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  • Rigor Mortis Asphyxia
    "The blood is pounding in my head I feel a tightness in my chest The room is spinning backwards and I cannot seem to catch my breath My life flashes before my eyes I realize I'm gonna choke to death (Chorus:) Asphyxia"
  • Collapsed System Atomic asphyxia
    "A white desert, the wind blows, the sandFloats in the air, so it will look everywhere.Wake up and decide your fateForceful, consistent, it won't take shapeWhen you act before it's too lateWhat remains"
  • Gorgasm Stitched Oral Asphyxia
    "Murder my patience falls. Your corpse is my dead conscience. Tolerance for screams and bullshit now extinct. She begins to frenzy. Savagely beaten Anyone dares to confront me. I'll enjoy Making her face"
  • Funeralium Nearly The End
    "A swollen stomach filling the space Solid turning to liquid A slow explosion, all is calm after Germ deliverance and asphyxia A splendid rebirth in thousand worms A plumpy breed, a crawly offspring"
  • Najwa Nimri This Perfume
    "And words attended by flowers Sound of the beginnings of languages Unify surface turning to the top, Turn into the top Asphyxia in a parched marsh She is the one who watches over our limits Carefully,"
  • Nordafrost Dungeons
    "Darkness The smell of wet stones Moist walls Limbs and mould Fear panic frost and stench The will to get out escape from death Misty thoughts freeze in the brain No one's left only you still remain Chorus: The"
  • The Mars Volta Roulette dares (This is the haunt)
    "Transient jet lag ecto mimed bison This is the haunt of roulette dares Ruse of metacarpi Caveat all that enter here Open wrist talks back again In the wounds of its skin They'll pinprick the"
  • Metallica The End Of The Line
    "Need... more and more Tainted misery Bleed... battle scars Chemical affinity Reign... legacy Innocence corrode Stain... rot away Catatonic overload. Choke... asphyxia Snuff reality Scorch... kill the"
  • Swollen Members Deep End
    "(Prevail) What begins with an 'a' and ends with "asphyxia"? Me, Prev One, the microphone cripple A life on the edge of the walking dead You either talk in black or you speak in red I can't help you if"
  • Swollen Members Deep End (Utah Saints Remix)
    "Swollen Members. What begins with an 'a' and ends with asphyxia? Me, prev one, the microphone cripple, A life on the edge of the walking dead You either talk in black or you speak in red. I can't help"

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