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aril vs cut tari

  • Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis - Brand New
    "After one or two I get used to the room We go slow when we first make our moves By five or six bring you out to the car Number nine with my head on the bar And it's sad, but true Out of cash and I.O.U's I"
  • Me Vs. Madonna. Vs Elvis - Brand New
    "with one or two I get used to the room we go slow when we first make our moves by five or six bring your wheel to the car number nine with my head on the bar its sad, but true out of cash, and I own you we"
  • Detroit Vs. Everybody - Eminem
    "Tell 'em if they want it, they can come get that static I swear I love my city, I just want a little static See me, they salute me, they ain't ready for that static Detroit vs. Everybody I took a bite"
  • SPM vs. Los - South Park Mexican
    "I was raised on beans and rice and if you shot up my crib I wouldn't be surprised Mama used to trip cuz I fed the mice I'm the one they sent home cuz my head had lice I'm the kid that lost my sanity I'm"
  • Weapon (vs. Angel Haze vs. F*U*G*Z vs. Braque) - Bastille
    "This is vocal detection Front line open intellection Outlining all his imperfections This is his fucking confession Right now you cause that what Screaming you want it and more Sit down ambassador reference Right"
  • Llamas Vs Big Ears - Machine Gun Fellatio
    "This song is about the night I was watching a documentary about Aztecs, and realised that llamas can walk up steps without help She had really big ears Not the kind you'd normally see When you're walking"
  • Vs - Misono
    "Kick Out! Break Out! Iza tachiagare yo I wont Give up boku no gekai wa Jibun de kimeru mono dakara Madamada yukeru sa Going NOW!! Watashi no kimochi nante wakara nai to Kabe wo tsukuri nani mo mie nakushita Jibun"
  • VS - Czasin
    "jak dawno to było kiedy nie myślałeś o pracy bez przerwy a dziś jak wychodzisz to idziesz się zabić bo w przerwach i tak palisz pety coś tu pozmieniałbyś amigo gdyby tylko stać było na zakup strzelnty ludzie"
  • Cut, Cut, Cut - Paul Gilbert
    "I'm stuck at a red light Just waiting to go Somebody beside me That I don't want to know I step on the pedal When it's finally green Dosen't matter how fast I go Cause she's in here with me First time"
  • Cut - Graham Colton Band
    "The light is breaking through the window And we count the miles Do you hum To static in your own life On the radio? Cut a little bit of me out tonight Take a little bit of me inside to make you right Cut"
  • Cut - Low
    "Jesse's gone inside outsomeone brush her quiet mouthcharity's friend she was I knowfill her cup and leave her alonedistance fails but it keeps her alivethinks that evil's on her sidegets rid of things"
  • Cut - No One
    "Once again I am faced with conflict Another challenge of life I will test I am changing, I am changing All who I am No more time for any distractions And walk away from any directions I have taken, I"
  • Cut - Plumb
    "I'm not a stranger No I am yours With crippled anger And tears that still drip sore A fragile flame aged Is misery And when our hearts meet I know you see I do not want to be afraid I do not want to"
  • Cut - Headstones
    "You cut my hand on a razor man like in response to a request We talked about living Worried about dying There's only one move we got left Well it just goes down forever Hatred it'll never die And man you're"
  • Cut - Baby Vox
    "Cut your love Forget everything I don't wanna take it in my heart There are tears behind a smiling face Please forget everything I don't take it in my soul I don't want any commands I cannot let you leave Just"
  • Cut - The Cure
    "If only you'd never speak to me The way that you do If only you'd never speak like that It's like listening to A breaking heart A falling sky Fire go out and friendship die I wish you felt the way that"
  • Cut - Adem
    "Walk on this side for a while if you can Turn on the smile as we talk if you want Speak your insides and my head for some time I hope you're alright, but I know I sit by your side as you sleep for a"
  • Cut - Rammstein
    "Maze... Psychopathic daze...I create this wasteBack away from tangents, on the verge of drasticWays...Can't escape this place...I deny your faceSweat gets in my eyes, I think I'm slowly dyingPut me in"
  • Cut - Gullet
    "Aikurushii ganmen ne grumbler ryouki de saki ga mienai cult sarumane ni sachi are kyouhaku jimitai sennyuukan to sendou kidori munouna rat kankaku, yomichigaete inai kai? fool different wyse ka mukashi"
  • Cut - Slipknot
    "Maze...psychopathic daze...I create this wasteBack away from tangents, on the verge of drasticways...can't escape this place...I deny your faceSweat gets in my eyes, I think I'm slowly dyingPut me in a"

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