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baby i wanna need

  • I need you baby - Lauryn Hill
    "You're just too good to be true.Can't take my eyes off you.You'd be like heaven to touch.I wanna hold you so much.At long last love has arrived.And I thank God I'm alive.You're just too good to be true.Can't"
  • Baby, I Need Your Love - CC Catch
    "CC Catch Miscellaneous Baby, I Need Your Love I had too much to dream babe Let's do it again That's what my baby made for Baby, be my friend When girls will stick together They're talking about boys What"
  • I Need You Baby (Mona) - Rolling Stones
    "(McDaniels) I say hey, Mona Oh, Mona I say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Mona Oh, Mona I tell you Mona what I wanna do I'll build a house next door to you Can I see you sometimes? We can blow kisses through"
  • Baby, i need your love - C.C. Catch
    "I had too much to dream babeLet's do it againThat's what my baby made forBaby, be my friendWhen girls will stick togetherThey're talking about boysWhat does it take to win your loveDon't wanna be your"
  • I Wanna Be Your Baby - NOFX
    "Open your self, let me inside Open your arms, I have nowhere To go, so let me in to you I need to be where nothing can hurt me Open your legs, to let me crawl Inside of you, I need to be Inside your"
  • I need - Trina
    "Gotta, Uh, got feel that shit, Uh, you gotta feel that shit Let me tell you what kinda hoes I like Let me tell you what kinda niggas i like I'ma tell you what kinda hoes I like Let me tell you"
  • I Need - Kandi
    "uh huh yeah yeah yeah yeah chorus: i need a drink for all of my troubles i need a shrink to tell how i feel and i need me one of them sugar daddies to come pay all of my bills i need a man to give me"
  • I Wanna - Montell Jordan
    "Feat. Da Gents Lady... (Da Gents) You don't understand the physical attraction Between a (woman and a man) A woman and a man See, you don't need to man to be (Calling you) calling you (Spoiling you)"
  • I Wanna - Plies
    "(feat. Akon) Convict...Plies I See U Windin And Grindin Up On Dat Pole I Know U See Me Lookin At You And U Already Know I Wanna F_ck You,You Already Know I Wanna F_ck You,You Already Know Girl I"
  • Baby, Baby I Need You - The Temptations
    "I need you. Whoa, I need you. Baby, baby, baby don't you know That I need you (so), (so), (so), (so) I want you. Whoa, I want you. Baby, baby, baby don't you know That I want you (so), (so), (so), (so) Paul: You"
  • Oh Baby I (Need You So) - Eternal
    "I feel the touch of your hand And I understand how much I need your love You have given me wings And I can do things I've never dreamed of And I promise for as long as we're together I will cherish this"
  • Baby, I Wanna Tell You Something - Bobby Brown
    "-BABY, I WANNA TELL YOU SOMETHING- In one sense it's curiosity The rest is just formality I see that look in your eyes And your clever combinations Breaking young hearts Must be your occupation Checkin'"
  • I Just Wanna Love You Baby - Mike Jones
    "Mike Jones (Who) Mike Jones (Who) Mike Jones For the ladies baby Mike Jones ( I wanna love you baby) (Ohhhh Baby)Ballin Underground in stores Can you rock wit me Non stop with me Can you take it to"
  • Baby Boy - Baby Boy
    "From the day that I saw you I knew that we would pursue Cause the chemistry we felt that day Felt so real, and so true Looking back on a year we spent together How it's been, what we went through Although"
  • I Need You Baby - B.B. King
    "Oh I need you baby Yes I need you baby Oh I need you baby Come on back home to me I'll make it all up to you, woman Just you wait around and see I was wrong baby I thought I was having fun I know I was"
  • I Need Somebody Baby - John Mellencamp
    "I am your crazy driver Honey I'm sure to steer you so wrong I'm a dieing in this story I'm only livin' to sing this song I need somebody baby You need somebody baby too I need somebody baby Just like"
  • Baby I Need Lovin' - Hank Thompson
    "Baby I need lovin' in any kind of way I need a warm sweet angel to let me have my way Baby I need lovin' that's all that's on my mind Tender arms above me to squeeze me all the time Well your eyes are"
  • I Need You Baby - Chuck Berry
    "Please, listen, baby, try and understand As sure as a woman needs a man I need you baby, I just wanted you then But I'm in love with you now I walk the floor sprinkled with tears since you've been gone Oh,"
  • I need you baby - BB King
    "Oh i need you babyYes i need you babyOh i need you babyCome on back home to meI'll make it all up to you, womanJust you wait around and seeI was wrong babyI thought i was having funI know i was wrong babyI"
  • Baby - Dreams
    "Whatcha gonna do, baby Whatcha gonna do Whatcha gonna do, baby Whatcha gonna do I know you want me, baby Like I want you, baby So tell me whatchu gonna do, baby baby baby I know you want me, baby Like"

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