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  • Anger - Void Of Silence
    "anger it does many things anger it helps decide your actions anger it makes you not a human being the calm before the raging storm began all of hell's children looked downward anger it's a kind of guide anger"
  • Anger - Elis
    "Come calm my anger Our love is like a perfect sky Deep blue and the sun is shining But it seems that sometimes There have to be some clouds And suddenly I feel this destructive anger Deep inside And"
  • Anger - Marvin Gaye
    "Up and down my back, my spine, in my brain It injures me, babe.... Anger, can make you old, yes it can I said anger, can make you sick, children... oh Jesus Anger destroys your soul Rage, there's no room"
  • Anger - Urma
    "It doesn't look the same since you embraced your rest They've kept on telling me you're in a better place I knew it right along, was just a friendly lie... How can a mother place herself above her child? So"
  • Anger - Pink Cream 69
    "Ask me something I don't know Help to make me whole Give the one thing that I need Cause I need to gain control I don't know but I've been told Something's on your mind I won't criticize if you tell me"
  • Anger ! - Downset
    "Anger! hostility towards the opposition! 187 l.a. trademark, Don't come to the killing fields if you ain't got no f**king Heart, 'cause willie, ira and daryl will get you - got you - F**ked up and dead"
  • Anger - Marianne Faithfull
    "Family We're at a stand-still! what she's been sending, It's not any money a man can build a house with. She's as giddy as a cyclone! All the profits go for her pleasure! And we're at a stand-still, for"
  • Anger - Mad Season
    "So scream you, out from behind the bitter ache Hanging on the memory, you need most still want love, ugly, smooth and delicate not without affection, not alone And instead of wishing that it would get"
  • Anger - Korn feat. Slipknot
    "Is anyone alive out there? Can anyone hear me? No... As I wonder why the thoughts start to fill my mind Giving into you feeling used and abused Pleasure replaces pain, I've gone and done it again It's"
  • St. Anger - Metallica
    "St. Anger round my neck St. Anger round my neck He never gets respect St. Anger round my neck (Its rushing out, Its rushing out) St. Anger round my neck (It's rushing out, It's rushing out) He never gets"

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