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are you wonderfull uoo

  • Wonderfull - Beach Boys
    "She belongs there, left with her liberty Never known as a nonbeliever She laughs and stays in the Won won wonderful She knew how to gather the forest when God reached softly and moved her body One"
  • What A Wonderfull World - Louis Armstrong
    "I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself what a wonderful world. I see skies of blue and clouds of white The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night And"
  • Everything Is Wonderfull - A Global Threat
    "Everything is wonderful when you see light beyond the wool Don't ask who responsible or feel for an alarm to pull And in this house, shit's going south It's feeding mouths and breeding more Bought in,"
  • You Are My World - Double You
    "I don't know why people talk Get the biggest feeling in your life People come and people go See the biggest feeling in your life Oh when you're looking down And you're on the floor Everybody feels"
  • You Are The One - Double You
    "Chorus I There's a feeling that you can't go on there was love and you were strong all day you just look around baby here's my life Chorus II You know you can't just run away just stick around for just"
  • You Are, You Are - Gary Numan
    "You are you are Hopefully mistaken Like old ties You'll soon be broken down Like all the rest who tried You are you are Something quite surprising Story's odd Concerning love The scene will change for"
  • You are, you are - Garu Numan
    "You are you are Hopefully mistaken Like old ties You'll soon be broken down Like all the rest who tried You are you are Something quite surprising Story's odd Concerning love The scene will change for"
  • You Are - ATL
    "They may say that your not worth it but to me girl your perfect and wooo something about you Speaks to me. Girl you got it going on you make me wana write a song then go and sing it on the stage to show The"
  • You Are - Everman
    "Everything I have is broken and abused Offering it up is all I know to do What am I without You You are the pillar before me You are the promise of peace You are the brightest morning star, You are You"
  • You Are - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) Sometimes I try to count the ways and reasons that I love you But I can't ever seem to count that far I love you in a million ways and for a million reasons More than this I love you as"
  • You Are - SONICFLOOd
    "Broken I run to You You are my healer Humbly I bow to You You are my Lord And I will give You glory For everything You are You are the great I Am You are the Prince of Life You are the Spotless"
  • You Are - Atomic Kitten
    "Maybe you think you're not right for me That you'll never be everything I need Well I tell you straight from my heart You are you are If you don't think that you've got the pedigree That you're not someone"
  • You Are - Kirk Franklin
    "Jesus You are my joy within You are the shelter from the wind You are the forgiver of my sins Jesus You are yeah Where can I go Who can I call Who's there to catch me when I fall Your hands they hold me"
  • You Are - Ruth
    "Burning everything I'm learning Light a match 'cause I don't get it yet Shake out the mistakes that I've made Swallow them down Is it more than I can take When you call my name To walk on water 'Cause"
  • You are - LeAnn Rimes
    "You, you take the cake You take everything I ever wanted into account When you walk into the room You give room breathing room Talk and turn never too late or too soon Refrain: You are poetry in motion"
  • You Are - Todd Agnew
    "I need some substance in this relativistic world I need some truth in the middle of all these lies I need some comfort to wipe away these tears I need someone to tell me there's more to this life. You"
  • You Are - Backstreet Boys
    "Backstreet Boys Miscellaneous You Are beautiful you are Compasionit is she You have made me what i am She is all i hope to be The world relies in you Fufilling all my dreams She is my dream come true And"
  • You Are - Arid
    "I want to live with you In your beds of bliss Want to hide out In your tenderness I want the world to be Made complete On your life I will feed You are The summer rain You are What I can't explain"
  • You Are - Bobby Bare
    "Who's the greatest singer in the land (you are) Who's the world's most sweetest kindest man (you are) Who's gonna give you some ice-cream If you sing this thing just right (you are) oh outside Now who's"
  • You Are - Laura Pausini
    "Used to be afraid of love Used to be alone Never thought I'd find Someone to lean upon But like a blessing from above You came in to my life When my faith was gone Somehow you found me You took my hand"

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