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baba black sheep joy of sharing tekst po angielsku


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baba black sheep joy of sharing tekst po angielsku

  • Black sheep - Ferlin Husky
    "(Black sheep black sheep) This world holds many misteries that I don't understand One is why the wanderlust is born in the heart of a man I kissed young lips that thrilled me so and set my soul on fire"
  • Black Sheep - Sneaker Pimps
    "Don't look now, we're branded, we're the black sheep Sewn apart and Siamese - the black sheep When the water seems too deep The shadows always wait beneath But laughing loud we brave the role of black"
  • Black Sheep - The Adicts
    "do you do what others don't do you go where other won't do you have to be the first do you have some kind of curse oh oh little black sheep oh oh poor bo peep can't just be a happy fan you have got to"
  • Black Sheep - Saliva
    "I was born into a curse An outlaw straight from birth My mama danced around a fire And pulled me from the dirt I live out in the woods I'm not misunderstood Maybe you're thinkin' that I won't I'm thinkin'"
  • Black Sheep - Martin Sexton
    "Sittin in this lonely town wonderin when things are gonna change Dreamin my life away and it seems them dreams they turned into a bunch of dust clouds Gettin my nerve up but my past is pullin me down"
  • Black Sheep - Triumph
    "Joey left when he was 16 Black leather and blue jeans Too young to take a stand Gang life was like quicksand Pack o' smokes and a bottle o'Jack was A good friend, that didn't talk back much Young dude"
  • Black Sheep - John Anderson
    "My daddy was a brakeman on a highball traveling train Mama she raised four little children and the family had a good name And papa and mama wanted all for us they never had Big brother little brother sister"
  • Black Sheep - The Effort
    "I've watched so many run that it makes me feel numb when I loose a good friend to another pointless trend. I'm sick of superficial minds clogging the ears of our blind, blind because they cannot see their"
  • Black Sheep - Trik Turner
    "Who's the black sheep, what's the black sheep Not knowin' who I am it's DLB rippin deep I wasn't in your realm but I'm in your sphere You still don't know the click so just listen here Trik Turner on the"
  • Black Sheep - Jim Johnston
    "Words and music: jim johnston I grew up inside a world of pains and ordinary things, That never seemed right in my eyes. And so my conscience and i, we took flight and stretched our wings, If you can't"
  • Black Sheep - Sonata Arctica
    "In love with the maiden, The flower of winter Lowbrow children, in grove of the inland How many times heart's gone thru the grinder wherever you look there's a painful reminder Singing a love song, words"
  • Black Sheep - August Burns Red
    "Youve fallen captive to what you thought would save you, what you thought would clean your slate. Youre in the thick of it now and you have swallowed the hook. Whats done is done. Well continue on with"
  • Sheep - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
    "born in sheeps blood plain and simple washed out of my mothers temple all around i heard them laughing as father sheep had stood there calving black they were with white eyes gleaming right in leaven life"
  • Tekst - Płomień 81
    "To nie jest kiepskie bla bla, to zabije cię jak Kain Abla Klasyczne jak Duck Down rap propaganda Znamy kilka miejsc niebezpiecznych jak Bagdad Znamy wielki stres z nami dobry tekst, dobry panczlajn Ty"
  • Black sheep wall - Innocence Mission
    "This is how I love you:I wish for a shade I can pullI feel so afraid of watching you grow upThis love hurts to muchAnd I try and build a wallSo I don't have to see you fallAnd I prayGo away from my thoughts!Why"
  • Black Sheep Rag - Fiddler's Green
    "Hello, I am your dance instructor Let me take you by the hand Please note my words I'm your conductor I'll take you to the promised land So put your hands on to your hips Make on big step away from right Now"
  • Black Sheep Of The Family - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "I walked down That lonely road of life Got my fair shar Seen a differnt light Well I tried so hard So don't you know I'll always be The black sheep of the family Don't you know I'll always be The"
  • Black sheep of the family - Dio
    "I've got nothing in my head Got a floor for a bed The future's at the bottom of a tea cup I got a half a pair of shoes And no time to lose I'm wondering when I'm going to wise up So, fortune shine your"
  • Black Sheep Of The Family - Rainbow
    "I've got nothing in my head, got a floor for a bed. My future's at the bottom of a teacup I've got half a pair of shoes and no time to lose. I'm wondering when I'm gonna wise up So, fortune, shine your"
  • The Black Sheep Tale - Jacks Of All Trades
    "This is about a metaphor... paraphrased... some allegories how I came to know the grace... a symbolic picture of shearing of my wools... and how the game got new rules... I'm abandoned, hurt and sore My"

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