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are you really survive it

  • Survive - Jimmy Buffett
    "I play the stereo loud When I'm away from the maddening crowd Smokin', jokin', clowns we all are Sometimes I kinda get real ill When I receive my monthly telephone bill But you say it and I'll pay it `Cause"
  • Survive - Gabrielle
    "V-1 I don't wanna talk about it It makes me wanna cry every time i pour out my emotions I feel emptier inside I don't know how to play it like I'm not in love with you, but I'll try even though i do...still (Chorus) Miss"
  • Survive - Adrenalin O.d.
    "He's the leader of his kingdom Lord of his domain He can't wait for doomsday Waiting for you to cross his line He'll blow you away Survive, try to save all that's his First it is moonshine, then his kids He's"
  • We Survive - Kotoko
    "==Romanization== hohoemu namida michibiku kaze wa yasashii nioi nareta nukumori ima kagiri aru sekai to kuusai no hate ni kanjou tabane hitomi wa nani wo mitsukeru darou mienai hoshi kokoro nokoshi"
  • Survive - Dope
    "Woman's Voice: "What do you have to say to the individuals who have intentionally misinterpreted or miscommmunicated your message, and to those who have blatantly lied, cheated, or stolen directly from"
  • Survive - Blind Iris
    "Lately, I know we're gonna break free This time we'll rise so high Fueled by desire That fire Burnt me today I never wanna be lame Make it Ya I know were gonna take this All the way We'll feed the flame"
  • Survive - Auryn
    "I'm the cold one, seemingly the enlightened one. You don't see me screaming, the frightened one. Everybody's rooted therapy, I'll be your stupid therapy All these illusions we've created in this life"
  • Survive - Steve Vai
    "Get ready for your life won't you take your place in line You may close your eyes if you please. Try to keep it clean there's so many here you see everybody needs to get by. And if you fall on your face"
  • Survive - Rise Against
    "Somewhere between happy, and total fucking wreck Feet sometimes on solid ground, sometimes at the edge To spend your waking moments, simply killing time Is to give up on your hopes and dreams, to give"
  • Survive - John Mellencamp
    "Go on and admit it You can't take it anymore So why don't you quit it Your scratching off again Can't you see it Well the whole thing was such a surprise I know you and your hear crazy notions Your pretty"
  • Really - UB40
    "I couldn't really put it any better than this The love that I feel, in your tender kiss. And something about your body girl I can't resist It don't get no better, no better than this. You know I love"
  • Survive - Hall & Oates
    "Whatever happened to youThe one that was so beautifulI could count on you to make my life a little brighterI always thought you were built to lastBut I never saw anything fall apart so fastYou were born"
  • I Will Survive - Capleton
    "I will survive From my bees are alive Honey's coming from the hive yo Food is coming from my soil Mama pot a fi boil Food for the child Well over the hills and through the valley on top of the mountain Me"
  • Gotta Survive - Mase
    "I don't regret nothin' that i've ever done at this point i don't owe n obody an explanation Man they love you when you up kick you when you down look around vh1 man where are they now life is amusin'"
  • Are You Really Interested ? - Clifford T. Ward
    "On the table by the window stood the vase with nothing in it And over by the door was where you cried and felt embarrassed Then you said something about there being no flowers in it And I was all confused"
  • Are you really waiting - Martin Jondo
    "Are you really waiting if i am kept behind the stars are you waiting if i'm not home are you really waiting if i am coming to you but only with the words the words i wrote down it has been a long time"
  • Are You Really For Real? - The Methadones
    "You'll do anything to have all the eyes on you It's one stupid thing after another that goes on and on and on and I can't believe the things you say I roll my eyes and walk away Bending over backwards"
  • Will my heart survive - Isabel
    "I am lonely alone again is this really just a moment where it ends A fallen angel a broken dream will it end now like a low movie scene I know for sure my dreams come true can't you feel what hope can"
  • Only the strong survive - REO Speedwagon
    "You may not know this but you are everything you've ever needed.Heaven with a touch of new york. silver with a touch of gold.And i can see where you're goin', but i don't really know the way.It's got too"
  • I Will Survive - Motley Crue
    "The night will see the future Don't you know by now The long and lonely night, I finally see the light Like a demons dream, lights burning, love's not black and white And I'm still alive, and I will survive Yeah,"

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