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as i walk along street of town to be found i know almost for sure now

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as i walk along street of town to be found i know almost for sure now

  • All Along The Sure - Puressence
    "Now as I walk along the shore, Do the dance of the chicken's claw, This snakes growing inside of me, I, I can only be so butch, While the mans talking double Dutch, This place got zero gravity, I don't"
  • Walk Along - Leslie Mills
    "Another how do you do Turning into a stormy feeling there Under every new moon Kiss you feel good Easier to forget Why it is that i'm here uh-huh again Always ready to run Always trying (Chorus) To just"
  • For sure - Lostprophets
    "If I could walk a thousand miles a day, I'd try, To do it, cos I don't know if you really say, I think I saw the sky tonight, pushing through it feels alright, And I just don't know who I wanna be, And"
  • Almost - Soraya
    "Last night I slept on a bed of ambition Spooning with my world on a pillow of wishes As a child Id imagine this scene Playing out my part in a mirror of dreams. Then in just seconds I lost all that I"
  • Almost - Bowling For Soup
    "I almost got drunk at school at fourteen Where I almost made out with the homecoming queen Who almost went on to be Miss Texas But lost to a slut with much bigger breast-es I almost dropped out to move"
  • Sure - Take That
    "I'm sitting here waiting for my lover Last time we met I wasn't to sure Now I'm hoping, maybe dreaming, for a life as one When she reads this I'm hoping she'll call But I need much more than before"
  • Sure - Debbie Gibson
    "VERSE 1: Sure I was so sure Until I just Didn't know any more. Thought no storm would come And when it came I had to run And I'll never be the same..... VERSE 2: Tears They come and go So often now When"
  • Almost - To Each His Own
    "It's almost as if I can't say anything new. Well, I know that can't be true, because of people like you. The one's who started this, and left it up to us. The ones who are gone, but never forgot. Can't"
  • Now that i found you - Jennifer Rush
    "So amazing somehow I believe it now Without ever knowing for sure Never before until now That a woman like me can find understanding I can walk alone, proud to be strong But now that I found you Heres"
  • Found - Weeping Willows
    "We took a walk it was chilly and it was dark and we talked yeah, we talked as we walked you said you've never seen stars like these never seen a moon so blue or is it golden? just like you just like you. I've"
  • Almost - Tamia
    "Can you tell me, How can one miss what she's never had How could I reminisce when there is not past How could I have memories of being happy with you boy Can someone tell me how can this be How could my"
  • Almost - Machine Gun Kelly
    "Almost, to the top Almost famous, shit y'all know Hesitation, don't get none Still I'll go to the basement, put Vice City in the PlayStation Get away from stress, keep Js rotatin' Dab rings and a bad bitch"
  • Almost - Jennifer Chung
    "It's been a while, it's been a while. Since you've said hi. It's been a while, it's been a while, Since our last goodbye. It's been a while, it's been a while, & I still haven't cried. I'm surprised. I"
  • As Sure As I Am - Crowded House
    "Make your decision now Rely on no help from above Living is luxury I want everything you throw out I'll do anything you want to Please let me go with you I'll wear the smile on your face Big, black and"
  • I Know Now - Brandy
    "Hey I've tried just about everything Riches and fame, a lot of friends A lot of luxuries Underneath it all I've always felt so incomplete I just want someone to really love and care for me I do all I can"
  • For Sure - Krezip
    "I know its impossible to think of To think of all the pain that you are in But Ill try to be there for the better To just be there for the worse chorus I know for sure that you will laugh again, someday I"
  • I Get Along - Pet Shop Boys
    "Feeling like I'm stuck in a hole body and soul while you're out of control Now I know why you had to go well I think we both know why it had to be so I've been trying not to cry when I'm in the public"
  • Now That I Found You - Michael Bolton
    "I can still remember When all I had was time A time when I had nothin' But this empty heart of mine When I needed inspiration When the night was all I knew You were the light shinin' into my life The reason"
  • Found - The Beloved
    "Well, tell me one thing, is there madness in this reason? And tell me something that I never knew before The consequences of my actions aren't confusing They're just wanting the direction that I've never"
  • Found - Beloved
    "Beloved Happiness Found (Incidentally, this is my favourite love song and is "our song" for my fiancee and I.) (??? Something inaudible is whispered. ???) Well, tell me one thing; Is there madness in"

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