en el camino No s si est desnuda O tiene un solo vestido Si la riega el verano O se embriaga de olvidos Si alguna vez fue amada O tiene amor escondido Aaay, ay, ay, ay amor...!"
  • Bachata Rosa - Laura Pausini
    "Te regalo una rosa la encontr en el camino no s si est desnuda o tiene un solo vestido no, no lo s Si la riega el verano o se embriaga de olvido si alguna vez fue amada o tiene amores escondidos Ay,"
  • Bachata - Lou Bega
    "We gonna dance everybody Bachata La la la, la la la, la la (Bachata) La la la, la la la, la la Everybody wants and likes the party Everybody wants to be someone Nobody ever tried to rock it They stopped"
  • Angeles Caidos - Attaque 77
    "Algo oculto estalló adentro de tu corazón tenas el mundo a tus pies Y ahora qu? Quieres terminar con todo pero hay algo que te condena la tentación est en tu frente la gloria y el poder se transformó en"
  • Amarte es un problema (Bachata Pop) - Charlie Cruz
    "(Amarte es un problema) Es como fuego que me arde que me da vida y me quema (Amarte es un problema) Pero yo se que voy a estar contigo de cualquier manera Nunca pense que amar fuera difcil Pero me equivoce,"
  • Cuando Los Angeles Lloran - Man
    "A Chico Mndez lo mataron era un defensor y un ngel de toda la Amazonia El murió a sangre fra lo saba Collor de Melo y tambin la polica Cuando los ngeles lloran lluvia cae sobre la aldea lluvia sobre el"
  • Cuando Los Angeles lloran - Man
    "A chico Mndez lomataronEra un defensor y un ngel de toda la amazonal murió a sangre fraLo saba Collor De Melo y tambin la policaCuando los ngeles lloranLluvia cae sobre la aldeaLluvia sobre el campanarioPues"
  • Angeles en el cielo - Laura Pausini
    "No s porque la gente se enamora de quien jams se debe enamorar, dmelo t, que llevo aqu una hora maldicindote en dónde ests? No ests por mi, ya lo se de siempre, y aunque no ests, ms me apego a ti, ser"
  • Lost Angeles - Berman
    "lost angeles see for yourself and take a look up close take a trip down to the southern coast the roads to rome and the powers that be all point to the angel by the sea lost angeles how do you"
  • Los Angeles - Atmosphere
    ""Flight 101, Super Jet service for Pittsburgh and Los Angeles will depart from Gate 12. Passengers may proceed into the gate area for checking... (faded out echoing)" (Oh yeah) Los Angeles, hot and bothered"
  • Los Angeles - Ozma
    "Each Friday night I've gotta moan Cause it's not right To be alone And I'm alone And so I sleep Wake up at dawn And leave before The moon is gone I know it's wrong Wr-o-o-ong I've got to find"
  • Dead Loss Angeles - The Stranglers
    "The plastic peaches there On concrete beaches there You see the leaches there You see the leaches there They're soft marshmallow there It's oh so shallow there In Dead Loss Angeles In Dead Loss"
  • Yo Hice Llorar Hasta A Los Angeles - Alejandro Sanz
    "Como la lluvia, como la brisa Sencillo como una sonrisa Como la tierra donde naciste Como la búsqueda de amor Como la eternidad del beso Como el calor de un abrazo viejo Como la tarde que te perdiste Y"
  • Los Angeles Times - Endo
    "(We're too late) Welcome to L.A. MC's get f**ked up, chopped like Braveheart Don't start what you can't finish, serious bidness Down La Seneca to bust a left on Venice where you can find me & mine, Los"
  • Los Angeles Times - Xzibit
    "At this time, please extinguish all smoking materials Return all seat backs, and tray tables to their most upright, and long position Also at this time please take care to fasten your seatbelt Enjoy your"
  • Los Angeles Daze - People Under The Stairs
    "(Thes One) Thes born in south America Moved to South Bay, Run with crew from Mid-City Thats were I stay, I'm from LA always have been And always will be Capital, *La Sprall* the P stands out like Palm"
  • Los Angeles Waltz - Razorlight
    "I've been sitting here patiently I've been talking too myself Trying to shake that sinking feeling Wishing I was somebody else And I know it's not easy When you don't get what you deserve You can say"
  • De La Orgee - De La Soul
    "DOVE: This is De La Orgee... (Various male and female grunting panting and screaming sounds including...) (It's in there.) (Say you like it. Tell me you like it.) (I like it oh I like it) (More! More!) (What's"
  • Angeles - Elliott Smith
    "Someone's always coming around here, trailing some new kill Says I've seen your picture on a hundred dollar bill And what's a game of chance to you, to him is one of real skill So glad to meet you Angeles Picking"
  • Angeles - Elliott
    "Someone's always coming around here Trailing some new kill Says "I've seen your picture on a Hundred-dollar bill" What's a game of chance to you, to him is one Of real skill So glad to meet you, Angeles Picking"

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