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awaken Valerie Broussard

  • Think About You (ft. Valerie Broussard) - Kygo
    "We've been quiet Said we'd try it for a while But that was years ago If you see me, if I see you, A part of me hopes that we do, no Say everything we wanted to After all this time I cut the tree"
  • Valerie - Oakey Philip And Moroder Giorgio
    "Valerie Valerie Valerie You're hurting me Valerie Valerie Valerie Don't set me friee What shall I do when you are gone? I'll walk around looking sad Valerie Valerie Valerie You're getting me down Do you"
  • Awaken - Savatage
    "Can you see the future Though it's well disguised Is the end so certain That you've closed your eyes Dark as the dark can be Beckons eternity Exits exist in life As they do on this night Now's not the"
  • Awaken - Natalie Grant
    "Sometimes I feel like I'm just existing I'm not really living I'm only watching the time slip away I've forgotten who I am in you I'm not who I'm meant to be I'm drifting farther away from my destiny CHORUS: Awaken"
  • Awaken - Opshop
    "Wide awake in my slumber Dishes pilin to the sink I caught a glimpse and I was sleepin I tried on other faces I tried on other spaces Yeah Contagious abandon Im addicted to the charm Some people give"
  • Awaken - Sarah Reeves
    "We who walk the broken ground Who stand and who fall down again Who just want to live And we who wander in a dream Who look but cant see through the night Sleeping in the light We wait for you who spoke"
  • Awaken - Amethyst
    "Amethyst Miscellaneous Awaken Awaken! Those final words of certainty are graven in my mind Reality is closing in as I realize the pain forever A moment of despair, the guilt is everywhere Silent"
  • Awaken - As Hope Dies
    "Awaken from this slumber Awaken from this dream Remove this blindfold Of perfect words That have done nothing But deceive I hope for voices To scream in harmony Against the stronghold That has taken so"
  • Awaken - Disturbed
    "Stripped of life, alone In the midst of something that I Want to play with your evil inside wanting, letting go, of what never could be again Lost and alone Imprisoned now inside your mind With the way"
  • Awaken - Alabaster Box
    "today i saw a lady who had a baby she was fourteen little boy who had such joy yet his sorrow lies in the dark of night we search perfection daily and model tv with a lovely lady with pretty coloured shoes"
  • Awaken - Catch 22
    "[ chorus ] Awaken inside the crystal dream Transcending across the velvet scream [ verse 1 ] I can sense a rebirth New world awaits Never ending nightmare Is now wide awake Darkness consumes the light Sick"
  • Awaken - Yes
    "(Anderson/Howe) High Vibration go on To the sun, oh let my heart dreaming Past a mortal as me Where can I be Wish the sun to stand still Reaching out to touch our own being Past all mortal as we Here"
  • Awaken - Justifide
    "Woke up this morning with a sigh Put on some shoes and took a walk outside Needed a break from my daily routine I think y'all know what I mean Oh man, wait is this real Things out here ain't normally"
  • Awaken - Asrai
    "Wake up little girl We're running out of time I know that you've been running On a long, lost line They cut your tongue in pieces Denied you any rights They burned you with their secrets And taunted you"
  • Valerie - Louis Tomlinson
    "Well, sometimes I go out by myself And I look across the water And I think of all the things, what you're doing And in my head I paint a picture 'Cause since I've come on home Well, my body's been a mess And"
  • Valerie - Richard Thompson
    "Oh Valerie! You give me heart attack Oh Valerie! You put me on the rack Oh you say that I'm history, you say I'm no good Then you want to be two babes in the wood That's what I call playing to the gallery"
  • Valerie - Amy Winehouse
    "Well Sometimes I Go Out, By Myslef, And I Look Across The Water. And I Think Of All The Things, Of What You're Doing, And I Paint A Picture. Since I've Come Home, Well My Body's Been A Mess, And I Miss"
  • Valerie - Barbara Parzeczewska
    "Well, sometimes I go out by myself And I look across the water And I think of all the things, what you're doing And in my head I paint a picture 'Cause since I've come on home Well, my body's been a mess And"
  • Valerie - Bad Company
    "Valerie Ooh yeah We were laughing and hangin' 'round some hotel bar And we were so young and now I wonder where you are 'Cause that was years ago but how was I to know we'd part Don't wanna hear you say,"
  • Valerie - Ghost Of The Robot
    "Got an old Smiths record, And I put it on endlessly To mourn a lethal fascination Of a girl named Valerie She's got a Triple-X rating, And maybe someday she'd have married me But she was born to keep"

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