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back where you belong shinead o

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back where you belong shinead o

  • Back Where I Belong - LL Cool J
    "Yo, yea, aight after this particular practice run I'ma practice both verses, after this, I want you to find a spot That's close to when the beat drops to the rewind point, locate point You ain't gotta"
  • Where I Belong - Motion City Soundtrack
    "Hello there how you doing I've got all these thoughts just floating through my brain They bump and they collide and cause a flurry of confusion And it's getting on my nerves I try to hold myself together fighting"
  • Back Where You Belong - Foreigner
    "I felt so sure of the love that we shared There was no reason on earth to be scared Then I heard a rumor, it started to grow Slowly but surely, the truth began to show Then I started wonderin', as I picked"
  • Back Where You Belong - Newsong
    "I hear you saying that you're life is an illusion. There's something missing deep inside. I think you know that there is only one solution, You're Father's waiting for you with arms open wide. Chorus: If"
  • Back Where You Belong - 38 Special
    "I heard you're askin how I'm feelin I guess I'll play it day by day I'm still around now my heart is healin But something's never gonna change Cause now I know love ain't easy to find I let you go, now"
  • Back where you belong - Donna Summer
    "Ooh I've been down there a million timesif I've been down beforenever thought I'd hurt so badto see you play the foolnever mountain high enoughI said and I watched you climbtill the day I saw you walk"
  • Back Where I Belong - Sherrie Austin
    "Back where I belong Back inside in the heart That was always true While I was out there playing the fool, playing the fool I wasn't gone that long But baby I was gone Long enough to know That I was wrong"
  • Back Where We Belong - Sugarplum Fairy
    "There are times when everything and everyone They all forget your name There are words and promises From people who they don't make any sense Don't you know that I love? When I know that it's real So"
  • Back Where I Belong - Gob Squad
    "Yeah, I feel alright again. My greatest fear have disappeared. I've overcome myself. Yeah, I feel alright again. I'd rather loose a million times just to win this time. Damn it's so good to feel this"
  • Where You Belong - Malese Jow
    "Standing in the rain Tears falling with the drops Like my broken heart When's it gonna stop Hope I hear your name Will I get to see your face Living with the pain But in the meantime Darlin' I'll wait"
  • Back Where I Belong - Bertine Zetlitz
    "Boy, you are on my skin You have melted in You are on my skin Boy, you are on my mind I am wastin' time You are on my mind If you see me passin' Please don't look me in the eye I don't deserve this situation 'Cause"
  • Back Where I Belong - Alison Moyet
    "Have no faith Believe me, don't believe in me I'm gonna let you down You make it so very easy He's waiting for me That's the way I ever want it to be It's always been the same Yes it has, do you see."
  • Back Where We Belong - The Last Goodnight
    "You kiss me, kill me, push me, pull me, leave me wanting more You keep your promises back behind the bedroom door You hit me harder than I ever have been hit before I don't know why Baby, baby, long before"
  • Where We Belong - Chapman Steven Curtis
    "Chapman Steven Curtis The Great Adventure Where We Belong A gentle breeze was blowing The air was heavenly sweet - life was so complete In a picture perfect garden While the sun went down you could hear"
  • Where I Belong - Gotthard
    "I've been lost and found, run out of grace Felt the city's cold embrace And I learned the hard way How it feels to be lonely I've seen perfect skies, turn into grey Had my dreams all washed away And I"
  • Where We Belong - Jamie O'Neal
    "Say goodbye maybe that's one way to go Walk away and say it's over call it history Do I believe we'd better off apart Can I see my world without you in it Baby, not for a single minute Let the moon give"
  • Where I Belong - Jaci Velasquez
    "Sometimes I'm sadden by the choices I make So many tears I have cried Got what I wanted but the dream seemed to fade Still feeling unsatisfied But you saved me Forgave me, how you've shown You'd never"
  • Where I Belong - Spring Heeled Jack USA
    "I feel nervous and I don't know why, but all I had to do is try Comething kept me away from you as another year went by Every chance I got to see you, I'd drop all I had to do, Told you I'd be a faithful"
  • Place Where You Belong - Shai
    "chorus: this is the place where you belong right here in my arms without you something is wrong misery, such a fool to let you walk away from me now it seems there's just nobody there for me, i'm in"
  • Home Is Where You Belong - Bobby Valentino
    "Never was the one to fall in love. I was just a guy to hit and run. And then I met this special girl. And like a fool i pushed her out my world. I never thought i would be here. Standing here in misery."

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