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avincii hey brother

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avincii hey brother

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avincii hey brother
  • Avicii Hey Brother
    "Hey brother There's an endless road to be discovered Hey sister Know the water's sweet but blood is thicker Oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do Hey brother Do"
  • Wojciech Lechończak Hey Brother
    "Hey brother There's an endless road to be discovered Hey sister Know the water's sweet but blood is thicker Oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do Hey brother Do"
  • Samiam Hey Brother
    "look at my puppy can you spare a quarter playing guitar and stinking up the corner patchouli oil and freshly dirty feet mom's station wagon is parked down the street hey brother hey what ever happened"
  • Earth Rare Hey, Big Brother
    "Hey, Big Brother As soon as you arrive You better get in touch with the people, Big Brother And get them on your side, Big Brother Keep them satisfied. Welcome to the beat of a city street Walk on now"
  • Ray Boltz Hey Little Brother
    "Hey, Little Brother Words and music by Ray Boltz CHORUS: Hey, little brother, welcome back home It's good to see you again Hey, little brother, welcome back home To your family and your friends CHORUS Now"
  • Jonas Brothers Hey Little Brother
    "Yeah Whoa Whoa When we were growing up I said a lot of things that I didn't mean I tried to make you tough But instead I left you crying and lonely With the heart that's beating Inside of you It's too"
  • Deadman Brother
    "hey there brother brother why do you cry? is there a reason for those tears in your eyes? is there a reason a reason you cry? i said hey there brother you're going to be all right i said hey there sister"
  • Morten Harket Brother
    "You are still my brother Till the end of time You and I we lost our way Differences of mind Till the end of time Listen to me Brother I can’t take your place No one else can wear your face That’s the"
  • Dean Martin Hey brother pour the wine
    "Here we sit enjoying the shade Drink the drink that I have made Tell you why the day is sunny I'm in love with lips of honey Wait 'til you see the way she walks Hey brother pour the wine She is coming"
  • Lucky Boys Confusion Hey
    "I said hey to my conscience which I don't have but I don't care Right or wrong don't matter to me anyway anyway, I said hey to my neighbors who keep peeping through their window Why don't you go and get"
  • The White Stripes Baby Brother
    "Hey! My little baby brother used to play down on the floor, But now he's not satisfied to do it anymore. He's got a funny habit and I don't know why, He walks around the ceiling now, stepping on the flies. Baby"
  • Blues Traveler Brother John
    "Are you sleeping Brother John If you feel like weeping Brother John Please won't you hear me Brother John Just wait and see Brother John Can't you see by the will of your hand You can give it a try and"
  • Head East Brother Jacob
    "Hey Brother Jacob I trust you're well today You've been dealin' with the devil And cast your soul away Ol' Brother Jacob lived 93 years Not a second of it on his knees He lived in a little wood shanty Down"
  • VINCE GILL Little Brother
    "We were just kids growing up in West Texas Remember the hell we raised We chased the girls we never could catch them Those were are glory days You called me cowboy Cause I drove a pickup and sang those"
  • Fish Brother 52
    "Doc: "Tattoo Shop" Fish: "Hi Doc" Doc: "Hey Fish, what are you doin' " Fish: "If you don't mind, we're gonna record this. Is that cool? " Doc: "Oh that's cool as hell. Hell yeah, 52's biggest dream man. You"
  • Frank Turner Oh Brother
    "I never had a brother, old friend you had three. You always said that if you had another one it would be me. When you come through the flames, not everything has survived; Forget about family now, we've"
  • 311 Little brother
    "Hey little brother, you've got so much to discoverCant you conceptualize what youre doing to our motherThose drugs that choose leave you left with the bluesTrust me I've been there to me it's old newsPending"
  • Hot Chocolate Brother Louie
    "She was black as the night Louie was whiter than white Danger, danger when you taste brown sugar Louie fell in love over night Hey man, what's wrong with that? Nothing bad, it was good Louie had the best"
  • Hippos, The Hey Brother Can You Spare Some Ska
    "i thought you were everything that you went for everything but you wanted more i guess it wasn't quite enough i did everything that you asked me too everything that i could do i guess it wasn't quite"
  • Marvin Gaye What's Happening Brother
    "(Marvin Gaye/James Nyx) Hey baby, what'cha know good I'm just gettin' back, but you knew I would War is hell, when will it end, When will people start gettin' together again Are things really gettin'"

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