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  • Amnesia Haze - Kartky
    "chcę się zabić, jeden chu* każdy widzi jak tu jest to nie tamten mały gnój trochę dorosłem a trochę nie chce się przeciwstawić złu każdy widzi jak tu jest to nie tamten mały gnój trochę dorosłem a trochę"
  • Amnesia - Cherish
    "Ohhh Yea-yeah Really wish I could (Wish I could) I wish someone could unbreak my heart Come, releave my pain Somehow I could wish up on a star And make all of the memories go away But my mind just keeps"
  • Amnesia - Dead Can Dance
    "Saw the demonstration on Remembrance Day. Lest we forget the lesson enshrined with pure rain History is never written by those who've lost but a few who must bear witness to our collective memory loss Memories"
  • Amnesia - Blue October
    "Trampoline I'm your Trampoline Oh you jump so hard but I always catch your fall So now I'll just Hide away (you know I think I will) Hide away Oh, I run so fast but I always lose them all I wish I could"
  • Amnesia - Tora Tora
    "Girl I left the light on last night But you didn't show I tried to call till daylight But you were never home, Oh No Now you're knocking at my door Saying it ain't what it seems You tell me things I want"
  • Amnesia - MoZella
    "Help me cause Im falling and I just can't see you You came along and took a hold of me. You gave me sugar-coated valentines Promises that you were mine. Tying up my line. Talking dirty to me. And"
  • Amnesia - David Byrne
    "Peace on earth, soon we will be Where nothing worries us Lazy days, cool is the breeze Across the universe Armies of soldiers are sleeping tonight And moonlight is kissing their eyes When you awake you"
  • Amnesia - Leaf-Fat
    "Mighty grey skies floating above Noise, distraction it isn't love When will you show me your presence When will you? Always just the leather Mood hisses in the shape of weather Just a pair of essays Nobody"
  • Amnesia - Toad The Wet Sprocket
    "here I need your help deliver me from myself take me where i'm wanted or make me someone else i don't care what they said forget about the things you read it was something you'll never know never see never"
  • Amnesia - 5 Seconds Of Summer
    "I drove by all the places We used to hang out and getting wasted I thought about our last kiss How it felt, the way you tasted And even though your friends tell me You're doing fine And you're somewhere"
  • Amnesia - Britney Spears
    "I saw him standin' there in the parkin' lot He asked if I came here a lot And this is how I responded I forgot my name I forgot my telephone number If he wanna see me He don't even know it I forgot my"
  • Amnesia - Chumbawamba
    "Goodbye to the summer Sold down the river Unhappy ever after Well did you ever? Did you ever reach for the glued-down penny? Same old joke and it's not funny Burns are red, bruises blue Out with the old"
  • Amnesia - Saga
    "How well do you still know me? There's more to me than meets the eye You seem to look right through me I know you'd like to change my mind Your eyes surround Within, without Just take me asiam Won't"
  • Amnesia - Stan Ridgway
    "Remember me when it's over Remember me when it's done Remember me when it's rainin' Remember meI'm the one And if somewhere I let you down Or ever made you blue Remember me for the way it was And I'll"
  • Amnesia - Skinny Puppy
    "for reasons untold born a body mass no excuse for intolerable kick set in glass grasp a moment shattered a lock on the door scraping demon trapped resides starving for freedom all my strength to keep"
  • Amnesia - Control Machete
    "Usted cuenta de antes nosotros fuimos amantes... usted comenta durante vivimos algo importante... usted, fuimos amantes.. nosotros cuenta de antes.... usted comenta durante vivimos algo importante. Yo"
  • Amnesia - Earthtone9
    "i would walk to remember to forget to remember to forget what do i have to offer you the offer is not empty the glass is so full i wish that i could show you proof i know that you are a gift to me i"
  • Amnesia - Helalyn Flowers
    "A fragile wall beyond your mindAnd everything's strangerTry to fall downSearching for youAnd its hard to feelTo live and tryTo synchronizeAnd to understandOnce you were so nearAnd so far away At the same"
  • Amnesia - Frameless
    "Fast, just a second of no attention and nothing stayed the same I got my head crashed an explosion Through my bones and only darkness killed the pain Have I fallen into your disgrace Have you left me almighty"
  • Amnesia - Gullet
    "Ude wo yasume kabe wo miru fuseteita shashin wo okosu dou to demo toreru egao naka de warau futari wo nagameru masshiro de junsui na kankaku ni fuchidorareta kuuhaku wa umerareta kako mo tadotte mita ..demo"

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