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art b'

    "nigdy nie byłem na imprezie techno na mojej szyi wisi heavy metal robią ci drinka w tym szejkerze z miętą mi serce bije tak jak David Getta czuje się teraz jak milioner z getta bo moje małe miasto to"
  • Art - Suede
    "She said that is one thing about art He said that is I all I think about art Glamour creates glamour types, stares at the sea stars art Oh no She said this is what I think it is art Oh-oh father, Oh-oh"
  • Art - System Of A Down
    "Art. is the way to heart.The hearts of man can and will change.That change changes the world.We can bomb you with love and you cannot resist.We can kill you with compassion if you don't assist.We can assassinate"
  • Art - Disturbed
    "they used to meet in group Separate jobs according to task some are for spring while the others chose fire blackness dominates heat bursts transparency are on their faces their mark is a move they swell and"
  • Art - Taproot
    "Occasionally I feel like the walls around are closing in on me Physically I feel sometimes I need seclusion to be free The irony at last I see reality is my perception And my personality is my reflection"
  • ART - Kizo
    "Wyglądamy jak dzieła sztuki Nasze złoto w nocy widać lepiej niż złote łuki Lubimy narkotyki i ciuchy Welurowy dres, z pleksy dobre buchy Nie jest sztuką za buchy narobić sobie długi tylko polatać z tym"
  • Modern Art - Art Brut
    "Modern art Makes me Want to rock out (x4) So I'm in the Tate And I'm looking at Hockney And oh sweet Jesus There's something about that blue It touches me deep inside Amazes me when I step outside I'm"
  • Zyklon B - Violent Work Of Art
    "Time fades away, as I slide into hereditary sin, trying to forget. You're blaming me, how can that be, I wasn't even there, I wasn`t even born. Can't you see what you are inside. Fade away. Eyes open wide,"
  • A B C - Manuela
    "I'm writing these words like the fool that I am Trying to say something good like the person But it's all just a sham 'cos the writer I am not Could say anything, you'd believe them Just your A-typical"
  • Truth B Told - Killah Priest
    "Stephen King never wrote a scene as horrific As God as my witness, what I write should make you artists suspicious Pardon a nigga, as I say whats in my heart I guess its just part of me venting Cause like"
  • Red, Meth B - Cypress Hill
    "Y'all ready for this? Ha! I don't think so! Yeah! Oh, listen to this! We gonna come at ya! Cypress Hill! Yo yo yo - all my niggas say jump up, doc broke out the kennel A dog on four paws spittin' out"
  • Confused art - Babylon Zoo
    "Red light, green light Red light, green light Red light, green light Red light, green light Passion is dead Computer said We capture fire Karma has died Violence kills the innocent A modern youth A common"
  • Art Gallery - Farmer's Boys
    "Art Gallery Get away I'd like to live on an island Somewhere that's warm and inviting But not too far away Come inside There's lots of wine in the cellar Make mine a Valpolicella That's a nice bouquet I"
  • Making Art - Delirious?
    "Just like a tambourine, I am making art. Just like a beauty queen, I am making art. All around the world, All around the world. I can't fake it, I just make it. All around the world. Just like Johnny"
  • Art Star - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    "I've been working on a piece that speak of sex and desperation. I've been screwing on the tracks of abandoned train stations One, two, three, four Art Star Do do do do do do do do do Art Star I"
  • Art Club - Aceyalone
    "It's about the art It's about the alright.. alright listen First rule of Art Club, there is no Art Club Second rule of Art Club, there is no Art Club Walkin around, talkin to myself But you're only"
  • Art Groupie - Grace Jones
    "I'll never write my memoirs, There's nothing in my book, The only way you see me an Art Groupie, I'm hooked. Some people like to be used, I've been used and amused, But that's the way I see me, My Art"
  • Rhythm (Devoted To The Art Of Moving Butts) - A Tribe Called Quest
    "Shaheed: It's a new decade The Native Tongues are about to proceed with the usual lingo The usual rhythm Q-Tip: Devoted to...the art of moving butts The rhythm's happenin, and it's movin up The Tribe"
  • Mushroom Art - Guided By Voices
    "Living without you is difficult But our dead dreams awake In my mushroom art Do not observe her beauty Cloud-faced old man winking You see, he tests me He wants I should join him in gratitude For his"
  • Greater Art - Lake Of Tears
    "There is a land, a land of greater art But high mountains hide its heart The gods play there, a soft sound of harps And in the air shine silver stars There is a land, a land that mountains guard A land"

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