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anjo bady love my beter

  • Bady Talk - Baccara
    "Baccara Miscellaneous Bady Talk I like him (i like him) I'd give him something i could love him (oooh love him) But why is he so shy (uuuummm) Maybe i should tell him, tell him, tell him I know your secret You're"
  • Charles Anjo 45 - Jorge Benjor
    "Oba, oba, oba charles Como my friend Charles Como vo as coisas Charles? Charles.........Anjo 45...protetor dos fracos e dos oprimidos Robin Hood dos morros..rei da homem de verdade Com"
  • Beter - Yasmine
    "Ik wil je zeggen wat ik bedoel Geef me een kans, ik ken mijn doel Er ging wat fout, maar 't is niet te laat Opnieuw beginnen is waar het om gaat Ik heb geen zin meer om te slapen En ook niet om weer"
  • Anjo - Kelly Key
    "Mais uma noite chega E com ela a depresso esse seu orgulho, Que incomoda e de pedra a porta do seu corao. Mesmo assim, Eu me fascino Fecho os olhos Esqueo da razo Mais no esqueo Desse seu jeito Realidade"
  • Anjo - Daniela Mercury
    "Acredita em anjoPois , sou o seuSoube que anda tristeQue sente falta de algumQue no quer amar ningumPor isso estou aquiVim cuidar de vocTe proteger, te fazer sorrirTe entender, te ouvirE quando tiver cansadaCantar"
  • Anjo - Ivete Sangalo
    "Acredita em anjoPois , sou o seuSoube que anda tristeQue sente falta de algumQue no quer amar ningumPor isso estou aquiVim cuidar de vocTe proteger, te fazer sorrirTe entender, te ouvirE quando tiver cansada"
  • My Bad - Khalid
    "can’t count up the Times you’ve blown my line and that’s been on my mind a lot lately I wanna leave the extra all behind and I know that you wanna be me baby Said, my bad Blowin' me up, beepin', wilin'"
  • My Bad - Oleander
    "It's the ignorance of youth It's the fear of growing old It's the universal truth you're never told Know that it's my fault, know that it's my bad Couldn't accept love I've never had It's to learn from"
  • Bad Love - Tom Jones
    "I've known bad women I've had bad wine I've had nights filled with bad dreams Tasted bad food and bad water And I've read about bad rain Yeahh, I only know of one thing With an ironclad guarantee 'Cause"
  • Bad Love - Cher
    "(From the movie "Foxes") Looking for some bad love in the night, Feeling such a hot street I could find, Need to have some bad, bad love to make it right. I used to be a good girl, but no more, I'm ready,"
  • Bad Love - Eric Clapton
    "(Eric Clapton and Mick Jones) Oh what a feeling I get when I'm with you You take my heart into everything you do And it makes me sad for the lonely people I walked that road for so long Now I know that"
  • Bad Love - Lita Ford
    "Wake up now darlin' I got a reason to believe This love ain't gonna last the night You've opened my eyes, now I'm a little bit wiser A little bite colder There's no easy way To let you down and"
  • Bad, Bad, Bad - Raghav
    "From the moment I saw her she had to be mine theres just somethin about her so awesomely right shes not decked out in Prada or drippin in ice shes got natural beauty a centurous sight So baby dont walk"
  • Bad, Bad, Bad - Kool Moe Dee
    "[ verse 1 ] Since the day I was born I was on a mission Never played out of position or wishin or missin I came out kissin, was no spankin the backside Just lots of lady nurses waitin for black eyes I"
    "shawty, heard you bad word, So profane! something like a bad word want your love call me when you can, girl Going up, going down in and out turn around! shawty, heard you bad word, So profane! something"
  • Bad - The Cab
    "It feels just like it was yesterday We were in love Why's it falling apart I've never been one to walk away But I've had enough And it's breaking my heart Cause you love me just the way that you should It's"
  • Peter Beter - Wanderers
    "(Goldstein/Treganna) peters audio letters believe in what they say he warned us of the cosmospheres that wiped the USA partule beam weapons came bouncing off the moon of operation table top, battle of"
  • Durum Beter - Tarkan
    "Sz - Mzik: Rza Erekli Elektro Gitar: Gr Akad Bas Gitar: smail Soyberk Akustik Gitar: Erdin Senyaylar Davul: Ozan olakolu Vokaller: Gr Akad, Orhan Atasoy, Rza Erekli, Tarkan Taklmm szlerine Ben mecburum"
  • My Bad Side - Papa Roach
    "i want to let you in on a story that i got to tell about good dreams in heaven not bad dreams in hell started with punk rock and then evolved to hip hop the party popped off like the fireworks on my block alonzo"
  • Big Bad Love - Cascada
    "The heart ache is over I pushed you aside There's no more illusion As you've realised Its no hesitation I'm running alone The last chain is broken Now i'm on my own I'm so tired of your big bad love I'm"

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