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attention all systems ready

  • Attention - Avant
    "Yeah, attention, attention It's your boy big Snoop Dogg Nephew, holla Like a flame in the dark girl you light up the room No matter what's going on around me I'm only into you You're lips never moved but"
  • All Systems Go - Donna Summer
    "If you're ready to fall in love Here's the thing you've been dreaming of Scientific fact that you should know If you're ready to give your heart And you don't know which way to start And you're afraid"
  • Attention - Ringo Starr
  • Attention - The Weeknd
    "Ooo, oo, oo, oo, oo, oo Ooo, oo, ooo-oo Ooo, oo, oo, oo, oo Baby, you were so strong Ooo, oo, oo, oo, oo Baby, you were calm, you were so calm, yeah Ooo, oo, ooo-oo Tell me where it went wrong Ooo,"
  • Attention - The Academy Is
    "Attention, attention, May I have all your eyes and ears to the front of the room If only, if only for one second This table has taken a turn for the worse Rock bottom, and over the edge Well, it's not"
  • Attention - The Academy Is...
    "Attention, attention, May I have all your eyes and ears to the front of the room If only, if only for one second This table has taken a turn for the worse Rock bottom, and over the edge Well, it's not"
  • Attention - Olivia Newton-John
    "(Olivia Newton-John /Annie Roboff /Steve Seskin) Here in my heart, there's the truth But no one could love me like you But lately you seem so far away Pretending that you hear what I say It's all I can"
  • Attention - Charlie Puth
    "You’ve been running round running round /2x Throwing that dirt all on my name Cause you knew that I Knew that /2x I’d call you up /2x You’ve been going round going round /2x every party in L.A. Cause"
  • Ready - Britt Nicole
    "Lately I've been reeling Off the way you got me feeling I've been tired of this for way too long You give me answers when I didn't ask You keep bringing up my past Always play the same old song Tired of"
  • Systems Crash - Guided By Voices
    "Systems crash, systems crash Chorus Systems crash the universe All emotions are flying Systems crash the universe All the systems are dying Are you watching us watch you? Are you, are you watching"
  • All Systems Go - Krypteria
    "I hear the countdown it's ticking - the victim of my ambition on a mission to the stars No way back I find myself on the edge of one gaping nothing - did I really order this ? Face the crowd, make us proud,"
  • All Systems Red - Calexico
    "Felt a tremor stir beneath my breath That forecasts storms on the gallup poll Waking up from the nightmare news Hoping to read a sign in the morning air Nothing changes here and nothing improves All"
  • All Systems Go - Box Car Racer
    "I left my fear behind me, Of those lights out by the station, The government is lying, The use they won't believe them, We can't go Wrong can't get Fought this time Speak up now Lose or get Left behind When"
  • Weather Systems - Andrew Bird
    "quiet quiet down she said speaking to the back of his head on the edge of her bed I can see your blood flow your cells grow hold still a while don't spill the wine I can see it all from here I can see I"
  • Support Systems - McLusky
    "think of life as a battle between ghosts and liars or think of it as a barrier to self-fulfilment is everybody made of skin here? yes, we're all made of skin and bone and ligament let's hear it for"
  • Systems Overloading - Integrity
    "When I was a little girl I used to watch the Smurfs, it was my favourite cartoon, My favourite character was Brainy, he always made me happy, But now not anymore' 'cos I, I hate you Brainy Smurf He thinks"
  • All Your Attention - Daniel Bedingfield
    "Don't want you looking at the stars tonight I just want your eyes on me I wanna be the only thing on your mind I'll be all you need Don't want you talking on the phone, don't go out I just want you here"
  • Systems Of Romance - John Foxx
    "Systems of romance Echoes of pleasure A shiver in the dark when you call my name Sudden horizons Open and close between us Touching me briefly with a healing grace Patterns of longing Figures down echo"
  • Systems Of Love - Ultravox
    "When everyone else is uncertain And walls are closing in There's no-one to hear you No-one at all Don't tell me what to believe in Wake up and start again Be part of the vision Be part of it all Don't"
  • Attention Span - Sicko
    "My attention span has gotten so pathetic and I can't believe I let it get so short I can't concentrate Everything is just a series of jump cuts it's enough to drive you nuts until you just get used to"

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