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are we human or are we dancers

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are we human or are we dancers

  • We Are - Hollywood Undead
    "We are we are We are made from broken parts We are we are We are broken from the start Our hearts, our hearts They were beating in the dark We are we are We are built from broken parts If you can lose"
  • We Are - Facing New York
    "We are the young men, we are the desperation. We are a nervous wreck, we are the anxiety. We are the broken coin, the begging boys at your door. Call me the wasted time, the aging adolescence. Call"
  • We Are - Kids In The Way
    "We're on the edge of our youth, the days are getting long. It seems the times of our lives have all come and gone, but we know better. We've just begun. We are, we are, the kids in the way. You can't hold"
  • We Are Rebels - Betrayer
    "We Are Rebels we fall out of the light into the dark We Are warriors we rise to sweep away the heritage divine pray for mercy we bring human pain for the servants of God die or surrender prepare for"
  • (We Are) - American Nightmare
    "This is the soundtrack To saying goodbye We are making out With desperate days So turn the volume up high (You love it) God bless repeat - play nights Heartbreaks and fights And all the pretty"
  • (We Are) - Give Up The Ghost
    "This is the soundtrack To saying goodbye We are making out With desperate days So turn the volume up high (You love it) God bless repeat - play nights Heartbreaks and fights And all the pretty"
  • Are We Family - The Tragically Hip
    "it's only human to want to inhabit every feeling you've got and more often than not, let's take it to the nth degree here he goes, "give me ten bucks and a head start" here's where he goes, "the puzzle's"
  • We Are - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Memphis Bleek, Geda K) Just blazin' this bitch up, holla (Proud, that's my word) Funk motherfuckin' Flex (hey, yo killa nigga) Hey yo, I'm back up in this bitch like, Memph Bleek Same ambition,"
  • We Are The Reasons - We Came As Romans
    "This is a poison everyone knows It runs through my rivers. created and cured by the same, and it will flow. Tear through these holds, and rip away my heart. with an effort so constrained, this is the"
  • We are all animals - The Rakes
    "We are the animals, who have lost our hair. Retained some of our teeth, and gained a choice... We'll chase food, money and sex, until satisfied. And when its time to rest, ask 'whats next?'... We are all"
  • We Are The Involuntary - Underoath
    "Just drifting along with the world Every motion is paranoid and paralyzing Give it up or give em hope Let us all survive the wake We, we're a race, a human race Under the glass behind it all Watch us crawl"
  • We Are the Future - Non Phixion
    "We are, the motherfucking future (Ill Bill) Aiyo we murderous, I be holding more heat than thermoses You get your loot housed, then get into shootouts, with secret servicemen It's Ill Bill, Non Phixion We"
  • We Are Motorhead - Motorhead
    "We shoot power to your heart, a mighty thunderbolt We charge all batteries, we save your soul We don't know when we're licked, But we turn lead into gold We know alchemy, we bring you rock and roll We"
  • We Are Tomorrow - Bleach
    "Freeze the frame, memorize it Take the mistakes, and don't go back To where we've always been The time has come that we begin, to shine To shine It's our time It's now or never We want today We"
  • Who We Are - Machine Head
    "This is who we are This is what I am We have nowhere else to go Divided we will stand We are the ugly Beaten and torn Brooding with power and ready for more We are the hungry Sick of this world Of robbers Of"
  • We Are One - The Offspring
    "We are one with ourselves We don't give a shit about anyone else Well it won't be wrong until our day in the sun is gonna stop The walls come tumbling down We are one We are free We are headed for obscurity We"
  • We Are Lost - Zornik
    "album: one-armed bandit$ track: 09 I wanna climb up in the sky with you To seize the stars and put them on your head I wanna take you down where the sun begins a journey on the clouds once again I wonder"
  • WE ARE CHAOS - Marilyn Manson
    "If you say that we’re ill Just give us your pill Hope we’ll just go away But once you’ve inhaled death Evrything else is perfume Maybe i am just a mstery I could end up your misery Maybe i am just a mstery I"
  • Here We Are - Jimmy Buffett
    "(Jimmy Buffett) Here we are Here we are Here we are Here we are Who would have thought this game, this flame would still be burning Who would have guessed that all these blenders would still be churning Not"
  • Are We Alive? - Vertical Horizon
    "Someone break these chains Let me be myself again I'm lost inside my own reflection Someone take these eyes They can see straight though your lies I'm hunted by my own protection Are we alive, are we"

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