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avril lavinge-i miss you

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avril lavinge-i miss you

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avril lavinge-i miss you
  • Evan Taubenfeld My life without Avril
    "Things used to be great, now we can't relate Somethings not right, you just want to fight Well go find someone else Cause you're not my type anymore I don't wanna play your games I don't care, If I lose"
  • Avril Lavigne I miss you
    "yeah, oh, oh...yeah oh oh... yeah,oh,ohI can't wait here, crying, I'm crying for you.I'm sitting in the corner, waiting for a ring.I'm lookin out the window, all I see is people carrying stuff away.I start"
  • Simple Plan Freak Out (Avril Lavigne Cover)
    "Try to tell me what I shouldn't do You should know by now, I won't listen to you Walk around with my hands up in the air Cause I don't care Cause I'm alright, I'm fine Just freak out, let it go I'm gonna"
  • Michelle Branch Nobody's Home (Avril Lavigne Cover)
    "I couldn't tell you Why she felt that way She felt it everyday I couldn't help her I just watched her make The same mistakes again What's wrong what's wrong now Too many too many problems Don't know"
  • Riot 99 Anal Avril
    "I know this Bird, Avrils' her name, when it cums to butt-f**kin, she ain't got no shame! Chs. I know she's only 18, But she's my Anal Queen, Anal Avril is so complicated, Anal Avril is X-rated! She spreads"
  • Miss Li Miss Li
    "Im a little girl trying to survive in a psycho world I was a spoiled child and I am fighting every bloody day to change my ego mind I am evil and I pay my friends to say Im loving, caring and so kind and"
  • Eartha Kitt Avril Au Portugal (The Whisp'ring Serenade)
    "I found my April dream In Portugal with you When we discovered romance Like we never knew My head was in the clouds My heart went crazy too And madly I said "I love you" This sad reality To know it couldn't"
  • Ellen Ten Damme Miss You
    "I miss your hands I miss your face I miss your voice And what you'd say I miss your smile I miss your arms I miss your touch So tender and warm I want you I need you I miss you I miss your thoughts I miss"
  • Nat King Cole Miss You
    "(Brackets indicate choir in background) (I miss you) (Since you went away dear) Miss you More than I can say dear Daytime Night-time nothing I do Can make me forget That I still love you (Miss you) In"
  • Blink-182 Miss You
    "(miss you, miss you) Hello there, the angel from my nightmare, The shadow in the background of the mour, The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley We can live like Jack and Sally if we want Where"
  • Blink 182 Miss You
    "(miss you, miss you) Hello there, the angel from my nightmare, The shadow in the background of the mour, The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley We can live like Jack and Sally if we want Where"
  • Enrique Iglesias Miss You
    "Yeah miss you.. Tonight I feel so cold and lonely And baby you're so far away The space between us keeps on growing How I wish that you could hear me when I say no no no no no no no wish you hear me saying no"
  • Midnight Panic Miss You
    "I don't want to be here There's no place like home We're miles apart, I'm torn The absence makes my heart grow fonder baby I miss your warm embrace I miss you so much (i miss you so much) I wish"
  • Kem Miss You
    "Yesterday I missed you sad And today I miss you bad baby I miss that violet dress you wear It matched the ribbons in yo' hair Girl there are no words or phrases To express the depth of my longing for you"
  • Avril Lavigne Miss Independent (Cd Mix)
    "Miss Independent Miss self-sufficient Miss keep your distance, mm Miss unafraid Miss out of my way Miss dont let a man interfere, no Miss on her own Miss almost grown Miss never let a man help her off"
  • Skangur Miss you
    "Walking down the awenueAll my thoughts coming up to youI miss you girl, I miss you girlDown there in the street's cafeCigarets smoke my lonelynessI miss you girl, I miss you girlAnd I'll tryto change my"
  • Sleeper Miss You
    "was it circumstance or was it merely that the sky fell down and made you weary I told you but you already knew I will miss you I will certainly miss you you look just the same in all your pictures still"
  • Aselin Debison Miss You
    "It's Friday afternoon The rain is pouring down I walk through the puddles Each one a different sound I pass your house The feeling comes over me It's just an emotion only the heart can say Cause I miss"
  • Foster The People Miss You
    "Forget your problems Lay it down, they start up The innocence of what you are is what I want I've ran my colors dripped down and drained out Tried a million things, but my heart's been shot I hope you"
  • EyeQ Miss You
    "I've been crying for a long long time, It doesn't seem, it's gonna stop right now, Since you been gone, I've been wondering how, Now and forever could be your last vow. 'Cause you left me standing alone"

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