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as a hero maria carry

  • Maria - Men At Work
    "Maria was born in the country She loved her homeland Maria was from a poor family For their girl they had greater plans Across the sea not yet twenty Sailed our Maria, a man to see Perhaps marry dreams"
  • Maria - Brian Setzer
    "The rains never came I saw my land die Maria was sleeping when I kissed her goodbye I couldn't stand the sound of my children cryin' no more You get hungry you get mad A man without hope is a man that"
  • Maria - Colin Hay
    "Maria was born in the countryShe loved her homelandMaria was from a poor familyFor their girl they had greater plans Across the sea not yet twentySailed our Maria, a man to seePerhaps marry dreams our"
  • Maria - Rodgers And Hammerstein
    "(one nun at a time) She climbs a tree And scrapes her knee Her dress has got a tear She waltzs on her way to mass And whistles on the stair And underneath her wimple She has curlers in her hair! I've"
  • Maria Maria - Wyclef Jean
    "(feat. Carlos Santana) You Are Now Listening To The Sounds Of Carlos Santana And G & B (Ghetto And Blues) From The Refugee Camp Oh Maria, Maria She Reminds Me Of A West Side Story Growing Up In Spanish"
  • Maria - Rage Against the Machine
    "Tha sun ablaze as Maria's foot Touches tha surface of sand On northern land As human contraband some rico from Jalisco Passed her name to tha boss She stuffed ten to a truckbed She clutches her cross Here"
  • Maria, Maria - Carlos Santana
    "Intro (Wyclef): Ladies and gents Turn up this sound system To the sound of Carlos Santana And the GMBs Ghetto blues from the refugee camp Hook: Oh Maria Maria She reminds me of a westside story Growing"
  • Maria - Blondie
    "She moves like shedon't careSmooth as silk cool as airOoh it makes you wanna cryShe doesn't know your nameAnd your heart beats like a subway trainOoh it makes you wanna dieOoh Don't ya wanna take herOoh"
  • Maria - Wu-Tang Clan
    "You my Daddy whore [2X] Whoever she gonna do anyway But bust it, bust it though baby, bust it Who else, who else is gonna... This is dedicated to all you bitches Knew this bitch named Traj, she had"
  • Carry - The GazettE
    "The dearest fianc is me It whisper in sweet voice You are having already died... I did not find a translation Me reflected in a mirror Her who looks at it and cries Please let me know someone I am in such"
  • Marie - Bruce Springsteen
    "Marie, she comes to me in the twilight When the wind blows down across the river So cold, the fishermen cry She rapes me in a rage of rainbow violence Till my bare nerves, they sing Like the strings of"
  • Carry Me - Crosby & Nash
    "(David Crosby) When I was a young man I found an old dream Was as battered and worn a one As you have ever seen But I made it some new wings And I painted a nose And I wished so hard Up in the air I"
  • Carry On - Dechant Anne E
    "A slender twenty four year old Walked herself across a road Under weeping trees Twenty years her memory As she held her father's hand And the family sang Amazing Grace In the pouring rain Before her feet"
  • Carry Me - Trout Fishing In America
    "(K. Grimwood/B. Grimwood) Chorus: Pick me up, come on carry me, I'm too tired to go on. Pick me up, come on carry me, Your arms are just where I belong. Let's pretend that you're a boat, sailing on the"
  • Carry On - Weekend Excursion
    "Two lonely strangers Too many miles away Fallin asleep to the same song As the night comes over them It takes them both away To a place they've been for so long And in the morning they wake up crying Once"
  • Carry You - Jimmy Eat World
    "When I know I'm all alone I say your name slowly And I know that I'm alone But I carry you Does it feel good like the memory When you try some history? It's a dream to come around The rule doesn't bend Because"
  • Maria - Roberta Miranda
    "Tente me explicar O que eu n consigo entender j faz tanto tempo eu sei que esperava voc voc vem em forma de nuvens a fora maior me faz crer em eras de tempos antigos eu j partencia a voc Maria sou sangue"
  • Maria - American Steel
    "The say these colors don't run But they bleed in your face like a bully spitting up a bad taste after being knocked down a few pegs you sigh as hard as a rock it cuts your laugh lines absurd i'm smiling"
  • Maria - Lucinda Williams
    "Maria, you're still wild and restless And I can just see ya ridin' in a rodeo You might even make it down to Texas Or you might head out west to New Mexico So pack up all of your belongings A pick-up"
  • Maria Maria - Santana
    "Oh Maria Maria She reminds me of a west side story Growing up in Spanish Harlem She's living the life just like a movie star Oh Maria Maria She fell in love in East L.A. To the sounds of the guitar, yeah,"

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