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baker josephine

  • Josephine Baker - Sailor
    "Well, it's Paris again, but this time it's fall Misty and cool, but alive. I've been to the sights from the Louvre to Pigalle, just waiting for night to arrive. For all the papers and posters I've seen"
  • Josephine Baker - Al Stewart
    "I was watching TV late last night And a scene transported me Long gone figures came back to life In a documentary Though I saw them dance for joy I was sad I missed that show If I had a time machine I"
  • Josephine - Shakin' Stevens
    "Oh, Josephine, you re the only girl for me, Josephine. When you look you come my way you're for me, oh, my Josephine. Oh, Josephine, I like your lips to press mine, Josephine, to have and hold you all"
  • Josephine - The Magnetic Fields
    "If I were Napoleon, you could be my Josephine We could go to drive-in films in my red convertible If I were Napoleon, I might be in magazines I'd write some science fiction - science fiction about you You"
  • Josephine - Miguel Bose
    "Oh cielo! Un sbado ms Si hay un dios que baje y lo vea Qu estupidez inventar Ser total cuesta en ideas Despierta un sueo de alcohol Y el sol le besa la sien como un amante Que tedio estar a la altura Vamos"
  • Josephine - Terrorvision
    "I had a friend called Joe When friends were hard to find He had a restless soul With something on his mind One day I went away And when returned to the scene Not to find restless Joe, no But to find Josephine I"
  • Josephine - Chris Rea
    "There's rain on my window But I'm thinking of you Tears on my pillow But I will come through Josephine, I'll send you all my love And every single step I take I take for you Josephine There's a storm"
  • Josephine - Reamonn
    "When you're here, every thought I ever had, becomes clear, But when you're far, the only light I ever see, is the stars And when you go, the feelings burn, as they grow Cause to me, to me you're beautiful But"
  • Josephine - Teitur
    "Dreamt I was back with the pirates and cats of my sommerville The girl in the alphabet shirt covered in dirt lives on the hill Well, my sweet Josephine, Are you still racing stray dogs Across the old"
  • Josephine - Frank Turner
    "I heard the name Josephine It came to me in dream And I don't usually set too much store by the things these things might mean It was spoken with seriousness More of a whisper than a scream So now, I'm"
  • Josephine - Lori McKenna
    "Hey Josephine, I loved you since the day you rolled inside me Hey Josephine, I hope you have the heart... Well I do not have a picture I've never heard your voice In 1963 I did not have a choice Well"
  • Josephine - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori To Venus And Back Josephine Not tonight Josephine In an army's strength Therein lies the denouemnet From here you've haunting me By the seine so beautiful Only not ot be of use Impossible So"
  • Josephine - Tori Amos
    "Not tonight Josephine In an army's strength Therein lies the denouemnet From here you've haunting me By the seine so beautiful Only not ot be of use Impossible So strange Victory - 1,200 spires Th only"
  • Josephine - Brandi Carlile
    "Take me back Josephine To that cold and dark December I am missing someone but I don't know who Now I'm standing alone and I'm trying to remember Sometimes I wonder how I ever started loving you Noontime"
  • Josephine - The Wallflowers
    "I feel pretty good I feel all right And I've been thinkin' maybe I could spend the night I know you've been sad I know I've been bad But if you'd let me Make you ribbons from a paper bag Josephine You're"
  • Josephine - Mando Diao
    "Josephine is not your kindShe believes in magic and rhymesYou tried hard to make her fineBut she sleeps with acidDo her parents know its for realWhen she asks them to be highI dont knowBut they will sure"
  • Josephine - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Trife Da God, The Willie Cottrell Band) God's woman... what's going on? I know things seem messed up sometime You stressed out and you can't handle the situation Sometime it feels like you lacking"
  • Josephine - Billy Joel
    "Whats the matter with the clothes Im wearing? "Cant`t you tell that your tie`s too wide? Maybe I should buy some old tab collars? Welcome back to the age of jive. Where have you been hidin`out lately,"
  • Josephine - Elsa
    "Josphine A des yeux dans le dos Tous les soirs elle se couche sans un mot, cache sous l'oreiller un couteau Quand le dors, elle me prend en photo Josphine A des yeux dans le dos Les mmes phrases souvent"
  • Baker Baker - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori Under The Pink Baker Baker Baker Baker baking a cake make me a day make me whole again and I wonder what's in a day what's in your cake this time I guess you heard he's gone to L.A. he says"

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