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aym your men

  • Men - Charly McClain
    "(Ronny Scaife/Jerry Hayes) Some men treat you just like a lady Others treat you just like a child And they can drive you so far away Or they can drive you wild Some you wanna show to your mama And"
  • Men - The Dodos
    "This is the sign I use to wear This is the line It says I care I found a reason I found a tear Last year I am a boy You are a man I am indifferent You want a plan I'm getting out I'm getting there Next"
  • Hey Men - Men Without Hats
    "Hey! Somebody told me to live is a lie But I know better got a woman inside Tells me things that I should understand 'Cause I know better even though I'm a man So many things go in so many ways Every"
  • Monkey Monkee Men - Men, Women & Children
    "We look just like you We run just like you, too Though we are not as quick Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh We're catching on So let us sing along It's time to swing our sticks Give me your right hand But keep"
  • Few Good Men - Few Good Men
    "Have i never, told you i love you? Have i never, told you i care? Have i never, told you how much i need you? Have i ever, ever not been there? If i never, told you i care Girl i swear to you, it's not"
  • Men & Women - Tanita Tikaram
    "You give More than me And you live like Men and women In the shade More than me Yes, you hide like Men and women Men and women Jealous, born And young at heart And these walls like Men and women Men and"
  • Prominent men - Velvet Underground
    "Through all of the highways, the byways I've travelledthrough all of the sidestreets and alleys of sinThrough all that's been heard nothing sinks quite as lowas the prominent statements of prominent menProminent"
  • HOMENS (MEN) - Chao Manu
    "Chao Manu Proxima Estacion: Esperanza HOMENS (MEN) Men I like them all Brunettes, mulatos, whities, blondes, blacks But they have to be men There are suckers, short men, fat men ungrateful men, smartasses,"
  • Ready Men - Big Black
    "We got some unions All I got are these molls And I want to use them What do you say, boss? Your boss, my boss You are my job I am a gun thug You are my job You've got your principles I've got bills to"
  • Ten Men - Morcheeba
    "Vacations in Europe Sensational sins We made the most of Your inheritance Come, you son of a gun How can it be done We're still on the run Ten men All rode into one (Ten men... In one) Ten men In the"
  • Young Men - Suede
    "Tony only reads Asian Babes Danny's doing doves down the raves Terry drinks his money away Oh god, and his sons play drums all day On the scene, on the dole, in your eyes, in your soul, the young men You"
  • Machine Men - Bruce Dickinson
    "Bring the toys out for the boys Let the children make their noise See the monsters in their metal cages Turn the lights down in your soul Cut the power to your heart See the carcass in its dying rages... "
  • Women+Men - OK Go
    "Uh, uh, uh, here we go say women and men, what a magic combination women and men what a magic combination women and men what a magic combination tada- what a magic combination said men and men what a magic"
  • 10,000 Men - Bob Dylan
    "10.000 men on a hill 10.000 men on a hill Some of them going down some of them gonna get killed. 10.000 men dressed in Oxford blue 10.000 men dressed in Oxford blue Drummin in the morning in the evening"
  • Violent Men - Marion
    "There sits a little girl And she can not handle The pain of this world I wonder when she'll move on and I wonder if she'll just run Leaving family men, violent men She's running from men, running I didn't"
  • Drowning Men - Adverts
    "Uncharted wrecks of wonder. In deepest gloom down under. The drowning men are drawing near. We're the subterranean vandals, Tying air lines around door handles. Adventures don't venture here. We're the"
  • Resurrection Men - Thea Gilmore
    "They're coming with their stories and they're coming with their wine They got a copy of a Chopin tune and an old no-smoking sign They're mapping every person's life, aligning every chart They've got"
  • Protestant Men - Wolfe Tones
    "It was back in history's page, the story's told of a Napper Tandy brave and bold With his scarlet and green, he then was seen with his big long gun his fighting men And they beat at the drum, they fired"
  • Mountain Men - Falconer
    "Taxes raised by the union king, a blockade in his back for the days of the wars. -No importation and no exportation is making the nation bleed. Yet the bailiffs demand their gold, the uprising is growing"
  • Wise Men - James Blunt
    "She said to me, "Go steady on me. Won't you tell me what the Wise Men said? When they came down from Heaven, Smoked nine 'til seven, All the shit that they could find, But they couldn't escape from you, Couldn't"

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