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arizona arizona truck stop

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arizona arizona truck stop

  • Arizona Arizona - Truck Stop
    "Das alte Lied der Strae das zog uns stets hinaus denn so ein echter Cowboy der bleibt nicht gern zu Haus' von Flensburg bis nach Garmisch von Kln bis nach Berlin folgen wir den Dften von Frauen und Benzin Wir"
  • Arizona - Mark Lindsay
    "'''Arizona''' She must belong to San Francisco She must have lost her way Postin' a poster of Poncho and Cisco One California day She said she believes in Robin Hood and brotherhood And colours of green"
  • Arizona - Alejandro Escovedo
    "Have another drink on me I've been empty since Arizona I turned my back on me And I faced the face of who I thought I was One kiss just led to another One kiss just fades into love Blow another smoke"
  • Arizona - Hey Monday
    "It took two days For me to figure out This isn't working out But I lost my way I drove all night Just to be with you But you weren't worth the view I've gotta hit the breaks Now you know Get up and go Arizona"
  • Arizona - Jamie O'Neal
    "He promised her a new and better life out in Arizona Underneath the blue never ending sky, Swore that he was gonna Get things in order, he'd send for her When he left her behind, it never crossed her mind... (Chorus) There"
  • Arizona - Pedro The Lion
    "Arizona curled up with California Then she tried to hide the whole thing from New Mexico Who knew before he saw them making out in Yuma That she had been loving someone new But California not California"
  • Arizona - Blacha 2115
    "proszę ściąg mnie bo wczoraj zachlałem i boli mnie głowa dajesz mi aspirynę całujesz po twarzy chcesz dla mnie gotować doceniam to bardzo ale mam kaca i przeklinam alko zero sił wiec daj mi zasnąć jak"
  • Arizona - Kicked In The Head
    "the weight of words cracks your back again playback repeat lets cut that ribbon / you could never runaway arizona fly away / trashcan summers watch them overflow the laughs the cries never let you go/"
  • Arizona - Sky's The Limit
    "can we drive faster i know that leaves are turning so we change courses it feels like home although we travel pull over and pose for a picture at each state line smile if you want to can you breathe"
  • Arizona - Scorpions
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Herman Rarebell) Arizona really was a gas I was screwed up in a total mess Mindblowing all the way, you know Just out of sight Some girl stopped me in the street at night Ooh, what a"
  • Arizona - Kings Of Leon
    "That taste All I ever needed All I ever wanted Too dumb to surrender She shakes Like the morning railway Ch-ch checking me out Someone on her shoulder Her lamp Flickers in the bedroom She must feel as"
  • Arizona - Biesiadne
    "Hej, w ojczystej Arizonie, niebo zawsze niebieskie, Latem kwiaty zakwitują, u nas życie królewskie. Wino zawsze tu smakuje, najpiękniejsze dziewczyny, Zawsze będziesz chciał tu wrócić i zjesz słodkie"
  • Arizona - EMF
    "Most of our countdowns I've seen the sun rise over my head It's something called the Sea of Sad To feel what's on the inside out And if we had these visions To find our state of mind The beauty of this"
  • Arizona - Pre)Thing
    "Phenomenal.....Phenomenal Phenomenal.....Phenomenal I'm thinking out here wondering about this I'm seeing seven or maybe six I'm running out of all my gas (wahaaa) I'm living out here like I'm living"
  • Arizona - Sector Seven
    "Suddenly, we're supposed to be shocked by what we see but it's appealing Some people said some things and we were quick to your defense But now it seems as if they might have had a point You let them"
  • Party In Arizona - Nasty Boy Klick
    "Intro On a hot dessert high way rollin my 64 feel the heat from the blacktop represent with my boys all the cars start to raise up all the girls on the floor gettin ready for the party tonight through"
  • Tucson, Arizona - Rory Gallagher
    "I can see the painting on the wall, Mixtures of different colors. And I go walking in the Arizona sun, Slow walking peace of mind. The cactus blooms, the sand dunes, No city lights, I can see for miles, And"
  • Arizona Star - Guy Clark
    "'Twas in the town of Nashville in the year of '75 This Arizona star she just fell out of the sky She was shinin' like a diamond, she had tombstones in her eyes She liked drinkin', she liked smokin', she"
  • Arizona Bar - Bram Vermeulen
    "De naam staat op het raam Arizona Bar Roze vitrage Binnen is het rood De deur staat open Kralen gordijn Muziek komt naar buiten Dans met mij Arizona Bar Knippert groen boven de deur Kom binnen Flessen"
  • Arizona Stand - Lucky Boys Confusion
    "Too many eight hour long journeys out of reality Made me think nothing mattered showed me nothing was real After 100 episodes, man, I had to chill I had to stick to the herb, had to keep my mind still So"

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