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  • Boston (You Don't Know Me) - Augustana
    "Augustana Miscellaneous Boston (You Don't Know Me) In the light of the sun, is there anyone? Oh it has begun... Oh dear you look so lost, eyes are red and tears are shed, This world you must've crossed..."
  • Empty days - Augustana
    "She is walking on the cloudsand falling in between the crowdsshe's trying and crying and dying but i don't stick aroundi don't know where i came fromi don't know where i'm goingall i know is won't you"
  • Heart shaped gun - Augustana
    "Sky black and blueblue turn to redi'm in love with you girlbut i might as well be deadBut i ain't a fooland honey you're just a kidwith a bottle of wineand a pack of cigarettesyour cigarettesHey boy you're"
  • Lullaby - Augustana
    "Heaven told me howdon't you cryis gonna make me falla lonely timesfly away from here my dearbut don't you ever drop a single tearall you leave behind you can't go backeverything you left is turning backlittle"
  • Angels - Augustana
    "Oooh Woahoh Would I fight with an angel Would I leave here with you Or would I take it all back if If I find something new? I know there's something out there I know there's something I fear Run away"
  • More Than A Love Song - Augustana
    "What can I say? I miss your eyes Nothing more What can a love song provide? Nothing more Words are a lovely try For something more And I wanna give to you Give to you... More than a love song can give More"
  • Mayfield - Augustana
    "Remember back when seasons don't change, oh baby Late December winds bringin' pain back to me I've been closing these doors for days, oh baby The sky is fallin' down on my grave Yeah, now Oh, are we gonna"
  • Bullets - Augustana
    "One fly down, like a singing bird Sings your name, I am still the same, Black and white, no you're not to blame, Holly sweet...put me down to shame... Jack and coke, please take off your coats, come"
  • Hotel Roosevelt - Augustana
    "Last call, for the moon tonight, Read all, rain on Friday night, Take back all the things I said, Lay down, rest your pretty head now... Last call, no more drinks tonight, And it's not your fault, its"
  • Boston - Augustana
    "In the light of the sun Is there anyone? Oh, it has begun Oh dear, you look so lost Eyes are red and tears are shed This world you must have crossed You said you don't know me And you don't even care Oh"
  • Feel Fine - Augustana
    "I'm leaving today, so why don't you care... I am afraid...I am afraid...tonight... I'm running away tonight...tonight...I am.. So far away, say what you say, I am afraid...I am afraid... tonight... I'm"
  • Wasteland - Augustana
    "Now I'm sitting on a plane, lonely flight back to LA, Don't come back with me. So I'll drink myself to sleep, cut my skin until I bleed, Hold my breath all the night. Cause it's 5 o'clock, the hour stops"
  • Lonely People - Augustana
    "I swear I never watched you sleeping, well honey, I'm an honest man, I guess it always gets me drinking, she makes me sad... sweet, sweet and cold, clean up the mess and sleep the day away, when you call,"
  • Sunday Best - Augustana
    "When she's sleeping on the sofa, When she's laying in her Sunday best, When she's turning over Friday, I could swear I'm sleeping less and less... and the ocean's getting warmer, and California's on her"
  • California's Burning - Augustana
    "California's burning, burning, burning to the ground... and my head is turning, turning, turning round and round... alie's stomach's churning, churning, like a storm today... and your mother's crying,"
  • Coffee And Cigarettes - Augustana
    "Wake up, take your pills dear. I know this time of year ain't right for you. You came with a sickness Shot down back in Christmas - Kamikaze rain. And I'm sure you've lost that weight again, And I'm sure"
  • Hey Now - Augustana
    "sky black and blue, blue turn to red, it's quiet in the streets now, but it's screaming in your head, i ain't a fool, but i've got my doubts, say it doesn't hurt, it doesn't matter anyhow, anyhow... hey"
  • I Still Ain't Over You - Augustana
    "out of luck and out of tune, half a day and night confused, love may wash away the blues, but i still ain't over you, damn the day that i forgot, came so close and almost lost, it's been one year and"
  • Twenty Years - Augustana
    "Well, I've been running from something. Twenty years in a car, Down a road that's leading nowhere. And we drive through the farmland, No one knows where we're from. Could I kiss you and make you a queen, Or"
  • Meet You There - Augustana
    "climb up a mountain, just to watch it come down, but sooner or later babe, you're gonna need me around, 'cause you're getting older, there ain't no stopping that, it's a backstabbing world honey, just"

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