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  • Apartment - Patsy Cline
    "Just Follow the Stairway. To this lonely world of mine You'll find me waiting here In apartment number nine Not so very long ago.. You walked away from me And after all the plans we made You decided"
  • Apartment - Custard
    "I've got a new apartment baby, And it protects me from the lonely whistling streets, And I've got a new apartment baby, The interior colour is red, And my only friend is my stereo receiver, Playing my"
  • Apartment - Kate Miller-Heidke
    "I'm living in an apartment Never have before And it feels a bit strange living up here on the seventh floor In the city where I come from We always lived in a house But now I've got people over me"
  • Apartment Four - They Might Be Giants
    "I live up in apartment four I'm on the very next floor The number's right on the door If you ever get bored Come knock on my door The one with the four I live up in apartment number four Where the sound"
  • My Apartment - Ben Kweller
    "Sometimes I wish I had a farm where the only pollution is your cigarttes, where you mind is clear. But I like it here in my small space. New York's the place where the sidewalks know my face as I walk"
  • Apartment 543 - Craig David
    "Girl when you call me on the phone Said you're all alone I said that you could drive by my way You said I was the only one Felt the time had come, for us to keep it real Oh yeah (Chorus) Catch me in apartment"
  • My Apartment - Twista
    "(feat. Johnny P, Turtle Banxx) Come on we can go on over you know to my place You know to the Pendergrass style You know come and go with me It won't be long just for a little while Right well check it"
  • The Apartment - Mansun
    "He lives in the flat below In the dead of night, hammering Disturbing me I'm scared and he frightens me Never puts his rubbish out We've never met I spoke to him just through the vent I heard him and I"
  • Empty Apartment - Yellowcard
    "You called me out You stayed inside One you love Is where you hide Shot me down as I flew by Crash and burn I think sometimes you forget where the heart is Answer no to these questions Let her go, learn"
  • Apartment 31 - Goon Moon
    "Formulate how far you'll take her Sky is fading too Tantalizing, fainting at the Life of your eschew In apartment 31 The last one on the floor Who'd have known and who'd have guessed We'd been this way"
  • Apartment politics - Stella
    "From now on, I'm gonna tell between one asshole and the other I was in fact slow but that was years ago In fact, I'm a good terrorist now Well and I think I should make him believe that So you see I'm"
  • Apartment 223 - Dr. Dooom
    "Do not ring the bell, there is nobody home The spirits around will haunt you, do not ring the bell There is nobody home Apartment 223,(scratch: I'm very hungry) (3x) Apartment 223 with body parts under"
  • Apartment 21 - Bobbie Gentry
    "Rain on my Sunday shoes Pick up the daily news Looks like tomorrows blues But its better than none Call on the telephone knowin' that he's not home I'll put on the Rollin' Stones And I can have me some"
  • The Apartment - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi/Takanami) Translators: Ed Valdez, Taichi Azuma, Jose C. Cabesas, Ted Mills kazegusuri to rusuban denwa cat food to oki tegami sayonara mo iwanai no yubin-uke ni e-hagaki isshukanbun no"
  • Apartment Song - The Tragically Hip
    "the sweet sound of patent approval comin' down in a not quite fog the sweet sound of patent approval comin' down in powdery sparks the sweet sound of patent approval comin' down with holiday concern the"
  • Apartment 5F - Bouncing Souls
    "Jackahmmers outside my window Woke me up again todayAnd all the voices in my headWell its so hard to make them go awayStayin out all night Lookin for something Ill never findIm fighting myself, and Im"
  • Old apartment - Barenaked Ladies
    "Broke into the old apartmentThis is where we used to liveBroken glass, broke and hungrybroken hearts and broken bonesThis is where we used to liveWhy did you paint the walls?Why did you clean the floor?Why"
  • Apartment 213 - Macabre
    "At The Oxford Apartments Jeffrey Lived In 213 But His Neighbors Didn't Know That Jeffrey Was A Fiend He Said The Fridge Was Broken And The Smell Was Rotten Meat But Nobody Knew It Was The Men That Jeff"
  • Apartment 801 - Brittany Kusserow
    "The ceiling's got its stains and the couch has seen a lively past, watching like it always has, moved from place to place. There's nothing here to eat but Airborne and EmergenC. I use rabbit ears on my"
  • Apartment story - The National
    "Be still for a second while I try and try to pin your flowers on la la la laCan you carry my drink I have everything elseI can tie my tie all by myselfIm getting tied, Im forgetting whyOh were so disarming"

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