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baby night told

  • I Told Her - Adam Barta
    "Adam Barta I Told Her I Told Her I miss the way we used to be, Those sweet summer days, a warm gentle breeze. And I can't fight my heart, My head's so weak. What can I do, baby tell me please? You were"
  • Who Told You - Smolik
    "Who told you That baby I'd come by tonight Too lazy and tired in spite Of the fact that i like you Maybe instead I'll write Of all of the dreams i had last night While you were sleeping And dreaming and"
  • Told You So - Jesse McCartney
    "Hey, oh, oh no, oh no, whoa Oh no, oh oh, oh, Oh oh, oh Lookin' at ya now I can tell That you and your new relationship ain't goin' well There's no reason your name should come up on my cell Unless you're"
  • I Told You - The Thorns
    "Maybe from the outside Things look alright But we know it isn't so Cause baby on the inside I spent all night Counting reasons I should go How will I know when love's true If it comes for real I told"
  • Baby - Anita Baker
    "This heart of mine seldom lies you see It's often said you don't care for me no more. You took so long, how could you lead me on Left me wondering where and how we went wrong. Chorus Come on baby make"
  • Baby Baby - Chris Isaak
    "I said I didn't want to talk about love cause I'd been hurt so bad Love is just a lot of pretty words that leave you feeling sad then you held me close you whispered soft and low you didn't say that much but"
  • You told me baby - Bonnie Raitt
    "1. ' told me baby, You were just too tired to try, There was nothing left for you to give and no more tears to cry. I know she hurt you, but you know I've been hurt too. You just come to me, we'll see"
  • I Told You So - Melissa Etheridge
    "Do you mind if I call you lover tonight I know you said we had to cool down Until you made up your mind Could it be so bad if your friends know You let me in through your back door I knew it would be like"
  • I Never Told You - Flip Da Scrip
    "We used to hang out, play ball, listen to Aaron Hall, when you needed some stuff, I took you to a big mall. And I can't forget the times when I took you out to dinner You laughed all night, and I was feeling"
  • My Mama Told Me - Barbara Lewis
    "(My-mama, mama, mama, ma-ma) Oh-o-oh yeah (My-mama, mama, mama, ma-ma) My mama to-o-o-ld me-ee-ee (My-mama, mama, mama, ma-ma) Oooh ye-e-e-ah (My-mama, mama, mama, ma-ma) Yeah (Wha-ooo-ooo) My mama told"
  • Never Taught, Never Told - Fundisha
    "Into Fundisha Talking: I remember growing up in Newark and hanging out with the girl next door and She never wanted to go home because her parents were always fighting I ran into her the other day, and"
  • Girl I Told Ya - Valeria
    "(Valeria) Shh daddy She just came to say goodnight I'll be right back Daddy, she's nice Mmm, change of plans We're going for a ride She got a new car Oh, we're not going very far Ooh, Been tryin' to"
  • Should Have Never Told Me - New Edition
    "You should have never told me That you love me You should have never told me, told me, told me That you care Ever since that day I saw your lovely face You were on my mind I knew that one day I would"
  • Should Never Have Told Me - New Edition
    "You should have never told me That you love me You should have never told me, told me, told me That you care Ever since that day I saw your lovely face You were on my mind I knew that one day I would"
  • From What I Was Told - Soulja Slim
    "Whats that big baby? You know whats sound dog They gon' like this here, ya heard me? They go like, you know what I'm sayin'? Fuck 'em From what I was told niggaz say I'm a hit No Limit like Pac, Hit"
  • Just Should've Told You - Day26
    "(Verse 1: Brian) I remember when we first got together. And how you made me feel. A special girl with a gentle way about you. Ten times the real deal, oh yeah. And now I'm driving in my car alone. Looking"
  • Just should've told you - Day 26
    "I remember when we first got together.And how you made me feel.A special girl with a gentle way about you.Ten times the real deal, oh yeah.And now I'm driving in my car alone.Looking over at the seat you"
  • They Should Have Told Us - Ginga
    "They should have told us anyhow They should have told us bravely That fate won't wait till it's too late So I can call you my baby They could have shown us anywhere They could have stood up bravely But"
  • Doctor Told Me - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale) Well my heart ain't in it My mind is blank Can't seem to function Can't seem to think Doctor told me cure your ills Get yourself a woman boy that'll pay your bills Have her clean your house,"
  • I Was Told - Rhino Bucket
    "I get up in the morning and I work all day I come home late at night and I sleep life away There's nothing I can do, it's the way of the world I was told I've spent fourteen years at the job I got I'll"

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