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  • Apple - 1000 Hours
    "(verse 1) can you see that i can't be what you want me to be you'll see the stars in the sky that i don't see in the, passed i wasn't all that i could be army moto proper lifestyle from your tree (verse"
  • Apple - Joe Brooks
    "For your consideration I offer myself with no sign of hesitation Well let's get these wheels in motion Cause this old guitar is gonna sing by the ocean side Oh Apple you're my life Feel like a before"
  • Apple - Bebe Rexha
    "Shoutout to Lauren cause she said it right That thing, that thing He just wanna bite Don't let him hit it and quit it If he hits it and quits it You probably won't see him no more, no more And i hate"
  • Apple - Cibo Matto
    "When apple leaves fall You may feel something in your mind's eye When the earth drinks in squall You may plan to escape on the sly Ohhhh, ohhh, ohhhhh, ohhh... I heard her sobbing Her tears tasted so sweet I"
  • Apple - Dawson's Creek
    "Honey please don't give eyes a glance glowing like a sand fill dinners blue june hungers slain like a ship on a sail icy cool blonde/blinds awakenings is asleep in your eye all in good taste of tender"
  • Apple - Blind Myself
    "Apple Kick the rotten fruit Life is full of fresh energy Depth on my tongue the beauty is mortal You could have a bite Out of happiness If it doesn't taste Good spit, spit it out Kick the"
  • Apple - Atmosphere
    "Hi, my name is Sean Daley and you might know me from such filmsas "I Can't Sing, But Neither Can You."Haha yea, heheheh what are you lookin' at?Don't look at me, don't even talk to meOh you rap too? Heheh"
  • Apple - GFRIEND (여자친구)
    "On the briar-choke road Blood-red footsteps remain Why does that icy decision Hurt me so Was it a mistake Oh now, this sweet scent Bright ruby drops draw me in Oh now Lead me more into temptation Yes,"
  • Apple scruffs - George Harrison
    "Now I've watched you sitting there Seen the passers-by all stare Like you have no place to go But there's so much they don't know About the Apple scruffs And you've stood around for years Seen my smiles"
  • Apple Bush - Alice Cooper
    "October in a land that's in my back yard There's a people who succeed they don't try hard Well, they've found a way to live with ease Eating from the bush instead of the tree Apple bush, apple tree Back"
  • Apple hill - Lovin' Spoonful
    "One fine morning I got tired of hanging around Took a footpath forty miles from town and stopped to look around Found a cabin with six dounble bunks Just some flashlights and some lockers full of junk"
  • Apple bush - Gabriel Mann
    "October in a Land That's in My Back Yard There's a People Who Succeed They Don't Try Hard Well They've Found a Way to Live With Ease Eating From the Bush Instead of the Tree Apple Bush Apple Tree Back"
  • Apple Tree - Wolfmother
    "Dear Sir, can you remember me, I'm the one that picked the apple tree Dear Sir, can you remember me I'm the one that picked the apple tree Dear Sir, can you remember me, Have a look inside the family"
  • Apple Trees - Ozma
    "deep inside my eye, there is part of you You still look the same, except you're grown up now so much time has passed since i saw you last an apple pie, the number pi i studied you in math class and did"
  • Apple Computer - Unknown Artist
    "APPLE COMPUTER (Stan Kelly-Bootes) I gave my love an Apple that had no core I gave my love a building that had no floor I wrote my love a program that had no end I gave my love an upgrade with no cry-en. How"
  • Apple Air - Ralph Kaminski
    "Mama thank you for your love Mama those days have gone too fast Yesterday we were kids Playing on the grass We were hoping it will last forever Those days have gone too fast I like riding on the bike,"
  • Bitter Apple - Dave Gahan
    "Days long gone and lost hot nights No crowded streets to walk tonight Still the stars shine so bright Don't need a coat, I'll be alright Then you walked into my life A halo bright with dark brown eyes Just"
  • Chinese Apple - Loose Fur
    "If I sleep too much A good Chinese apple Shine to the touch My sweet-feeling capital It's hard to change Something supernatural Unlock my body and move myself at last In the warm liquid, flowing glowing"
  • Apple Candy - Ben Lee
    "I want to know what he knows I want to feel what he felt I want to go where he's been I want to know what he knows I want to hear your secrets I want you and I want him 'Cause you smell like apple candy And"
  • Rotten apple - Alice In Chains
    "Hey Ah Na Na Ignorance is spoken Spoken Confidence is broken Broken Sustenance is stolen Stolen Arrogance is potent What I see is unreal I've written my own part Eat of the apple, so young I'm crawling"

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