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at the c'aili

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at the c'aili
  • At The Gates At The Gates
    "It is cold out here and lonely is my journey I walk the trail of broken souls the darkest path through infinity far behind my body rot for me no more tomorrow fear or pain I know not and yet I am filled"
  • Mad At The World Mad at the World
    "All the children that we used to know Holding knives at their wrists and their throats "Holy Savior, can You still be found?" Is there hope for the human race left to be found? Human passion is all we"
  • Men At Work Stay At Home
    "Outside these, four walls lies, anarchy babe Unnatural acts and sights abound Glass glaring, eyes staring, young pairing, maybe What does the world care if I'm not around Cos, I think I'd rather stay"
  • The Queers At The Mall
    "Let's go! There are lots of pretty girls. ? It's such a different world. I want to live at the mall. At the mall. At the mall. At the mall. ? ? ? Yes, I want to live at the mall. At the mall. At the"
  • The Monkees At The Hop
    "Ba, ba, ba, ba Ba, ba, ba, ba Ba, ba, ba, ba Ba, ba, ba, ba At the hop! Well, you can rock it, you can roll it You can slop and you stroll it At the hop-hop-hop When the band stops playin' You calypso"
  • The Strokes At the Door
    "I can’t escape it i am never gonna make it out of this in time I guess that’s just fine I am not there quiet yet my thoughts are charmless I am going overboard what you running for? -- Utwór "At the Door""
  • Danny & The Juniors At The Hop
    "Bah-bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah-bah Bah-bah-bah-bah. bah-bah-bah-bah, at the hop! Well, you can rock it you can roll it You can stop and you can stroll it at the hop When the record starts spinnin' You *chalypso*"
  • The Avett Brothers At The Beach
    "I know that you're smiling, baby, I don't even need to see your face Sunset at the shoreline, we are laughing, breaking up, Just like the waves Are you feeling, feeling, feeling like I'm, feeling Like"
  • Mott The Hoople At The Crossroads
    "(Doug Sahm) Leaving me girl and moving on down the road You left me many burdens such a heavy load And it sure does bring me out when I think about what went down Well the crossroads all my life it has"
  • The Sweet At Midnight
    "Uh-Uh-Uh Let me tell you 'bout my girl Guaranteed to make your hair curl Doing things that only she can do Uh-Uh-Uh She made the world a stage Taking care of public image She's looking good, but then she"
  • The Cure At Night
    "Sunk deep in the night I sink in the night Standing alone underneath the sky I feel the chill of ice On my face I watch the hours go by The hours go by... You sleep Sleep in a safe bed Curled and protected Protected"
  • The Do At Last!
    "At last I found what I was dreaming of So bad I want to tell the whole world But I won't say no more Won't make it harder on you At last the love that I was dreaming of is mine Been walking on air for"
  • Brian Kirk And The Jirks At 17
    "At 17 my mother's screams at night could wake the dead Four days this week I didn't make the bed What's important to you now is something we don't share Can you learn to fear when your already scared? I'm"
  • Guided By Voices At The Farms
    "Well the simpleton at arms Is protecting the village's prettiest girls But now they're running far away Because the washing isn't done And they lived a life of grounding In a closet at the foundation"
  • Ghoti Hook At The Zoo
    "Cool you jets and calm yourself Cause we are almost there Don't get lost those animals Will give you quite a scare Hold your horse or face the terror That's in store for you You're so dumb your doomed No"
  • Paul McCartney At The Mercy
    "At the mercy, at the mercy At the mercy of a busy road, Who can handle such a heavy load? At the mercy, At the mercy At the mercy of a busy day, We can think of nothing more to say If you show me love,"
  • Dead Milkmen At The Moment
    "At the moment The world stops spinning The sky turns grey At the moment The animals will talk We will disappear At the moment When all is one At the moment You made up your mind Buildings collapse At"
  • Vineyard At the cross
    "I know a place, a wonderful placeWhere accused and condemnedFind mercy and graceWhere the wrongs we have doneAnd the wrongs done to usWere nailed there with himThere on the crossAt the cross, (at the cross)He"
  • Barry Manilow At The Dance
    "Feel the heat tonight Everything so right Let's get together At the dance Turn down all the lights I wanna hold you tight Let's stay here forever at the dance Music starts to play Carries us away Let's"
  • Carole King At the club
    "Well, Friday nightHas finally come aroundAnd me and my baby gonnaHead for a spot we foundWe're gonna forget our caresAnd dance on into the nightDown at the club (down at the club)Whoa, everything is out"

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