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anne worrall

  • Anne - Clinic
    "Anne has left you marks here, Anne has left you marks here Anee has left you marks of love and hope One is on the floor with laughter rolloing One is on the floor and one disclosed Never again would you"
  • Anne - Wendy Fierce
    "Anne How could you take a dark December night And somehow find a light to cling to How could you still believe in dreams After all the pain you'd seen They couldn't kill the fire in you Anne Anne It's"
  • Anne - Nino Ferrer
    "Anne a la peau mauve et bleue ses yeux sont clairs et lumineux sauf certains moments quand ils sont amoureux et qu'ils deviennent profonds comme la mer aux Antilles avec de l'or et du vert et quelque"
  • Anne - John Frusciante
    "Anne you can't hide you know we'll find you It's a matter where pride flies out the window I never got the weight off the ground I just forgot what's up and what's down How many get the way I feel now There's"
  • Polly Anne - Agent Sparks
    "A-1 2 3 4 5 6 Polly Anne lived an accident life, She sang and danced with the wrong man. And when she laughed, She made everyone cry. Polly Anne was an accident. An accident. Polly Anne. Oh,"
  • Anne Marie - Prefab Sprout
    "There's a person that I'd like to be, Anne Marie I can glimpse him when you're next to me, Anne Marie There is music that no-one can hear, Anne Marie Yet it's audible when you are near Anne Marie, Anne"
  • Lilly Anne - Chalk Farm
    "Lilly Anne talks herself asleep again Saying something of the time spent There's a man who taught her love and poetry Never knowing just what he meant And he said it's all depending on which way you fall It's"
  • Mary Anne - Ride
    "Every time I walk you home You say you just want to be alone Mary Anne, why can't you see That you were born to marry me Take my love, It's all I am See, I'm determined to be your man Mary Anne I wanna"
  • Anne Marie - Ari Hest
    "It's not your stature that tilts the scale It's not your know-how that whites me pale Haven't you noticed I so often succumb day in the novice I just suck on my thumb Singing the harmony to the melody"
  • Kari-Anne - Asia
    "Heart and soul You took me in a special way No time at all My feelings were just blown away Angel in red I couldn't take my eyes off you A golden chance Into the light out of the blue This is the time The"
  • Sister Anne - Mc5
    "Sister Anne don't give a damn about evolution She's a liberated woman, she's got her solution Like a dinosaur, she's going off the wall She's gonna make it her own crusade She's got a heart of gold, gonna"
  • Anne Marie - Kleenex Girl Wonder
    "Anne Marie, won't you dance with me? I've been standing here so long I'm getting tired Anne Marie, glory glory be All by yourself you're just itching to be admired Anne Marie, you'd be good for me and"
  • Lucid Anne - Self
    "and in the simplest of words, she knew about forgiveness and in passing, something true cried out as the wheel began to turn, there it loomed and burned in the awkwardness at hand, i don't understand lucid"
  • Anne Claire - Guano Apes
    "Weak her bones, cold her breath praying fearfully in the moment of death feels the sleep goming near tries to keep her eyes open and clear through the dark, there's the sound she fears Anne Claire, that"
  • Julie Anne - Nanci Griffith
    "An urban light hit's a bartender's smile 'Cause it's closin' time again Last call rang out such a long time ago In the heart of Julie Anne Now she waits inside this midnight glow to steal her dance of"
  • Mary Anne - GWAR
    "if I call you only say "goodbye". Watching TV, how re-runs make me cry You don't ever call me on the phone to say "Hell-O" and Are you thinking of me like I'm thinking of you? My love is like your"
  • Dale Anne - Bob Lind
    "Dale Anne is a mermaid on the sand Reaching out with helpless hands For someone to understand Sometimes I get to thinking of the way she used to cry It makes me want to rise and paint her picture on the"
  • Soeur Anne - Pierpoljak
    "Sur Anne, ne vois-tu rien venir ?Je vois des soldats couverts d'armes,Tout prts mourir et tuer.Partout, je ne vois que des larmes.Le monde semble s'y habituer.Je vois, plus violente que la peste,La haine"
  • Soeur Anne - Edith Piaf
    "Soeur Anne, ne vois-tu rien venir ? Je vois des soldats couverts d'armes, Tout prts mourir et tuer. Partout, je ne vois que des larmes. Le monde semble s'y habituer. Je vois, plus violente que la peste,"
  • Anne Dong - Xiu Xiu
    "grab my face as hard as it's funny to you while i pretend i'm your real dad how is anne's cough today miss sheryl i pretend to ask a daughter who i bug and can only stand to be around me for about"

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