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  • Singing Spaceships - eaJ of DAY6
    "feels like God's been on the..."
  • Spaceships And Airplanes - Stepa
    "Two worlds, body and soul, I ask, I already know Besides what did he ever do? Nothing, come to He was a boy without a care he had a castle of his own He was a boy who never knew that he would never know He"
  • Let's Talk About Spaceships - Say Hi To Your Mom
    "And whats that saying again, They're only words and words can't kill me Well, I can't even spell them and cadence to what she says is well. Let's talk about spaceships, or anything except you and me Okay? Let's"
  • 50,000 Spaceships (Watching Over Me) - Groovie Ghoulies
    "I'm walking down the street sometimes late at night Strollin' through the woods in the broad daylight But everywhere I go No matter what I see 50,000 spaceships are watching over me I hopped aboard a boat Or"
  • Secret wish - Anita Lipnicka & John Porter
    "Feat - J.Porter Summertimes long dead and gone When a sudden heat wave burns my skin Caught his eye and all went lost - For someone guessed my secret wish Spaceships and stars Freeze all at once"
  • Only Star - For Stars
    "You are the only star You are the place that spaceships only dream of You are the place that people say they've been But I don't know I've never seen one Sometimes I want to be one I'll travel far for"
  • Me And Carl - Sicko
    "Yesterday, I tried to complicate my life, I said, I thought that you'd make a pretty wife, and then dreams, of an intergalactic guy, pointed, my thoughts to the sky And now, Carl Sagan's on my mind, Oh"
  • Space Mission Alpha - Lemon Demon
    "Outer space is on my mind. I would leave the Earth behind To see the other galaxies, To float to any world I please, To know the secret, escape the curse, To be one with the universe, And Rocket ships!"
  • Take Me Somewhere Nice - Mogwai
    "Ghosts in the photograph never lie'd to me. I'd be all of that I'd be all of that. A false memory would be everything. A denial my eliminent. What was that for? What was that for? What would you do if"
  • Toys R Us - The Adverts
    "There's a magical place We're on our way there. With toys in their millions All under one roof. It's called Toys "R" Us! Soon after bedtime When dark night-time falls Geoffrey and helpers Stock up on the"
  • Wither - Farse
    "Once this shimmered like spaceships, in fogged rear, view glass, new voids bigger, sealed with elasto, plast and wither away, will it never reduce to ashes? what seemed like fate swept beneath two blankets. Using"
  • No Cars Go - Arcade Fire
    "We know a place where no planes go We know a place where no ships go Hey! No cars go Hey! No cars go Where we know We know a place where no spaceships go We know a place where no subs go Hey! No cars"
  • EXP - Jimi Hendrix
    "Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to radio station exp. tonight we are Ffeaturing an interview with a very peculiar Looking gentlemen who goes by the name of mr. Paul corusoe, on the dodogy subject"
  • Russian autumn heart - Church
    "Combustion, suggestions, roaring enginesJewels and lathes that build a worldA Titanic, and Howard Hughes, an aimless kingAlways spoilin' the best things you doneSo red squares and wavy leavesDelicate glass"
  • Burn it down - Graham Coxon
    "This car broke down and it won't go anymoreThis motorbike ain't got no wheels anymoreThis roller coaster ain't no fun anymoreThis skateboard is burnt and just won't roll anymoreThe spaceships came and"
  • Livin' Astro - Kool Keith
    "Yeah Every morning I wake up, lookin in the mirror I am, the original Black Elvis That's right when you see me, with my wig to the side wearin my short leather jacket Marilyn Monroe on my back I'm livin"
  • Lawyers In Love - Jackson Browne
    "I can't keep up with what's been going down I think my heart must just be slowing down Among the human beings In their designer jeans Am I the only one who hears the screams And the strangled cries of"
  • Russian Autumn Heart - The Church
    "Combustion, suggestions, roaring engines Jewels and lathes that build a world Titanic Howard Hughes, an aimless king Always spoiling the best things you done So red squares and wavy leaves Delicate glass"
  • (Sometimes) I Have To Concentrate - McLusky
    "This is the theme from m*a*s*h*. This is a call. Realisation that your appreciation. Meant nothing at all. This is eternal. This is your life. Vodka and tonics with the stereophonics on a saturday night. This"
  • Medication Meditation (ft. Krayzie Bone) - Flying Lotus
    "I [?] Never can hold me down I'm locked [?] the galaxy Nothin' can slow me down I'm chillin' out with the stars Feelin' like I'm on Mars [?] spaceships You niggas still stuck in your cars While you mash"

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