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  • Angus Desire - Sparks
    "(Ron & Russell Mael) See private parts in public school They look so odd, try something else Unnatural acts, consent implied No one objects to Angus Desire No interviews please, no interviews please Life's"
  • Dream Angus - Annie Lennox
    "Can ye no hush your weepin' all the wee lambs are sleepin' Birdies are nestlin' nestlin' together Dream Angus is hirplin' oer the heather Dreams to sell, fine dreams to sell Angus is here wi' dreams"
  • Angus Hempstead - Unknown Artist
    "ANGUS HEMPSTEAD (Grit Laskin) A fair maid walking all in her garden A crushing flower beds all the while She just ignores the cobblestone pathway Thinks I she'll be easy to beguile So I stepped in view"
  • Angus McFife - Gloryhammer
    "He is the prince of the land of Fife Noble and true with a heart of steel Now it is lost vengeance shall be his Angus McFife is his name Across the wasteland, I ride upon swift steed Behind me lies the"
  • Angus McFife (2) - Gloryhammer
    "He is the prince of the land of Fife Noble and true with a heart of steel Now it is lost, vengeance shall be his Angus McFife is his name Across the wasteland, I ride upon swift steed Behind me lies the"
  • Iggy And Angus - Sloan
    "Someone better get insurance To take good care of me 'Cause if I'm stuck with my own bad luck Then that's the saddest sight you'll see 'Cause if I stumble and I fall I'll get back up Try to brush the dust"
  • Apparent The Red Angus - Guided By Voices
    "This is war. And I am king. Where to and back at once where it starts hills of men while all night I fought for what pain is borrowed and which souls are bought in straight competition first in our"
  • Tongues of Poison (The Angus Tragedy) - Eyes Upon Separation
    "intrigued... how could this be such a residual process fountains of hope fraught with despair look away, children look away his beauty hidden deep in fraud plagued plagued by mockery affluent in nothing how"
  • Malakai - Angus & Julia Stone
    "Malakai By Angus and Julia Stone My wolf sings, he doesnt bark like a dog. His mum was killed in the hands of a man. He was next at only 6 weeks old. These fools playing God I just dont understand. My,"
  • Warrior Of The World - Angus
    "The main event you know we're feeling good We're gonna rock this town tonight We're here to steal your soul with metal rock 'n roll And you won't stop until the morning light We're rockin' come and hear"
  • When Giants Collide - Angus
    "If Thor's hammer is high above the rest All the Gods are shivering they know there'll be a test The flying monsters with Gorgon as their leader Are leading to destruction Eros is fighting either A giant"
  • 2086 - Angus
    "After the fall from earth we went away We built our own world is that a reason to stay There is so much to explore There are many planets in space Somewhere an unknown war Let us return or is it too late Is"
  • Black Despair - Angus
    "Sometimes I find myself in black despair Suddenly it comes over me but from where When it's dark and I cannot sleep I become angry and so sad memories come to me Is it the life I lead I find myself in"
  • Finally Out - Angus
    "Many long years ago Love at first sight So nice what she had to show Blond hair hips so nice Made love on through the night Loved rough hold on tight Years passed by long nights we shouted Now it is"
  • Freedom Fighter - Angus
    "Now the time has come you gotta pick up your gun And fight for your right for your freedom No holding you back cause you're wild and you're young Fight for your rights for a reason When you feel down"
  • Heavyweight Warrior - Angus
    "The heavy weight warriors are ready for their attack When dawn breaks through soldiers will be back What can it be this night It's the march of the undead army The heavy weight warriors are ready for"
  • I'm A Fool With Love - Angus
    "My life was empty I was living day to day Until I met you girl I hadn't really found my way It didn't take so long You mend everything to me But like the blind who leaves the blind I couldn't know the"
  • If God's In Heaven (Why Is There Hell On Earth) - Angus
    "If there's a God in Heaven tell me oh Lord Why is there Hell on Earth Why must we suffer and cry and many people will die We have one life for what it's worth Believe in yourself Believing your love Do"
  • Leather And Lace - Angus
    "Her body it is trembling, Excited by the pain The feeling is so different - It's driving her insane Like a savage beast she cries But feels no shame Instead of loving he's got a Mistress to tame The"
  • Lost Control - Angus
    "Sweet woman can you give me some wine Alcohol is nice and I love to feel fine Sweet lady is there something to feel high Sex is nice but it's sensation that I like I touch the sky The Moon and the Sun"

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