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anna put-in

  • Anna - Claude King
    "This old house is falling down the board is rotten up from the ground Anna Anna I wanna see my Anna The bacon's cold the gravy's steamed to eat my cooking ain't same as it seemed Anna Anna I wanna see"
  • Anna - Miguel Bose
    "''(Verse 1)'' Strolling up the avenue Down in Hollywood Broken heart, my eyes in tears That's the way I feel. ''(Bridge 1)'' Searching all over, over and over Hoping to see you Searching all over, over"
  • Anna - Nixons
    "Isn't it a shame Mary Jane had a pain... at the party And I don't know why it was just a fly in a dream Mother always use to say Anna's sure to come your way You'll be alone... never be the same Anna..."
  • Anna - Harry Styles
    "just know it's not with me don’t know what i’d tell you if I passed you on the street I don’t want your sympathy but you don’t know what you do to me oh, Anna Every time I see your face there’s only so"
  • Anna - Will Butler
    "Hey, little Anna, you're the one Rising before the lazy sun Open the store and bake the bread Leave all the dreamers with the dead Pray that whatever's lost is lost Nail all your worries to the cross Take"
  • Anna - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) The passion of Anna Kept her awake But not aware of things That easily break The darkness determined To burn and to free Anna wonders Will this exit please A serious song, she said Of my"
  • Anna - Antje Duvekot
    "Anna stares out of the window It's her eighty fifth spring She tries to concentrate on something Her face is strained and she's confused At the walls in this room And all the strangers standing around"
  • Anna - Michael W. Smith
    "Jack is in the corner The dish is with the spoon The sheep is in the meadow The cow is on the moon But I am here with you and I believe There's no other place I'd rather be And a promise not to leave you Is"
  • Anna - Herbert Gr
    "Anna, es fllt mir furchtbar schwer alle Beschreibungen wirken leer du bist nichts, was man so sagt Du hast kein freundliches Naturell deine Launen wechseln schnell du kt mich nur, wenn ich dich frag Du"
  • Anna - Bad Company
    "I got a sweet little angel and I love her soShe's there when I need her, she understands when I say goIn the night, when she says "Hold me", it makes me feel so strongLiving with her unfolds me, she gives"
  • Annie - Herbert Vianna
    "ANNIE Ronnie Lane/Kate Lambert/Eric Clapton Old oaks stand tall annie Seen the world grow small annie But when they fall annie where will we be? Winter has come annie No strength in the sun annie And"
  • Annie - Elastica
    "Annie, told me, Get out of here, head for the sea, The sun is hot and the air is clean The best things in the world are free And Mister Murphy Likes his Jackanory Holsten Export times three Jimi"
  • Anne - Wendy Fierce
    "Anne How could you take a dark December night And somehow find a light to cling to How could you still believe in dreams After all the pain you'd seen They couldn't kill the fire in you Anne Anne It's"
  • Annie - Emilie Simon
    "Annie Tombe par hasard sur des amis Il y a dj bien longtemps Qu'elle n'a vu personne Pas depuis l'automne Annie Tombe amoureuse, un petit ami a prend beaucoup trop de temps Alors elle abandonne Ce gentil"
  • Annie - SafetySuit
    "There was a girl named Annie, she had a very pretty face And not the way you would think so let me see if I can try to explain it She had a smile it could light up the room and if she moved it'd be moving"
  • Annie - Paul De Leeuw
    "ANNIEEEEEE zonder jou voel ik me zo alleen annie, ook al ben je vaak een blok aan het been als jij er niet bent is het een grote troep jij bent de ballen in mijn soep Annie kom nou gauw ik houw van jouw! AAAnnie"
  • Annie - Elefant
    "ANNIE The smell of the ocean on her skin The rags of her dress blowing in the wind A chorus of angels on the boardwalk They know what you did in the dark Chorus I never meant to hurt you Annie Leave"
  • Annie - James Blunt
    "Annie, you had your name in the bright lights I thought I saw your photograph Having such a laugh in a magazine Did it all come tumbling Annie, and you were made for the big time They said you were a"
  • Annie - The Alice Band
    "Annie I hope things line up for you All in a row, shiny and new You can't keep on living in one small room When you never let anyone in, you never let anyone in Annie you think the whole world's been cruel All"
  • Annie - Jonatha Brooke
    "Annie, I hope things line up for you All in a row, shiny and new You can't keep living in one small room When you never let anyone in You never let anyone in Annie, you think the whole world's been cruel All"

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