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  • Audioslave Audioslave-Cochise
    "Well, I been watchin' While you been coughin' I've been drinking life While you been nauseous And so I drink to health While you kill yourself And I got just one thing That I can offer Go on and save yourself And"
  • The Awakened Cochise (Audioslave Cover)
    "Well I've been watching While you've been coughing I've been drinking life While you've been nauseous And so I drink to health While you kill yourself And I've got just one thing That I can offer Go on"
  • Chris Cornell Wide Awake (Audioslave Cover)
    "You can look a hurricane right, in the eye Twelve hundred people that are, left to die Follow the leaders with an eye For an eye you'd all blind Deaf of murdered, of this I'm sure In this unsettled time So"
  • Chris Cornell Be Yourself (Audioslave Cover)
    "Someone falls to pieces Sleeping all alone Someone kills the pain Spinning in the silence To finally drift away Someone gets excited In a chapel yard And catches a bouquet Another lays a dozen White roses"
  • Chris Cornell Original Fire (Audioslave Cover)
    "The original fire has died and gone But the riot inside moves on The original fire has died and gone But the riot inside moves on The original fire has died and gone But the riot inside moves on The original"
  • Chris Cornell Doesn't Remind Me (Audioslave Cover)
    "I walk the streets of Japan till I get lost Cause it doesn't remind me of anything With a graveyard tan carrying a cross Cause it doesn't remind me of anything I like studying faces in a parking lot Cause"
  • Audioslave We Got The Whip
    "Audioslave - We Got The Whip As on the single to Like A Stone (different to other versions) Oooh Oooh Oooh Oooh Long days and nights you fought for truth Gotta hand it to you Uprising paid for in blood Only"
  • Audioslave show me how to lve
    "Audioslave Miscellaneous show me how to lve * note: the other set of lyrics is WRONG.* And with the early dawn Moving right along I couldn't buy an eyeful of sleep And in the aching night under satellites I"
  • Audioslave Bring Em Back Alive
    "I was on my way to the center of the sun When I lost my wings and fell into a crowd And they carried me to the hole in the ground And they buried me Where no one could see And no one would be around I"
  • Audioslave Number 1 Zero
    "Listen now and let me speak I will be the dog at your feet Come along when you call Be the little bird in your straw and sing you a song I'll be there to take the fall Though you tread upon me for no reason"
  • Audioslave Super Stupid
    "Super stupid bought a nickel bag, thought it was coke but it was skag. Super stupid did a one on one, then his eyes began to water and his nose began to run. Oh, stupid with your ups and downs, your maggot"
  • Audioslave Give
    "Oooohhhh, ooohhh Oooohhhh, ooohhh Well now if you want blood with your money, You can help yourself, And if you want a lot more then you got coming, I will never tell, Hide away all your time and your"
  • Audioslave Working Man
    "I get up at seven, yeah, and I go to work at nine. I got no time for livin'. Yes, I'm workin' all the time. It seems to me I could live my life a lot better than I think I am. I guess that's why they"
  • Audioslave Seven Nation Army
    "I'm gonna fight 'em off A seven nation army couldn't hold me back They're gonna rip it off Takin their time right behind my back And I'm talkin to myself at night Because I can't forget Back and forth"
  • Audioslave Peace, Love And Understanding
    "As I walk through This wicked world Searchin' for light in the darkness of insanity. I ask myself Is all hope lost? Is there only pain and hatred, and misery? And each time I feel like this inside There's"
  • Audioslave We Got The Better Bomb
    "Long days and nights you fought for truth Gotta hand it to you Earth rising pay in foreign blood Only to live We're gonna hang you up You've got balls man We got to win We got a better bomb We got to"
  • Audioslave Headstrong
    "Circling your, circling your, circling your head, Contemplating everything you ever saidNow I see the truth, I got doubtA different motive in your eyes and now Im outSee you laterI see your fantasy, You"
  • Audioslave Hunger strike
    "I don't mind stealing breadFrom the mouths of decadenceBut I can't feed on the powerlessWhen my cup's already overfilledYeahBut it's on the tableThe fire is cookingAnd their farming babiesWhile the slaves"
  • Audioslave Shadow of the sun
    "Once upon a time I was of the mindTo lay your burden downAnd leave you where you stoodAnd you believed I couldYou'd seen it done beforeI could read your thoughtsTell you what you sawAnd never say a wordNow"
  • Audioslave Somedays
    "Somedays, somedays, somedays just ain't so easy Wake up, look around just before you're feet hit the ground Where they make the oil and street, is where you stand and where you sleep Black and whites along"

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