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bad decisions

  • Bad Decisions - The Strokes
    "dropped down the lights i am sitting whit you Moscow 1972 always singing in my sleep I will leaves it in my dreams i am making bad decisions i am making bad decisions i am making bad decisions only i"
  • Bad Decisions - Ariana Grande
    "Boy, you know that you drive me crazy But it's one of the things I like Cause I know when you need it, baby That I got that, ooh ooh Let 'em keep, let 'em keep on talking But it don't matter what they"
  • Bad Decisions - Belvedere
    "(There's no excuse) And that's the reason why I feel (Angry, confused) Angry and confused, why would you Kill a man, you realize (You've loaded that gun before) You'll never understand why it's so hard To"
  • Decisions - Ne-Yo
    "(The angel says) Take a second Think about it Ask yourself Is it really worth it? Really worth it You got a good girl on your side Even though that she don't deserve it Don't deserve it (But the devils"
  • Decisions - Wakefield
    "decisions decisions my minds blowing into the screen television disrupting the sound of the tears in the kitchen where my mom first threw a knife at me mom i said i was sorry im sitting alone i need"
  • Decisions - Demon
    "It's time to get together Thank God the night has passed Thru evil and thru good things You know we all must pass It's time to make decisions To see a better day A lesson from this nightmare We won't be"
  • Decisions - Organized Konfusion
    "Chorus: The greatest thing in this world is life And life is full of pain struggle and strife Decisions and moves you make gotta be precise Step careful son watch how you roll your dice The greatest"
  • Decisions - Dri
    "You ask me questions I can't answer Give me problems I can't solve Offer suggestions I can't respect Is there anything at all? You give me reasons for your ideas All the facts behind your thoughts Tell"
  • Decisions - The Beu Sisters
    "Don't just go from one nest to the next, Mama said to me. It's not where you go or where you left. It's the flying in-between. She said be sure to touch the sky. Don't put your dreams up on a shelf. Right"
  • Decisions - After U
    "You had a choice it was your world to make it. My offer was there you just had to take it. Can't believe I wasted so much time on this endeavor. Tried, tried, tried but I can't wait forever. Tired of wasting"
  • Decisions - Ascension Theory
    "Potential connection A chance to make things right Alliance, defiance A hope for things to change United beside me We could be unstoppable The city confines me Your people can set me free I dream of"
  • Decisions - Wiz Khalifa
    "I hear all the time About it all Why they talk? Don't even know what they want Don't even know what they want All that cake Don't even know what they want Don't even know what they want Don't even know"
  • Decisions, Decisions - Colour Of Fire
    "Take your records off... my shelf. I don't like this maze..... I'm in. Full blown aching man, full blown nuclear... ...and we don't like decisions, we never use that way, I'm carrying you inside of me ...we"
  • Decisions, decisions - Olsen Twins
    "Chorus:I love it (Do you need it?)Gotta have it (How much?)Four weeks allowance (Do ya still love it?)I don't know. Decisions, Decisions.When you're stylin' on allowance, it's gonna be tough'Cause in a"
  • Decisions, Decisions - The Starting Line
    "I cant wait for this to end and leave tonight behind us I'm unsettled letting go of you and sleeping the night in silence and this laptop falls along with me onto my bed while rolling over break"
  • Cocaine Decisions - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (guitar, vocals, drum machine) Steve Vai (guitar, acoustic guitar) Ray White (guitar, vocals) Roy Estrada (vocals) Bob Harris (boy soprano) Ike Willis (vocals) Bobby Martin (keyboards, saxophone,"
  • Decisions Made - Champion
    "Telling me that you're in control I've heard it all and it's getting old Chasing down regret from the night before But every night you're back for more Life can pass you by, so let's get it right Decisions"
  • Tentative Decisions - Talking Heads
    "Now that I can Release my tensions Let me make clear My best intentions Girls ask and I define decision Boys ask and I describe their function Oh the boys want to talk Like to to talk about those problems And"
  • Administrative Decisions - Sacred Reich
    "Comformity training center Seas of mindless brain dead kids Wandering lost forever What an education is Don't speak out, don't make waves You get an education free Just play along with our games This"
  • Decisions (Teenage Disaster) - Wakefield
    "Decisions, decisions My minds blowing into your screen Television disrupting the sound of the tears In the kitchen where my mom first threw a knife at me Mom I said I was sorry I'm sitting alone I need"

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