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  • Break You Open - Aruna
    "Can you hear me? Are you faraway and distracted Or afraid of what I might say Cuz I know your every move I can see things That you walk right through And I listen to the lessons lost on you In your race"
  • Red Lights - Aruna
    "Amber got lost Forgot what she came here for She fell out of line Now she's not herself anymore Amber let go She gave up on everything she had And traded her wings for things To keep her from feeling desperate"
  • Walk On Water - Aruna
    "Go there, don't be shy Mama's gonna sing you a lullaby And if it hurts its okay to cry I'll be there beside you Hey babe, don't be afraid Theres nothing left to run to anyway And you only get to keep"
  • The Other Side - Aruna
    "Thought I knew you Then you disappear without a trace Color fades from view And all your shadows stare me in the face Its a sharp turn That takes me far from where I wanna be And theres no return From"
  • Not Your Mommy - Aruna
    "Should I be your shelter? Should I let you wear me down And bend over backwards To keep you safe and sound? Cuz youre just so helpless When Im not around But you know I love you...sometimes Well I get"
  • Into The Light - Aruna
    "Heaven above, blind me with love Banish the demons that eat us alive I come to you now praying, somehow, Your angels will lead us into the light Cover your eyes, run away Dont let it into your sight Cuz"
  • Saving Grace - Aruna
    "If I go, would you wait? Would you wander? Would you know what Im thinking and why Im ashamed Of the girl I am and the stranger that I became? Hold tight to the heart of an angel youll never know Cuz her"
  • Too Late For Sorry - Aruna
    "Old man, wake up and look at my face You may not remember me But I've seen you 'round this place Take heart, cuz Ive got a message for you Its crazy, the cruel things little girls can do But we cant start"
  • Good Enough - Aruna
    "Its dark in here Theres a light shining on your face and when its over, youre free to go And youll never be the same But you wont know til everything has changed Cuz youre older now You see things different,"
  • Waiting here for you - Aruna ft. Thrillseekers
    "Day and night divided Two worlds torn apart I'm standing in your shadow I wonder where you are This is my confession This is my heart burning down Giving out and taking me over So far away I don't know"
  • My saving grace - ATB ft Aruna
    "Reach into the heart of you Is it simple and true as the love you inspire in me? So let me fall If I go, would you wait, would you wander Would you know what Im thinking and why I'm ashamed Of the girl"
  • Under Your Spel - Cosmic Gate feat. Aruna
    "Counting out the hours Like the beat of a song I feel like a stranger Wondering where I belong I wanna start all over But I know that I cant Im helpless without you I dont know who I am Im under your spell Bound"
  • Now or Never - Dj Shah feat. Aruna
    "Here I am Starting over Once again I lost my place The edges frayed The story ended And its still so hard to face I wanna cry on your shoulder But I'll smile and try to find my way Seasons come and go Nothing"
  • Brothers And Sisters Of Azania - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
    "Brothers and Sisters of Azania It's still the same The words they use are just a game Brothers and Sisters of Azania The wind of change Will break the man who holds the gun Brothers and Sisters of Africa ''Amandla'' It's"
  • Africa Suite - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
    "'''a) Brothers and Sisters of Africa''' Brothers and Sisters of Africa It's still the same The words they use are just a game Mothers and Daughters of Africa It's not for me To say to you what you must"

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