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are you smart enough english quiz brain quiz for kids and adults

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are you smart enough english quiz brain quiz for kids and adults

  • Love Quiz - Andrea Burns
    "Thanks for playing my romantic lead Even if only in the version I colorized I fantasized you and me On a porch swing in front of a sunset somewhere I took a love quiz in a women's magazine You failed two"
  • Quiz Show - Clifford T. Ward
    "I know you love the quiz shows I know you love the quiz shows I know you love the quiz shows I know you love the quiz shows. And our final contestant tonight comes from . . . Where was it again"
  • The Quiz - Hello Saferide
    "You look nice alright And I like the way you nod after everything I say Like it actually means something To you And I like your record collection Townes and Jens with a hint of Rickie Lee And you've cleaned"
  • Property Quiz - The Beautiful South
    "All the secrets we have shared Have moved to a couple better paired So if he impales himself on javelin or spike I will try my best to be the perfect lookalike And if he wants to be smart And enter a"
  • Prom Quiz - Grayskul - Atmosphere
    "(Background vocals: She grew up too fast Now she's a star) I'm Reason I'm Recluse He's Phantom We're coming (x2) Her American Express card says Gothika With some black lipstick on certain"
  • Pop Quiz (Extra Credit Remix) - Viktor Vaughn
    "(MF Doom/Viktor Vaughn) You better have your pencils ready! Number two! (IZ-Real) ...It's time to enter the mental frame center Locked hour glass, flash sense a sensor Offenders never cross..mad spectors Only"
  • Opposite of Adults - Chiddy Band
    "Fresh kid Z, fresh kid C (Yes, sir!) Fresh kid P, fresh kid T (Oh yeah, we back!) Oh, and Xaphoon, by the way (Yeah, Jones) Yeah, Chiddy Bang And we pretty much amazing (Can we hear your new song, please?) I"
  • Kids Vs. Adults - The Simpsons
    "Adults! Kids! Adults! Kids! Adults! Kids,You've had your fun now we've had our fill. Yeah,You're only here cuz Marge forgot her pill. Kids, you're all just scadalizing, vandalizing punks. Channel hopping,"
  • Get Smart - Fabolous
    "I like'em brown, yellow, Peurto Rican or Asian Who have the weekend occaison Sneak in the Days Inn I'm never tweakin' of haze an frequently blazin' Now if they ain't on ya face it ain't the cheeks that"
  • Adults Only - Slick Rick
    "Well, let us skip the boring foreplay I'm slidin' right in This girl over my house who had to be about 19 Ass, hoes in my poster She's sweatin' although she tried to hold her composure I hoped she'd"
  • Quiz - Joanna
    "Quizs, quizs, quizs Siempre que te pregunto Que cundo, como y dónde T siempre me respondes Quizs, quizs, quizs Y as pasan los dias Y yo desesperando Y t, t contestando Quizs, quizs, quizs Ests"
  • Quiz - Kim
    "Siempre que te pregunto que cuando,como y donde tu siempre me respondes Quizas, Quizas, Quizas Y asi pasan los dias y yo desesperado,y Tu,Tu contestando Quizas,Quizas,Quizas, Estas perdiendo el tiempo,pensando,pensando Por"
  • Quiz - Elefantes
    "Voy como un seor por esta ciudad llena de gente que al pasar deja una estela en purpurina. Voy de aqu all, soy tu soledad. Entre suspiros de algodón, alguien le canta algo a la luna. Quizs la luz, quizs,"
  • Quiz - Wisin Y Yandel
    "VR! Este es el estreno mundial de "Quizs"! El remix! Tony Dize! Con el seor Ken-Y! Estos si que le meten, papi! No te tires que tu no sabes nadar! Sbelo! (Tony Dize) Buscando donde no hay nada Ya no"
  • Quiz - Harijans
    "Quizs ya es tarde pero hoy pudisemos colaborar a ser cristiano donde estoy a dar nuestro pequeo pan. Ya basta de tantos sermones, basta de tanto organizar, lo que hace falta son opciones, lo tenemos que"
  • Quiz - Alberto Plaza
    "Alberto Plaza Miscellaneous QuizS Quizs tu ests pensando ahora en mi Quizs como yo estoy pensando en ti Perd el calor de un beso tierno y clido Que quizs, no se, ya nunca mas tendr Y aunque tu no ests"
  • Smart Girls - Brian Wilson
    "Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee My name is Brian and I'm the man I write hit songs with a wave of my hand Songs of surf and sun and sand I make great music with my band Songs you dance to and songs"
  • Whip smart - LIZ PHAIR
    "I'm gonna tell my son to grow up pretty as the grass is green and Whip-smart as the English Channel's wide. And I'm gonna tell my son to keep his money in his mattress And his watch on any hand between"
  • Smart - Bananafishbones
    "I Thought That I Was Smart When I Took Someones Car And I Drove It Off But I Failed To Check The Breaks Smart Being Smart Is Art Being Art Is Watching What'S Coming Round And Then Expect What'S Coming"
  • You Ain't Smart - Mase
    "What, what What, what, what (H-World) What, what, what (All Out) What, what, what, what, what (Take it back to the streets, mutha fucka) What, what, what, what, what Yo, this for my niggas in the streets (What"

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