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aurora everything matters

  • Everything Matters - Aurora
    "I’m driving your car with you Sleeping in the seat next to me Like a baby You twist and you turn You are traveling fast Like a bird in a dream Look at it go Look at it dance Over the sky Like a rocket A"
  • Aurora Borealis - Lorien
    "Like the steel cuts the cold When I am far away More and more I'm nearer My own destiny. This is the place where the light Fills the sky with magic And the sight of the night Is the most sublime. The fantastic"
  • Aurora - Gloria Trevi
    "Sabes que te extrao cuando estoy lejos de ti y dedico horas solo en pensar en ti Extrao tu mirada tu forma de hacerme feliz quiero tenerte cerca ver la aurora junto a ti Porque la aurora es el primer rayo"
  • Aurora - Penicillin
    "Yume miru kikai ga kowarete bokura wa puragu wo hazushite Sky high.. sky high.. barabara mirai Donna ni tsuyoku sakende mo mune no oku wo tsukamarete mo Sky high.. sky high.. namida ga denai Oh.. sayonara"
  • Aurora - Your Vegas
    "Glitterballs and disco halls and all that you can bare In mini skirts and shoes that hurt they're giving it away So come over here, come over here for vodka lemonade Come over here come over here It's"
  • Aurora - Bjork
    "Threading The glacier head Looking hard for Moments of shine From twilight To twilight Utter mundane Aurora Goddess sparkle Shoot me Beyond this suffer The need Is great Aurora Utter mundane Aurora Goddess"
  • Aurora - Foo Fighters
    "You believe there's something else To relieve your emptiness And you dream about yourself And you bleed and breathe the air And it's on and on I just kinda died for you You just kinda stared at me We will"
  • Aurora - Shazna
    "Yasashii kimi no kodou dake kikinagara nemutteita ano goro wa Towa no subete ga mikata shita Sonna aru hi no futari wo omou kono hoshi de Maioriru hoshitachi ga futari no kimochi wo tsunaide Itsuka mita"
  • Aurora - Ashley Best
    "You're staring at the sky again,looking hard but you can't see what's there. You're closer to the end it seems, will you get to where you dream, we'll see.You freaked out when you began your talk 'bout"
  • Aurora - 36 Crazyfists
    "Are you comfortable with the skin youre in?Are you screaming loud enough to be important?Are you following the path that you thought you would or wouldnt?And you backed it all along when youre pulling"
  • Aurora - The Carpenters
    "Morning opens quietly A shadow vision Over me I know you well Hidden by the window pane And all my sadness Gone charade Begins to fade How long it stayed Patterns of another day Awaken slowly Out of gray A"
  • Aurora - Midnight Juggernauts
    "Hideaway Find a way To hide away Turn the page Or fade away All we need Finally Will come to me Dawn will rise Eventually Oh, sun Shines its light On the streets again As the day Burns its way Back"
  • Aurora - Luna Sea
    "Boku no tsumi ga kako ga Yurusarereba Masshirona kimi ni Chikadzukitai Kako e yukou Gureina kumo wo koe Kegare wo shiranu Masshirona koro e Kimi dake wo... Kimi wa boku no kokoro mieru mitai Boku no"
  • Aurora - Do As Infinity
    "6 {{ruby||}} 6 {{ruby||}} == Romanized Japanese == Nagare tsuita furui ki Hiroi atsumete moyasu Nani mo mie nai yoru no Sunahama Koko kara tabidatteta Jakuhai"
  • Aurora - Kiyoharu
    "akaruku yubi wo sashita houkou wa nani mo mienai sora ga oou itsuka kimi wa wasurenaide ne machi kogareta yume ni deau koto boku ga sore ni me wo yaru toki wa sora sae mienai yami ga oou ano shitsubou"
  • Aurora - Hatesphere
    "Slow dancing in high speed lanes, a radiant rampage made to sustain. In these troubled times we are dancing like train wrecks, only to wake up with a broken neck. Spin, spin, spin, until we're out of orbit. We"
  • You're Everything That Matters To Me - Steps
    "Used to say, I know To find my love I'd climb any mountain Now I've reached the top The only way Is down again You're not everything to me that matters My whole world when you leave won't shatter I will"
  • Aurora Borealis - Aurora
    "sitting in the fields the blood coloured fields and wonder about the day i was coming back to life i clearly remember the bright shining light coming through the skies gazing through my eyes i remember how"
  • All That Matters - Jonah 33
    "Look at what I've gained, I've earned Since I've been here on this earth I've collected everything that was of value and of worth But there was always something missing inside of me People that could give"
  • Nothing Really Matters - Sick Puppies
    "does it matter in the scheme of things while there are killers on the street and people going through bins we got lawyers and pimps all with five faces setting up shop in all the same places i say hello"

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