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are u leave me

  • Whut U Are To Me - Trey Songz
    "Now Shorty Gurl U Like Bail Money When Im Locked Down In The Jail Honey Ya Set Me Free And I Need That The Other Half Of Me Gurl U Be Dat Gurl I Need For U To Know This See Imma Keep U Warm In The Coldest Whether"
  • U - Edgewater
    "Are you really who you say you are? You walk all over broken hearts Has it been so bad that I'm just a joke to you? You can't take it back you've gone to far You tear me down and leave your scars But when"
  • U Are - Atomic Kitten
    "Atomic Kitten Miscellaneous U Are U Are Atomic Kitten Maybe you think you're not right for me That you'll never be everything I need Well I tell you straight from my heart You are you are If you don't"
  • Leave - A Life Less Ordinary Soundtrack
    "A Life Less Ordinary Soundtrack Miscellaneous Leave Song: R.E.M. Nothing could be bring me closer. Nothing could be bring me near. Where is the road I follow To leave, leave? It's under, under, under"
  • Leave - R.E.M.
    "Nothing could be bring me closer. Nothing could be bring me near. Where is the road I follow? Believing, leave. It's under, under, under my feet. The scene spread out there before me. Better I go where"
  • Leave - Crematory
    "Nothing could be bring me closer.nothing could be bring me near.where is the road I followto leave, leave?It's under, under, under my feet.the sea spread out there before me.where do I go when the land"
  • Are U Still Down - Jon B
    "Girl it's alright, baby 'Cause it's there in your eyes yeah I can see that you want me By the way that you smile Are u still down for me Left once again at home Another night on your own Ain't no fun"
  • Are U Still Down - Jon B.
    "jon b (tupac) girl it's alright, baby (are you still down for me baby?) cause it's there in your eyes, yeah (are you still down for me?) i can see that you want me (are you still down for me now?) but"
  • Leave Me - Charlie Landsborough
    "Youve been gone So many times You wore my dreams away For all the times you broke my heart I never thought Id say This time when you leave me Dont come back no more I couldnt bare to go thru what"
  • Leave Me - Imagine Dragons
    "Take a look inside I've got nothing to hide, oh no I'll be around the boys I've got nothing but time, oh no, oh no... You've got me holding on to nothing But nothing's all I've got Leave me, leave me,"
  • Leave Me - New Edition
    "I know it comes as no surprise, that I.... am so in love with you When I think of us two, I start feelin' blue Somethin' that I gotten used to But lately.. I must admit Times have been been hard Put a"
  • After I Leave U - His Name Is Alive
    "Maybe Again When I Leave U Maybe again after I leave u Maybe again after I leave u Go back to your devil Get back with your devil Lord, do you like to watch me dance Does it make you smile We need more"
  • What U Leave Behind - Nuno Bettencourt
    "The bookends of this lifetime are nothing compared to the glory that awaits us You'll then be alive Must be prepared to give up one dream for another Look at the biggest picture Drawn for you You will"
  • Are U Feelin' Me - Aaliyah
    "Aaliyah Miscellaneous Are U Feelin' Me **aaliyah hums** Verse 1: I know in my heart, i know in my mind, We're meant to be, are you feelin' me yo. I'm the girl in your life, i'm the one you call wife, And"
  • Irresistable U Are - Alisha's Attic
    "Here we are again The jangle of my ankle chain is the only sound I can hear When I'm here with you Words collide into a single breath, You're on my mind, every day and every night, Irresistable"
  • Who Are U? - David Fonseca
    "Ever since I saw you I want to hold you Like you were the one It sees right through me A bullet it comes and takes me And I love you, I love you I want you but I fear you Who are u? Who are u? Ever"
  • For U With Love (If U Leave Me) - Katastroof
    "Violence lent you my favorite dictionary came back with ripped out pages stopped by so uninvited wasted good silverware on you you can't trust violence - Below & Above once you felt alive present for"
  • Where are u - Londonbeat
    "Verse 1: (oooh!) Ev'rybody's telling you what you wanna hear so how you gonna know what's fake and what's real who's gonna tell you things ain't so great when your so-called friends won't tell it to your"
  • Where u are - Javine
    "I try to keep my head above the water There's nothing that I wouldn't do To get my life back in order - gotta make it through I've been going through a lot of changes Taking one day at a time - going all"
  • U - Zug Izland
    "You showed me You showed me what it takes To do what I want to And you told me You told me all the mistakes Then warned me don't do it You! You! Are everything to me You! You! You are everything, yeah... You! You! Are"

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