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babys a o love you

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babys a o love you
  • Eamon My Babys Lost
    "Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh It's like that, its like that, like that, like that, like that, like that Had the earth and the sweat and the sticks and brews and I knew she was feelin me to Passed the bone, gave"
  • Connie Francis Babys First Christmas
    "Backup (intro): And that was the biggest sin of all. Connie: It was a sin the way you lied to me, The way you broke my heart, But that was not the biggest sin of all. It was a sin the way you made me cry, And"
  • Sherman Allan Barry Is The Babys Name
    "+Barry Is The Baby's Name We'll call him Barry, Barry. That'll be the baby's name. We thought of Lance or Josh, But, oh, my gosh, They're not the same. But if it's Barry, Barry, That's a name with style"
  • The Prodigy Babys Got A Temper Main Mix
    "You can see me coming from a mile off Once again ignite the skyline Shes gonna be printed on money Just like your royal family (This aint no holiday) This time there can be no funeral Im vibing, can't"
  • Patsy Cline Back In Babys Arms
    "CHORUS I'm back in baby's arms How I missed those lovin' arms I'm back where I belong Back in baby's arms Don't know why we quarreled We never did be-fo-ore Since we found out how it hurts I bet we never"
  • Nana Kitade Punk&babys
    "Doko e bokura yukeba ii? Nani wo boku wa sureba ii? Daijoubu to itte yo Dakishimete hoshii dake Yume ka genjitsu dochira ka nante Erabe ya shinai ne Na no ni souzou ijou hito wa morokute Yorisotte nemuru"
  • Babys, The Love Is Just A Mystery
    "Babys, The Union Jacks Love Is Just A Mystery You turn your back on me And you slam the door I burn my bridges Watch the players I know the score The starlings fly for winter skies Only the cold wind blows Love"
  • Coldplay O
    "A flock of birds Hovering above Just a flock of birds That's how you think of love And I always Look up to the sky Pray before the dawn 'Cause they fly always Sometimes they arrive Sometimes they are"
  • Elvis Presley A big hunk o love
    "Hey baby, I ain't askin' much of youNo no no no no no no no baby, I ain't askin' much of youJust a big-a big-a hunk o' love will doDon't be a stingy little mamaYou're 'bout to starve me half to deathWell"
  • Sparks Love-O-Rama
    "Trains are leaving from the station (Hop on board for Love-o-Rama) Gopin' for that sweet sensation (Hop on board for Love-o-Rama) Brothers, sisters, all invited (Love him, love her, Love-o-Rama) All your"
  • Devo Ton O Love
    "When love takes a backseat to life When a man runs away from his wife That's when you know he's in the world When a guy tries to round up his mate But she's gone and it's getting real late That's when"
  • Dead Moon D. O. A.
    "Into dark waters flow - bad dreams of long ago Children who never knew - what doors would open to Flights taking weary souls - life shakes of bitter cold Love tears on golden shores - teenaged, no more (chorus) What"
  • Babys, The Love Won't Wait
    "Babys, The On The Edge Love Won't Wait Tell me that you're lonely And you miss me so And that you're living for me In the afterglow I can feel the passion I can feel the heat You can't keep a secret And"
  • Babys, The True Love True Confession
    "Babys, The Union Jacks True Love True Confession I try to call ya But i only get your service You're the playmate of the year So i guess that i deserve it Well you left me with some habits That are awful"
  • Jackie Lomax Just A Little Bit-O-Your Love
    "A flash of sunshine on an icy day Maybe just enough to blow my blues away A little shelter in a raging storm Maybe just enough to keep me safe an' warm Just a little bit-o-your love - will surely help Just"
  • Babys, The Love Don't Prove I'm Right
    "Babys, The Head First Love Don't Prove I'm Right You used to celebrate it When i came in at 6 am Ooh babe I could never really fake it Cause i was in love again Love don't prove Love don't prove i'm right Love"
  • Isobel Campbell O Love Is Teasin'
    "O love is teasing and love is pleasing And love's a pleasure when first it is new But as love grows older it still grows colder And fades away like the morning dew Come all you fair maids, now take"
  • Babys, The You (got It)
    "Babys, The Head First You (got It) You.... You said you'd come around Silk stockings can't be found On my floor no more You.... You're the one i want to see You could make me happy If you'd come and live"
  • Omarion O
    "O...Let me tell you girl Woa, oh, oh, o... hey, here I go, here I go I know you heard EM say it time and time again that they would ROCK your world And change your life But I can't blame them Cause"
  • The Babys Love Won't Wait
    "Tell me that you're lonely And you miss me so And that you're living for me In the afterglow I can feel the passion I can feel the heat You can't keep a secret And I can't be discrete You tell me love"

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