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babe give me one more dance

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babe give me one more dance

  • Give Me One More Shot - Alabama
    "Give Me One More Shot: Alabama Life ain't all that easy I can testify to that It's been up and down and round and round to get to where I'm at If you could see how I'm living in this old car I drive Well"
  • Just One More Dance - Michael Bublé (Michael Buble)
    "I send flowers everyday But you just turn them away And my letters go unanswered So it seems Was I just too blind to see That you'd given up on me And it's over now Your broken heart won't mend Just"
  • Give Me More Time - Whitesnake
    "I want you I need your rhyme, But, you keep saying, babe, Its gonna take time. I know the heartache I put you through, Believe me, babe, Im gonna make it up to you. You are the reason Im down"
  • Give Me One More Chance - Selena
    "I'm sorry For the things that I have done to you I never thought I'd break your heart in two I'll make it up to you somehow Forgive me Don't hate me for what I have done to you I realize that it is you"
  • Give Me One More Kiss - Jim Reeves
    "Give me one more kiss For happiness I'll miss For when I turn and walk away We'll never kiss again. Let me gaze upon you tenderly The way you used to look at me When we were happy and I thought Our love"
  • Give Me One More Day - Mel Tillis
    "I know I promised months ago that I divorce my wife And you say you're tired of living in this sin But please be patient and don't leave I'm just too ashamed to face it For you she stood by me through"
  • ...Baby One More Time | Dance Dance Dance Poland 3 - Roksana Węgiel
    "Oh baby, baby Oh baby, baby Oh baby, baby How was I supposed to know That something wasn't right here Oh baby baby I shouldn't have let you go And now you're out of sight, yeah Show me, how you want it"
  • Give Me Babe - LUKI
    "Z tobą do nieba to będzie proste Wszystko się zmienia gdy idziesz do mnie Jak ci na imie – powiedz mi słodka Na jedna chwilę musze cię porwać Dzisiaj z tobą chcę Give me babe Cała noc i dzień Pragnę"
  • Baba - Alanis Morissette
    "i've seen them kneel with baited breath for the ritual i've watched this experience raise them to pseudo higher levels i've watched them leave their families in pursuit of your nirvana i've seen them coming"
  • One More Shot - Madox
    "music matters are popin’ popin’ do teh before we stopin’ stopin’ meet me on the dance floor babe let your hands explore after three I’ve be persuaded forget about your drama save it for your mama give"
  • Give Me More - Keyshia Cole
    "Verse 1: Never thought you'd be the one to play games the way you did. I gave my heart away to you. Never thought you'd leave the way you did. You meant the world to me. How could you just let me breathe? Let"
  • Babe - Take That
    "I come to your door to see you again, But where you once stood was an old man instead I asked where you'd be, he said "she's moved, on you see All I have is a number you'd better ask her not me" So I picked"
  • Babe - M2M
    "YEH...BaBe...Ohhh Yehh.. Lets go out together, to check out the world, to look at all the things, you wonder about me. what'd you do without me? will you still think of me? would you still care about"
  • Dance - Nas
    "One more time, one more timeHuh, one more time, huhOne more timeI dream of the day I could go back to when I was bornLaying in your arms, wishing you was here today momWish you the pidJust for a second"
  • Hey Babe (Give Me Ya Lovin') - Shareefa
    "talking (bobby v.) Waz up baby (shareefa) waz up (bobby v.) U still up (shareefa) mmhhmmmm (bobby v.) I ain seen u in a minute,i miss u verse 1(shareefa) Hey babe i've been watin Where u been all night I"
  • Give It One More Try - RuPaul
    "Writers: RuPaul/ Tom Trujillo There's a cab outside, Should I tell him don't bother? I'll say there's been some mistake And that he doesn't have to wait If it wasn't so tragic, it would be funny But"
  • Dear Babe - Adeaze
    "Chorus - Dear babe I'll always love you and every night I think of you Cos baby our love is strong Dear babe you're constantly running through, through my mind I promise in my heart you'll find, baby"
  • Hey Babe - Ashanti
    "Hey baby, tell me whatchu wanna do Ooh baby, cause I could give the world to you Hey baby, tell me whatchu wanna do Ooh baby, cause I could give the world to you Sweet baby, look at what I'm goin' through Baby,"
  • Rock'n'Roll, Babe - Trzynasta w samo południe
    "Lovin' I was one of the letherjacket wearing guys My only reason in life were playing and having fun My music was a crap, my life was a junk And then a shine and bang I'm here with you You came, changed"
  • One Last Dance - R5
    "Teardrops in your hazel eyes I can't believe I made you cry It feels so long Since we've went wrong But you're still on my mind Never want to break your heart Sometimes things just fall apart So here's"

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