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avici broken arms

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avici broken arms

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avici broken arms
  • Linea 77 Rotten Mouth & Broken Arms
    "When i woke up today breathing the air of the morning spinning like a coin i wait to kiss the ground, spinning like a coin i wait to embrace the ground. When i woke up today i'm like an happy ghost,"
  • Bertine Zetlitz Broken
    "It occured to me You might be broken Like a sinking ship or a car Yes it dawned on me You might be damaged goods Won't get very far It occurred to me You might be injured Coz my dress was stained From"
  • Belly Broken
    "He cries out her eyes, a fire un-furnaced The curve of her spine is Heaven unbound But Heaven is harsh, a fire unfaithful Like a bird that you hold in your palm I know where you hang, I drive by there"
  • Green Apple Quick Step Broken
    "Swing your head into motion Raise your arms to the sky Watch the clouds roll on by Enemies of wasted time Demolish everything Lose yourself and follow me Kick yourself if you can Spinning 'round into"
  • Folly Broken
    "Breathe me in like air, innocent. My fingers bleed. I've been writing too much. Preventing these words from searing my battered throat. And I can't even scream so I sketch your face. Each line was a cry. Each"
  • Matt Nathanson Broken
    "How ironic it all seems because I remember youtelling meabout other lovers running out of words to say to each otherand how beautiful you thought it was and I agreed thatwould never happen to you and meso"
  • The Script Arms Open
    "I can’t unfeel your pain I can’t undo what’s done can’t send back the rain bit if I could I would my love, my arms are open so when you feel like you can’t take another round of being broken my arms"
  • Donavon Frankenreiter These Arms
    "I know there's a place You call it home But it's not a house 'cause you're all alone Said you went down to those broken streams Been floating in our broken dreams The wind that blows here Saved my soul The"
  • Nanci Griffith Ruby's Arms
    "He will leave behind all of his clothes He wore when he was with her All he need's are his railroad boots And his leather jacket As he say goodbye to Ruby's arms Although his heart is breaking He will"
  • Tom Waits Ruby's Arms
    "I will leave behind all of my clothes, I wore when i was with you, all I need's my railroad boots and my leather jacket as i say goodbye to Ruby's arms although my heart is breaking, i will steal away"
  • Vicky Beeching Everlasting Arms
    "Come all who are weary, battleworn and weak Come all of us broken, tired and in need I for one am weary, lonely and afraid So let us run for shelter In the Savior's strong embrace Come one and all, let"
  • Claude Kelly Open Arms
    "If I can't have your love No one else can See, I don't ask for much I just request that I be the only one Only one you keep around Can't live without you I don't care how selfish that sounds I'll just"
  • Christian Kjellvander Broken Wheels
    "Broken wheels cannot turn anymore For the sorrow of her eyes Broken minds cannot learn anymore Of what they despise Another lovers lovers other come home to me Line the night with thoughts of ways to hold"
  • Natalia Lesz Broken mirrors
    "I’m stuck in my head To tight to open Always black and white Not much left unspoken Secrets twisted minds Vivid and unkind Broken mirrors Shards of glass Hearts get broken Now it’s past In those pieces"
  • Melodie Crittenden Broken Road
    "I set out on a narrow way, Many years ago, Hoping I would find true love Along the broken road. But I got lost a time or two, Wiped my brow, kept pushing through, I couldn't see how every sign Pointed"
  • Soul Asylum Broken Glass
    "Long distance information, ring me 608 Laughing at the other end get me my prescription, come and walk my dog please get me anything You can't seal fate with a kick You should know it doesn't work that"
  • Don Williams Broken Heartland
    "He climbs up on his John Deere Shoves a plug of Redman in his jaw His eyes stretch 'cross the valley Way down to where they're putting up a mall His baseball cap says Kansas The Washington says how much"
  • Sia Broken Glass
    "Laying down in your arms I don't wanna fight anymore Rough seas will be calm I'm home while we weather the storm We fall down like dogs playing dead Well our love's not worth playing chicken, baby I'm"
  • Evergrey Broken Wings
    "From loss into your embrace I fled the fear and the dark of day Like an angel of fallen grace My broken wings can't hold my weight I came so close that I felt the flames I came so close that I'll never"
  • Band, The Broken Arrow
    "Band, The Miscellaneous Broken Arrow G d Who else is gonna bring you Em c A broken arrow G d Who else is gonna bring you Em c A bottle of rain G em f c There he goes, moving"

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