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are you leaving are you leaving

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are you leaving are you leaving

  • Leaving - Catch 22
    "I'm leaving here today I'm gonna go real far away from here I'm gonna find a girl like the one I met in high school But she's not gonna get away this time I'm gonna keep her by my side Not gonna lose"
  • Leaving - Dubstar
    "There she goes Flirting Another lonely man Takes the cab home with him His wallet in her hands She'll need the cash 'Cause she's leaving in the morning She's the first to realize That a new world is"
  • Leaving - Familiar 48
    "Seems a little bit odd when you think how you're talking about the way he used to Certain things that you did when you were with him but now with me or are you Looking for a purpose in the time you spend"
  • Leaving - Indigo Girls
    "Jet fuel and traffic lines Pulling up to the Delta signs Distant shape of my hometown Black stain where the wheels touch down. I pick up the morning news, Pass the man who's never shined my shoes Through"
  • Why Are You Leaving - Carole King
    "You told me that you had to go You said you could not stay here That being here just made you sad For sunshine, ships and easy land And you miss the pretty things you had So what am I to tell you Why"
  • Why Are You Leaving? - Level 42
    "Tell me why are you leaving when there's no place to go what's this secret you're keeping you don't want me to know only lies need defending 'Cos the truth stands by itself It's time for honesty I can"
  • Now That You Are Leaving - Not By Choice
    "I don't know what to do when the fire's going out I don't know where it ends and I don't know where it starts You tell me that I have to wait until tomorrow But I don't know if I can make it through today You"
  • She's Leaving You - Nick Cave
    "You were planning to stay in, you had it carefully planned Your coat was hanging in the hall, your hat was in your hand You walked over to your woman, your pale distracted love Who was trying to put the"
  • I'm leaving you - Shakin' Stevens
    "Your cheating ways are pulling us apart, how long can that tail in my broken heart? I'm just a prisoner in your two-timen chains. I'm leaving you to let me love again. Well, I pull up with this for far"
  • Say You Leaving - Bounty Killer
    "She say that she's leaving, because I'm hot and deceiving (I don't know why) She's leaving, she's hurting But what a bond to break, what a bond, people try to instigate But it's never wise to make decision"
  • Leaving Here - Motorhead
    "Hey, fellows have you heard the news, The women in this town are being misused, Seen it all in a dream last night, You'll be leaving this town 'cause you don't feel right, 'Cos I'm Leaving, Leaving Here Hey"
  • Leaving Here - Pearl Jam
    "Hey fellas have you heard the news? Oh yeah. The women in this town are being misused. Oh yeah. Yeah I seen it all in my dreams last night. Oh yeah. Girls leaving this town 'cause they don't treat em right-a."
  • Are You Leaving For The Country - The Drones
    "Are you leaving for the country? You say the city brings you down Lately I have fallen behind And watched the circus leaving town Are you leaving for the country? I know a little country town Where the"
  • Everything's Leaving - Wanda Jackson
    "The sunlight turns the shadows that fall across my window sill And grow longer and longer as the sun vacates the sky The wind blown rustling leaves are racing down my driveway As I visualize you standing"
  • I'm Leaving - Sandy Denny
    "It's true I often thought of leaving But it's you I never stopped believing When I was down Your arms were open to me When the cost of loving was free You were much to sure to re-arrange My love for you"
  • Leaving Town - Dexter Freebish
    "Oh, your reputations so golden You're never lonely and you're never home I know you've been talking 'bout leaving You've lost all your feelings for this town Paint your nails and put on your lipstick You"
  • Leaving You Behind - Sleater Kinney
    "I wonder how you looked the day you were erased To look down at your heart and watch it fade Did you disappear or were you just misplaced Left behind with no one else to blame It's all gone but something"
  • I'm Leaving - Taxxi
    "While the city sleeps, I wander the streets, Wanting it some other way My clothes in a bag, tired muscles sag, I've come to the end of my stay I walk through the rain, time pours down the drain, Exhausted,"
  • Leaving Babylon - 311
    "Well I say Leaving this Babylon I said I'm leaving this babylon I'm leaving this Babylon I will not be too long now I will not be too long Since my people are starvin' But your money's runnin' I said my"
  • Leaving Tonight - Ne-Yo
    "]] I believe that love and trust are one in the same I don't think you can truly love somebody unless you trust them That blind trust, that beyond a shadow of a doubt No matter what this person sayin,"

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