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  • Kryminalny - Apollo 13
    "Premiera produkcji Apollo 13 'Kryminalny' odbędzie się 7 maja 2021 rok."
  • Apollo 13 - TEARs
    "Estuary girl you're not the one you don't belong to the world that I'm from your lazy words blow like confetti in the wind in the wind estuary girl you're not part of my scene your feet don't belong in"
  • Kryminalny Bluez - Fisz
    "Dzień dobry, cześć, on ciągle zły Chodzi do końca tam Gdzie nie poślesz nigdy swego dupska, Swego dupska sam Ma zaczesany włos, pokaźną brew Kotwice na ramieniu latem morskich mew, au! Mama mówi mu: Ty"
  • Apollo - Disclosure
    "Even I... Apollo!"
  • Apollo - Kid Capri
    ""i'd like to know.. are you really ready for some super dynamite soul? Then thank you, because now, it's star time!" The apollo (4x) (kid capri) The apollo a place, where performers perform Before you"
  • Apollo - Clouds
    "I fly in my sleep High and sharply steep I will drink from the sky I'll raise my cup and take my fill I will I've spent my life ready for this I can feel the storm Close, heavy and warm But I'm unafraid I"
  • Apollo - Omd
    "Let's move, let's shake let's bleed, let's fake let's go for broke let's make mistakes let's see, let's win let's pray, let's cheat let's have another dance let's watch our feet Let's die in the arms of"
  • Apollo - Alphaville
    "(Lyrics: Gold-Lloyd-Echolette / Music: Bloss-Gold-Lloyd-Echo) Show me a place that ain't hell If there's space Give me room to breathe That's all that I need for this body can't fail And if music be the"
  • Apollo - Porno Graffitti
    "Bokura no umarete kuru zutto zutto mae ni wa mou APORO juu-ichi gou wa tsuki ni ittatte iu no ni Minna ga CHIEKKU ireteru gentei no kimi no udedokei wa DEJITARU shiyou Sorette boku no yori hayaku susumutte"
  • Apollo - Alan Parsons Project
    "I believe that this nation should commit itself To achieving the goal Before this decade is out Of landing a man on the Moon And returning him back safely to the Earth No single space project in this period Will"
  • Apollo - Sorry Boys
    ""You said ... I've got story to tell Is there anybody to hear?""
  • Apollo - Blacha 2115
    "one lecą lecą .. mówią ze sa ze mna we włosach wiatr porusza mnie"
  • 13 - Osker
    "heartbroken, i watched the rain beat on the sidewalk. complete with grey skies and headlights and puddles on the sidewalk, everybody's ruined like me... it's weird now, when i look back. each day spent"
  • 13 - Bigwig
    "I finally got to change my clothes, We've spent 5 months on the road, None of us showered in days, The lucky ones don't have to shave. The desert is such a bore, I'm sick of sleeping on the floor, I almost"
  • "13" - Ani Lorak
    "I feel like I'm in pig tails and cut-off jeans I'm wearing braces and all knock-kneed One look in the mirror I gotta reach for the clearasil I get so nervous and sweaty palms I got a drawer full of training"
  • 13 - eels
    "Thats the bell, and I'm gonna be late Like I really give a shit Dont expect me to relate when you're Holier than thou Holier than thou Holier than thou Thirteen ?? going to so good Gonna take them there"
  • 13 - Capewalk
    "my wet hands in my pockets i can hardly bear the sight see her cross the schoolyard in early morning light yes they call me crazy but i only lost my mind everyday i'm waiting here to see her passing by i'd"
  • 13 - Magnapop
    "Won't you let me walk you home from school Won't you let me meet you at the pool Maybe Friday there's a chance I'll get tickets for the dance And I'll take you Won't you tell your dad, 'get off my"
  • 13 - Brian Jonestown Massacre
    "Oh yeah Well you're so pretty I'd do anything for free Well you're so pretty (Whoo ooh) I'd do anything for free 'Cause you got the kind of good looks, sugar Sink their hooks inside of me And I know That"
  • 13 - Nag
    "Normalny dzień na pokój i spokój Którego nie ma a który ma być To nie ma się śnić być realnym zjawiskiem Ty jesteś gazetą ja będę ogniskiem Pies z brudnym pyskiem dotyka i się ociera Jeden zachowuje się"

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