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army of one bon jovi

  • Bon Jovi - Miuosh
    "Muszę się trzymać tego co mam I nic mi powiedzieć że podołam temu Każde ich spojrzenie na pamięć znam Choć tobie się wydaje ze jest ich zbyt wielu El, nie mam już w sobie celu Kurwa, weź przeliteruj prawdę Większość"
  • Suck My Bon Jovi - Normal Like You
    "Love, Oh, we don't need it baby Love, Oh, we don't need it baby Right hand The introduction began I said, 'Baby you are my disease.' And she said, 'No chance, I'm not lookin' for romance. Disease, huh?"
  • You Give Love A Bad Name (Bon Jovi Cover) - Atreyu
    "Shot through the heart and you're to blame Darlin' you give love, a bad name Fuck you An angel's smile is what you sell you promise me heaven, then put me through hell Chains of love, got a hold on me when"
  • Army - Ellie Goulding
    "I know that I mess up But you never let me give up All the nights and the fights and the blood and all the break ups You're always there to call up I'm in pain, I'm a child, I'm afraid But, you understand Like"
  • Come Back Bon Jovi - New Found Glory
    "Tell me whatever happened to the radio? Do they still play the songs you wanna hear on the stereo? Do you still like the bands you liked a year ago? Would you still like me if we wouldn't be on the radio Like"
  • Bon Voyage - Bon-Bon Blanco
    "BON VOYAGE! BON VOYAGE! Precious in my life Oh... Sunshine Shining in your heartOh... BON VOYAGE! Precious in my life {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== BON VOYAGE!mabushii"
  • Army Of One - Annihilator
    "Just one big family Been around since the 1980's Old school, we're living in the past They said it would never last A few dozen of the strong survived On a mission, to keep it alive Hell bent, ignoring"
  • Army of one - Phish
    "Northern dilemmaCall of the coldThe arms of the arctic begin to unfoldSit in a circle facing the sunGet what you can nowWinter is onTruth on conditionNever dig deepSolemn reminders as groundwaters seepInto"
  • Shake Your Bon Bon - William Hung
    "I'm a desperado Underneath your window I see your silhouette Are you my Juliet I feel a mad connection With your body Shake your bon-bon Shake your bon-bon Shake your bon-bon I wanna be your lover Your"
  • Shake Your Bon Bon - Ricky Martin
    "I'm a desperado Underneath your window I see your silhouette Are you my Juliet I feel a mad connection With your body Shake you bon-bon Shake your bon-bon Shake your bon-bon I wanna be your lover your"
  • Shake Your Bon-Bon - Ricky Martin
    "I'm a desperado underneath your window. I see your silhouette. Are you my Juliet? I feel a mad connection with your body. Shake your bon-bon, shake your bon-bon, shake your bon-bon. I wanna be your"
  • Bon Voyage - Sparks
    "(Ron & Russel Mael) Bon voyage, bon voyage Bon voyage, bon voyage Bon voyage, bon voyage Bon voyage, bon voyage Clouds forming on the gospel sky, trouble is about to brew on us It didnt matter that we"
  • Bon Voyage - Kim Carnes
    "(Kim Carnes) Imagining the rainbow Trying to fit it in the sense of things That might have been Looking for the green flash Hitting milliseconds just before the sun goes in Bon Voyage When you find the"
  • One Man Army - Spiritual Beggars
    "There is darkness all around me Or is it all within me? Plastic faces, they are melting They couldn't stand my heat One man army... (Out of control...) Phase two could be fatal No time for fear, next"
  • One Man Army - Ensiferum
    "This lifeless soil Barren of good thoughts Scorched By grudge and grief Doomed to linger on Wandered aimlessly Blinded By their lies Now I raise my head And sword When shadows steal the light Fire Desire Denial In"
  • One Girl Army - Five Iron Frenzy
    "Here lies the old myth, breaking the mold with, truth to take away the trickery. Twenty centuries of progress, suffer slowly as we regress, losing headway to ourselves. Behold the covers, the sisters,"
  • One Girl Army - Charlotte Martin
    "Such a long time, so much to say She's bound and gagged 32 ways Ladies and tarts, can I tell you a story for a half price and a red shoe? Everybody's got a price on them sometimes Maybe it's me, maybe"
  • One Man Army - Pro-Pain
    "Beat down like a pile of junk Politically incorrect We knew he deserved the best But he never got no respect Six kids and an empty wallet With a hole the size of a dime Not a dollar or a dream to boot He"
  • Immortal Army Of One - Psycroptic
    "Waging a battle where there can be no victor An immortal army of one... Myself The enemy... A truth that cannot be faced Controller of fate? I'm its feeble servant! Free to chose anything that my will"
  • Army Style - Exploited
    "Detailed for a firing party An enemy of the states is going to be killed The firing squads are dressed to kill Duty first and they're well drilled Army style Army style Army style And they're dressed to"

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