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  • Time is aj ailer - Anouk
    "ANOUK Miscellaneous Time is aj ailer No one can hear me, 'cause no one is around But I still hear your whisper in the dark I know I can go, I know I can leave when ever I please But time is a jailer for"
  • Gratuated Fool - Anouk
    "Anouk Miscellaneous Gratuated Fool Graduated fool... that is what i am for everytime i've failed you cuz you're so beautiful i just turned and walked away a jingle with words tangle my"
  • R U Kiddin' Me? - Anouk
    "Anouk Urban Solitude R U Kiddin' Me? Music & lyrics: a. teeuwe / b. van veen Sure got my piece of heaven An angel in disguise Gone wild But i thought you were a man Who knew right from wrong That's why"
  • Break Out The Wall - Anouk
    "Anouk Miscellaneous Break Out The Wall Baby why are you so sad? What's the thing your running from? Caught in the red light. As if money is the cure Is this your only way to survive? Are"
  • Lovin' Wiskey - Anouk
    "Anouk Miscellaneous Lovin' Wiskey (Rory Block) Well if you live in dusty twilight baby, that's ok Cause there are woman at the bar to greet you every day You can take them back to lie"
  • It Was'nt Me - Anouk
    "Anouk Miscellaneous It Was'nt Me Can you tell me how you feel When you turn on your tv When you see me singing through my tears I've saved up all these years Can you tell me what you see When you read"
  • Dark - Anouk
    "I'm walking in the park And I'm talking to the dark But there ain't nobody listening My heart has turned to stone When I found myself alone Now all I do is whiper to the dark There's only so much you"
  • Are You Kidding Me - Anouk
    "Now I don't know what to do cause I'm still in love with you. And after all I have done can you tell me what's going on. I can't understand why you wanna treat me so cold. I guess I was a fool for loving"
  • Be Like That - Anouk
    "He spent his life in California, Watching the stars on the big screen. Then he lies awake and he wonders, Why can't that be me Cause in his life he is filled With all these good intentions He's left"
  • Biggest Side - Anouk
    "it's good to see you after all this time it's good to know that you are doing fine but I can't help but notice in a bar on Friday night there is something you should tell me but your driver waits outside "
  • Here Without You(3 Doors Down) - Anouk
    "A hundred days has made me older since the last time that i saw your pretty face a thousand lights had made me colder and i don't think i can look at this the same and all the miles had seperate they"
  • It All So Hard - Anouk
    "I've been sleepin' all day Slummin' all night in a 44 hour sedation Since the day you cut me out of your life The night I killed your patience Always tried to lie to you The truth is that I love you I"
  • Loving Whiskey - Anouk
    "Well if you leave in dusty twilight baby, that's OK, 'Cause there are women at the bar to greet you everyday. And you can take them back to lie with you and visit Jamie's room, But they can never take"
  • R U Kidding Me - Anouk
    "There's gonna be a yellow moon tonight Don't leave the light on Beads of swaet running down my face You can catch them with your tongue Colours run up and down your body Every time you move Every time,"
  • Ticket To Heaven(3dd) - Anouk
    "Ticket To Heaven Im walking a wire it feel likes a thousand ways I could fall To want is to buy but to live is to die and you cant take it all And everything is said and done I wont have one thing left What"
  • I Don't Wanna Hurt - Anouk
    "We're breaking things we can't repair None of us will take the blame No nothing can be done this time All the memories that we've made I threw them all away There's no need to talk it over Don't let me"
  • Might As Well - Anouk
    "I might as well be cheating on you I do I might as well cheating on you I always knew that you would be Cheating on me finally I never knew it be this soon I didn't see it comin' Yesterday you let me"
  • If I Go - Anouk
    "You've got it easy But you've got the nerve to make a face Although I'm strugglin' You can't tell because I keep it caged We are together But I feel you're pushing me aside Lend me a hand sometime The"
  • Make It Rain - Anouk
    "Make it rain Right behind that perfect face There's someone who keeps Secrets hidden well Think I don't want to know Reasons why you're crashing over me I don't look back Darling so it goes But I regret We"
  • Be Like That (What Would I Do?) - Anouk
    "He spent his life in California, Watching the stars on the big screen. Then he lies awake and he wonders, Why can't that be me Cause in his life he is filled With all these good intentions He's left a"

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