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baby star

  • Star Baby - The Guess Who
    "Well I never been much for admitting things That's why it's all so hard to say That I'm head over heels in love with your kind of insanity And if it please Your Highness on a sunny day sometime Can I take"
  • Baby Star - Screw
    ""Vomit" Even if I can come back in those days I decline choice with a smile Want to forget a day to shake with loneliness It seems to be the weed which the public eye does not get In 4x3 when I "stared""
  • Baby Lone Star - Gabriel Rios
  • Star - ATC
    "Star worldwide x 2 I'll be your star I'll be your star I'll be your star I'll be your star ahhhhhhhhhaaahh ahhhhhhhhhaahhh All i wanna do when i grow up is make it to the movies When i get my face out"
  • Star - The Hollies
    "(Clarke / Sylvester / Hicks) I was jiving along in my big cadillac saw a thumb going up, I said Driver go back Played her a track from my latest LP Getting bad vibes she hadn't recognized me She said"
  • Star - Gigi Dagostino
    "Yes i sit and wonder why you would tell me a lie and i stayed up all night yesall night Should have known from the start you would have torn me apart but as long as i can survive I'll keep waiting every"
  • Star - Stellar*
    "it's in the way you see the world that causes conflict in this girl so here we go we're at it again you flew by the starter flag as i got to the end but if you don't mind the critic in me we could lay"
  • Star - Tamyra Gray
    "The mystery of trying To make it happen Struggling just to make ends meet You need a new change of space, a new direction Cuz this whole thing is so confusing to me I know you got Dirty hands from a dirty"
  • Star, star - Joan Jett
    "Baby baby I've been so sad since you've been gone way back to New York City where you do belong Honey I missed your two tongue kisses legs wrapped around me tight If I ever get back to Fun City girl I'm"
  • Star Star - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
    "(Mick Jaggar/Keith Richards) Baby baby I've been so sad since you've been gone way back to New York City where you do belong Honey I missed your two tongue kisses legs wrapped around me tight If"
  • Star Star - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) Baby, baby, I've been so sad since you've been gone Way back to New York City Where you do belong Honey, I missed your two tongue kisses Legs wrapped around me tight If I ever"
  • Star star - The Rolling Stones
    "Baby,baby, I've been so sad since you've been goneway back to New York Citywhere you do belongHoney, I missed your two tongue kisses,legs wrapped around me tightIf I ever get back to Fun City, girl,I'm"
  • Star - 702
    "{Rap} What we had was a thing of the past and recall showerin u wit girfts u neva had to ask though love was a real damn near gave u my last braslet with the carrets drinkin drinks classed out that was"
  • Star - Simon Webbe
    "All of the girls and the boys at the party And I'm the only one alone So I crossed the dance floor Heading for the back door Ready to make my way home But wait a minute what's this I see J-lo glow and"
  • Baby I'm A Star - Prince
    "1,2,3,4 Hey, look me over Tell me do u like what u see? Hey, I ain't got no money But honey I'm rich on personality Hey, check it all out Baby I know what it's all about Before the night is through U will"
  • Baby I'm A Star - Tina Turner
    "I've seen the way that you look at him When you think I'm not around And I've seen you try to catch his eyes And you think you're gainin' ground You know last night he told me Everything that you said You"
  • Baby - Pea Sized
    "Take me, make me, empty inside. Hold me tight, I'm too weak, baby. Only wanna lose control, Melt with you. For a moment in time let me forget my distrust. Kill the demons, make them weep. Clean"
  • Baby - Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris
    "Oh woah, oh woah, oh woah You know you love me, I know you care, you shout whenever and I'll be there. You are my love, you are my heart and we will never ever ever be apart. Are we an item? girl quit"
  • Baby - Charli XCX
    "Mmm, baby Mmm, baby I'ma make you my, mmm Ooh, baby I'ma love you real, I'ma love you raw I'ma love you in the kitchen I'ma put you on the floor Leave you wanting more I'ma love you real, you might lose"
  • The Star - America
    "Twinkle twinkle Christmas star And the way you're going Up above the world so high You're like a diamond glowing We have traveled from the east To the star we're going Gold and frankincense and"

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