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baaba i gabriela metalowcy

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baaba i gabriela metalowcy

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baaba i gabriela metalowcy
  • Baaba i Gabriela Metalowcy
    "Każdy z nas ma twarde, silne, zręczne dłonie W każdym oku zapał do roboty płonie Warczą wiertła, buczą młoty Odwalamy huk roboty Bo w robocie to my pierwsi i najlepsi Metalowcy, metalowcy W każdym razie"
  • Vavamuffin Baaba
    "(feat. Yellow Horns) (Reggaenerator) Hear this mi sistren, yeah! Ha! Beauty gyal ha ha! check! This one is special livicated to the all da gyals, ha ha! check! This one is special livicated to the every"
  • Daan Gabriel
    "I never harvest a story or jump down the well. Got no one to save unless I know them too well So please don't you ask me to play Gabriel or a guardian angel to keep you from hell. No whiter then your flags No"
  • Ash Gabriel
    "Well I guess I gotta go now, Saying farewell until the next time, But I know we'll meet again. Seem so early to be leaving, Feel so tired, Just want to sleep now, Fade away. Gabriel, Am I finished, Trapped"
  • Lamb Gabriel
    "i can fly but I want his wings i can shine even in the darkness but I crave the light that he brings revel in the songs that he sings my angel gabriel i can love but I need his heart i am strong even on"
  • Luka Bloom Gabriel
    "Gabriel, can't you hear me Hear me call in the night Gabriel, never leave me Just stay here by my side My angel watches over me And keeps me from all harm I close my eyes at the end of the day And lie"
  • Berlin Gabriel
    "Drowning in a devil's world How that victim image served you well Drowning in the holy wine Pour it out and put your hand in mine Ah Gabriel Lying in another hospital bed You feel so worthless I think"
  • Nixons Gabriel
    "Come and make me feel a little better My crime is not for you but rather heaven You were lying grounded angel and I clipped your wings Oh don't you know you're beautiful to suffer Don't you know that"
  • Dark Moor Gabriel
    "They are coming from the deep space, filling me with pleasance, showing me their purity and grace, I miss their just presence. I've seen them in the light, they were bright when they exposed their lessons They"
  • Ashes To Ashes Gabriel
    "- I Control the light The darkness reigns, and the sun descends - Dark spirits awaken in me Eerie movements in his mighty kingdom - The salvation of the black soul A star formation, a warning in the sky. -"
  • Baaba i Gabriela Spotkam ciebie
    "Znalazłam cie jesienią Gdy fioletowy płonął wrzos Myślałem będziesz ze mną Zabrał cię jednak chytry los Spotkam ciebie jeszcze raz I nie stracę więcej Nasze dłonie się poznają nasze oczy się spotkają Ja"
  • Biffy Clyro Being Gabriel
    "The clouds disperse, there's a rainbow With big eyes looking so pure That say everything about everything Been given the chance to grow old No one will be more loved than him, cause he's caught by the"
  • Silence Samuel's Gabriel
    "The flowers we ate The drugs we took Don't question, have faith Again and again Remember the words The sacred vows Refresh all your knowledge in holy house Because I don't drink and I don't smoke and"
  • Jorge Benjor Gabriela
    "Gabriela como vox bela Vox um boto de rosa Que perfuma e d a flor mostrando a vida Como bonito o amor Gabriela Gabriela como vox bela Vox uma nota musical Esperada desejada, oh Adorada Gabriela como"
  • Polar Gabriela
    "Aquela roupa velha que ela usa Est guardada pra quando voc chegar E seus livros que ela rasga enquanto espera os dias j esto pra terminar E as noitadas que ela quer j no existem mais E as mudanas que"
  • Ashley Wallbridge and Andy Moor World To Turn (Feat. Gabriela)
    "We wait for life, we wait for rain I wait alone for you to find me Then lost again If you want love you'll find it here So free your heart take a breath Say the word and I'll be there Tonight we'll leave"
  • Baez Joan Gabriel And Me
    "Baez Joan Blessed Are... Gabriel And Me The grey quiet horse wears the reins of dawn And nobody knows what mountain hes from In his mouth he carries the golden key And nobody ses him but Gabriel and Me,"
  • Anything Goes Blow, Gabriel, Blow
    "Do you hear that playin'? Yes, we hear that playin' Do you know who's playin'? No, who is that playin'? Well it's Gabriel, Gabriel playin' Gabriel, Gabriel sayin' "Will you be ready to go When I blow my"
  • Joan Baez Gabriel And Me
    "(Words and Music by Joan Baez) The grey quiet horse wears the reins of dawn, and nobody knows what mountain he's from. In his mouth he carries the golden key, and nobody sees him but Gabriel and me."
  • Gabriel Rios Carlito - Gabriel Rios
    "Got holes in my pocket and in my grandma s house I got a stash with rockets Got a picture of my mom and dad in a locket that I hang round my neck when I hang Yesterday I wrote a play It is called plain"

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