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  • Tornado - Voivod
    "Nature deadly twisters War of winds strikes again You live in a nice neighborhood As nice as it will be after They drop down from the clouds Completely out man's control Some day it's gonna catch me The"
  • Tornado alley - Terry Lee Hale
    "My wandering had taken me far from my home I met a pretty woman said she's fired of being alone Well one thing led to another You know how things go So we packed her up and headed back To my little Texas"
  • Tornado Girl! - Ellis Paul
    "Sandy has seen a tornado more times than she's seen the grateful dead... She lives in oklahoma, Where the storms come prairie fed, And the numbers keep on mounting, It's been twenty times and counting That"
  • Tornado Of Souls - Megadeth
    "This morning I made the call The one that ends it all Hanging up, I wanted to cry But dammit, this well's gone dry Not for the money, not for the fame Not for the power, just no more games But now I'm"
  • Tornado - Mindless Self Indulgence
    "i sneak up and hit you like a fuckin' tornado you ain't no operator so who the fuck are you then? i sneak up and hit you like a fuckin' tornado if you don't hit those faders i won't ever stop i sneak up"
  • Tornado - Greg Brown
    "Snaky clouds are boiling in the rambling westFist beats thru my ribcageGonna tear apart my chestI sure hope the tornado don't comeShadows leap, can't get awayFrom the moving beastIf I had me a fast car"
  • Tornado - Quo Vadis
    "Gdy wielki wir wiruje Piekielnym młotem kuje Z kamienia pył, a z życia łzy Tornado serca ściska I trwogą łzy wyciska Kto oko w oko stanie z nim NA DNO - strąci go Gdzie spojrzy oko gada Tam śmiertelnikom"
  • This Tornado Loves You - Neko Case
    "I love writing songs that are already written Running from cyclones you must think you've been bitten Lovely as you are you can't provide a home If you tried to pick me up I would die in your arms I"
  • Tornado - Garbage
    "Come on Shirl... Come on... Come on Shirl... Come on Shirl... You got a thing that thing gets me on fire You got a thing that thing gets me on fire You got a thing that thing gets me on fire You got a"
  • Tornado - Epidemic
    "Chill in the wind, black is the sky. Feel the force, the force of life. Evening the odds, it's toll on life. The time has come, a time of strife. Twisting and turning the storm is here. Storming, crashing"
  • Tornado - Adema
    "A screaming match again Could this be the end A breaking point and I can't bear it You wanna know the truth The map to life is long I've taken every wrong direction Writing on the wall Love once strong"
  • Tornado - Skid Row
    "The night approaches, after dark you have no chance Ooh, when moonlight takes the sky, you'll feel my dark romance I'm on your footsteps and I wait behind your back I spread like fire upon the streets"
  • Tornada - Kleszcz & DiNO
    "Ref.: Tornada, wichury – my będziemy jak ten zły huragan (x2) Wieje wichura, która temperatura rośnie, robimy huragan I nie będzie niczego, zdmuchniemy wszystko jak klocki Lego Ogień płonie, w jego złotym"
  • Little Tornado - Aimee Mann
    "Little tornado Bane of the trailer park Lifting houses to leave your mark Little tornado Noah can build his ark But he will never disembark Make it go faster Baby go faster Make it go twice the speed of"
  • Laredo Tornado - ELO
    "Summer days, where did you go? You've let me down so bad. Clouds fill the sky, Gone is the dream, My happy hunting ground. Wild buffalo played and I never saw a rainy day. But it looks like summer days"
  • Texas Tornado - Tracy Lawrence
    "You called me up from Amarillo said you were coming to town I thought I'd like to tell you hello and drive and old friend around I pulled up to the airport confident and cool When you stepped off that"
  • Laredo Tornado - Electric Light Orchestra
    "Summer days, where did you go, You've let me down so bad, Clouds fill the sky, Gone is the dream My happy hunting ground. Wild buffalo played and I never saw a rainy day. But it looks like summer days"
  • Tornado Song - Clandestine
    "(J. Hamel) I will gladly go where I have never travelled, I will gladly go where I have never been. And he rumbles and he purrs, And his eyes are large and slow, And she tosses in his arms, And she tries"
  • Lubbock Tornado - Terry Allen
    "Well it come in from the southwest In the middle of the night Hey loomed over Lubbock What a gawd awmighty sight Yeah it dipped down into the darkness All crazy out of control Hey throwed around that panhandle"
  • Money Tornado - Baumer
    "Calling all to hearts, band your arm-upper right. Unified in hate against their cunning lies. We buried dead in haste to get on with our lives. Clutching cash withdrawn we cried. A sight for sore eyes. Armies"

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