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august ames

  • August Ames - Kartky
    "ja myślę ze całe zło tego świat bierze sie z myślenia zwłaszcza w wykonaniu ludzi nie mających ku temu zdanych predyspozycji te dni to samotność i porno u ciebie też wypijmy gdzieś schłodzone Porto potem"
  • august ames II - Kartky
    "te dnie to samotność i porno u ciebie też? ta.. u ciebie też? też, też to co spada na miasto to toksyczne krople prehistoryczne gady i pojebany nonsens gdybym chciał być fajny to bym dziś został morsem a"
  • Ames - The Bluetones
    "Indecision is a curious thing, it can turn your charity into sin. Hesitation or the blink of an eye can make your truth feel just like a lie. What if you were raised to feel naturally grateful, guilty? What"
  • August - Clinic
    "August they're bowling, latchkey son holding August you knew it was true August with laughter, trust us days after August you knew it was true One for you Anna and one for you Anna to choose One for you"
  • August - Warrel Dane
    "It was the spring when we met our renewal And all around us was madness and ruin As if awaiting it's prey The ascending melee pulled the sun down In August we laid her down In August we gave her to the"
  • August - Taylor Swift
    "salt air and the rust on your door i never needed anything more whispers of "are you sure" "never have i ever before" but i can see us lost in me memory August slipped away into a momnet in time* *Official"
  • August - Rilo Kiley
    "august i'll see you soon under yellow moons where i'll gather what's left of you and august i'm on your side or did i speak to soon? now we've crossed the great divide someday we'll meet beyond the stars and"
  • August - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) (Ah, shucks... I should have brought my raincoat, I knew I should have brought it) My illusions disappear At the very thought of you, Like last night's rain from the rooftops. Now it's August"
  • August - Technohead
    "Watch her stumble as she falls away Tried to search for something to say Lost for words, but I kept in touch Never thought I would bleed so much. Knew that changes were in the air Tried to show I"
  • August - Avail
    "I felt it all The holes are burning Still I hold my throat And I'm watching All the laughing Pass me by If I could just Turn the clock back All this time's left me Feeling jaded I nearly lost my mind"
  • August - Julia Nunes
    "sweet night and our chemistry make my rapid heart beat naturally and our organic minds, while the others climb we contemplate, what is time the night is dark and the lights are low but the laughter rises,"
  • August - Edie Carey
    "You said it yourself that two leos make for a dangerous combination but still you chose to stay here pleased by the risk it could be explosive or perfect but at least we knew our limits we know where our"
  • Power Ames - Subhumans
    "A passing stranger dressed in black With slogans painted on his back Turned and stared and laughed and carried on Another came and did the same At first they made me feel ashamed But then I realised what"
  • No Me Ames - Jennifer Lopez
    "Dime porque lloras De felicidad Y porque te ahogas Por la soledad Di porque me tomas Fuerte asi, mis manos Y tus pensamientos Te van llevando Yo te querio tanto Y porque sera Loco testarudo No"
  • No Me Ames - Anthony Marc
    "Anthony Marc Desde Un Principio / From The Beginning No Me Ames *with Jennifer Lopez. Dime porque lloras de felicidad y porque te ahogas por la soledad di porque me tomas fuerte asi, mis manos y tus pensamientos te"
  • Ames De Marbre - Sadness
    "SADNESS ------- AMES DE MARBRE -------------- 1. Ames de Marbre 4:23 2. Lueurs 6:11 3. Tristessa 2:02 4. Opal Vault 3:18 5. Tears of Sorrow "
  • Tom Ames' Prayer - Steve Earle
    "Everyone in Nacadoches knew Tom Ames would come to some bad end Well the sheriff had cought him stealin' chickens and such by the time that he was ten And one day his daddy took a ten dollar bill and"
  • Tom Ames' Prayer - Steve Earle & The Dukes
    "Everyone in Nacadoches knew Tom Ames would come to some bad end Well the sheriff had cought him stealin' chickens and such by the time that he was ten And one day his daddy took a ten dollar bill and"
  • August Moon - The 69 Eyes
    "August Moon Where are you August Moon Over the sea August Moon Where are you August Moon Do you belive In August Moon - let me follow you In August Moon - let me follow you dawn August Moon"
  • August October - Bee Gees
    "Autumn and Friday the winds blew July , September , I knew you And now I sit on the sand hill I sing our song to the sea August , October Mid-April , November , May Beckoning hands made you fly I cry"

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